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  1. Pete999

    WW2 Spitfire Pilot Alan Scott or Stock

    Just been watching a documentary about this chap, think he was about 19 or early 20s when he was posted to defend Malta, he flew Spits and has recently been up in a dual seat Spit flown from Biggin Hill, took over control some 70 years since his time in Malta. Alan has booked his 100th Birthday...
  2. Spunkywads26

    Can somebody confirm identity and where to buy stock

    Hi guys, Went to a job yesterday to quote for some work and came across this CU. I have googled around and believe it to be a Curve CU but can't seem to find anywhere that sells RCBOs for it. I'm after a 32A RCBO to run a new ring final. Anyone with experience of using this brand and any...
  3. J

    Conduit die set recommendations

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a good quality 20/25mm conduit die set? After looking online prices seem to vary quite dramatically. I Want something solid that will serve me for many years to come, Thanks Judd
  4. P

    Hi I,m new to the Forum. I,m looking for Stock software .Can anyone help?

    Something that tallies what i,m getting from the wholesalers to what I,m invoicing for?
  5. Colin McLauchlin

    Philips Coreline LED Downlight 22w 3000k Excess Stock Sale

    I have 16 brand new Philips Coreline LED Downlights 22w 3000k (EOC 85224800) which are in a 4oook labelled box. An error from the supplier but hats off to them as they let me keep them at a discounted price. These are excess stock for me so happy to let them go for £25 each plus VAT and Carriage...
  6. D00DY_T00DY

    Van stock?.............

    Hi all, My boss has bought me a little panel van(of course it's bright yellow, What else?) Just wondering what you keep in the van as stock? I'm thinking a pack of BC ES lamps, pendants, spurs, couple boxes of sockets, 109.024yards of 1.5, 2.5 And 3core. Various CBs(bet he'll be glad to get rid...
  7. Vortigern

    Stock and die 20mm/25mm wanted Bristol

    Anyone got a set for sale? Need it soon like within the next week. Otherwise I suppose I will hire instead. And any pointers of what is good and what is rubbish would be good. Thanks. Oh and in an ideal world I really need a conduit bender with threading vice as well if that is possible?
  8. Edtwozeronine

    PAT testers being phased out?

    This is a good one for the rumour mill. A friend at college said he went to a specialist shop and while he was there buying something else he enquired about the cost of a PAT testing machine. The bloke behind the counter said "I'm not sure it'll be worth your while getting one mate, once our...
  9. polo1

    GE 16th ed board

    Hi all, does anyone know if type B mcbs are still available for this board and if so from where; or alternatively what other make of mcb fits. I need 3, 20A & 1, 6A. Cheers.
  10. D

    Off the tools !!!

    HI Guys Im off the tools and in to design and management. I dont think my knees could take much more house bashing or my wife take another cut in the feed in tariff resulting in mad hours and destruction of loads of jobs. Im putting my old van stock on ebay just trying to shift it to people...
  11. Dan

    TLC Direct

    History TLC was founded in 1991. The first branch was a small warehouse in Crawley, with 3 employees and a range of 2,500 products. Three months later a second branch was opened in London and since then the company has grown steadily, opening new branches and extending the product range. The...
  12. T

    Fire protection for cable tray installation

    Just finishing an install of some cable tray which has been installed inverted on a ceiling. Q1 is it ok (is it up to regs) to install tray upside down? Q2 assuming it is, latest regs advise for fire safety all cables across walkways etc need to be securely fastened to the tray so none of...
  13. mickys86

    Materials management software

    Hi guys, Looking to upgrade our software for booking our materials. I need software that we can put items in an inventory and book it out as we take it for jobs. When the job is complete we can see how much materials/labour we used, and the cost to actually do the job. Anyone know of anything...
  14. T

    Help With Ebay Police Siren Wiring

    Picked up an eBay police siren to replace my stock horn. It has 5 different tones but I only wanted the air horn sound so I glued that button down and hid the controller. I cut the stock horn wires and plugged them straight into the siren so when I hit the horn it powers the siren and since the...
  15. bigbaddave

    Manchester Sparks.. Need to pick your brains

    In Manchester and ran out of hager grid gear, does anyone know who stocks it locally? Cheers in advance
  16. G

    For Sale [North]: Bosch GOP10.8V-Li 10.8V in L box no Batteries

    Bosch Gop 10.8v li in l box will put some blades in with it. Comes with Charger but no batteries £80 plus postage
  17. C

    Replacing discontinued Suntech panels

    Hi, I need some help please to replace storm damaged Suntech STP245S panels on an existing installation. The array is connected to a Sunny Boy 5Kw inverter set up as 2 x 20 panels. There are about 6 panels smashed, but with Suntechs discontinued I need to find some suitable replacements. I'd...
  18. B

    retro fit rcbo's

    Had some rcbo's to retrofit to some dorman smith 3 phase db's earlier and it occurred to me as I was fighting past the other cables in the 72 way board that they are actually a nightmare to fit in a busy as heck board. Why they so bloody long?!?!
  19. B

    For Sale [South]: Circutor power analyzer AR5-L-all leads, software, bag etc free motor tester!

    Hi Guys, Still trying to get rid of my power analyzer kit. It is a Circutor AR5-L and is completely new with all leads, software, and bag etc. I will even throw in a light lux meter and a powerboss solo motor controller. I have tested all and it works 100% and is ready to go! I am only...
  20. delano

    MEM grid switch

    Are there any equivalents for MEM grid switches? I am trying to get hold of a 20 amp double pole MEM grid switch.