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  1. Pete999

    NHS PPE why can't PPE manufacturers help

    Just been watching a news flash regarding the lack of sufficient PPE for the under pressure NHS staff, is it petty Red Tape causing the hold up, do we need someone like Thatcher to kick some butts, remember the Falklands? Thoughts on the situation would be interesting, masks for example the...
  2. Vortigern

    Can't link my heat link component of the E-Nest to thermostat

    Reset my thermostat today from my iphone. The link to the thermostat was fine. Then the bit where it tries to link to the heat link will not link to it. I have tried resetting the heat link and got the blue light. I have tried new batteries. I have tried bringing the thermostat within two meters...
  3. Lou

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do?

    I rent my home, so I can't get a mortgage break - what can I do? I wonder. Please discuss.
  4. Cableguy337

    Wasted thousands doing level 2/3 can't find work

    Hi All this is not a sob story, but I am becoming very frustrated that I have spent so much time and money training to get my qualifications. And now that I am applying for work, no one is willing to give me a chance. After following the advice from more experienced sparks on here. I have...
  5. D

    Why can't you take a spur from a spur?

    Don't worry, I'm not going to do it, but I got into a YouTube hole earlier and have become intrigued by electrical circuits! But this is confusing me. I get that, on a ring circuit, you can run a cable from a socket to create a new socket. But you can't then run a cable from that new socket...
  6. Vortigern

    Doh! Can't believe I did this but I did.

    Not once but twice. That cable is to an old coughtree corner light who would imagine the cable would have taken that route? Just popping in a few cameras and light stopped working. had to dig out the cable bit by bit. Actually managed to get a bullseye on the cable twice, wow! Oh by the way at...
  7. mel hadfield

    Can't open door on a Schneider Quadbox

    Hi Wonder if anyone else has had this problem, I am trying to open the door on a new Schneider Electric Quadbreak 250A Switch Disconnector SQB2503L Isolator 3P+N but the security handle only comes half way then jams against something solid. I have taken the guts out of the case to examine it and...
  8. Christopher Parkinson

    Can't get staircase timer to work

    (diy level) Does anyone have experience with staircase/corridor timer switches. I've bought about 6 different makes of the damn things and I can't get any to work. I've been getting advice from a self described electronics expert but he has not been able to tell me what I'm doing wrong...
  9. T

    Can't install smart meter due to not enough space

    Hi recently moved into a house that has solar panels installed and Tesla power wall 2. It would appear some of the equipment is installed in the external meter box. E.on are not able to install smart meter due to not enough space. As the meter is alot bigger that old metet I would like to get...
  10. A

    Dimplex duo heat 300n storage heater Spare Parts

    Hello, Been remodelling my sitting room and have moved my dimplex duo heat 300n storage heater. This has not been switched on since the end of last winter. So last night,when switched on for the first, it did not come on. Tested power from E7 and it is fine. The comfort heat panel works off a...
  11. ipf

    What the eye's can't see?

    Heard one on Wednesday....from someone involved. An 85 years old almost totally BLIND lady, whilst not requesting it, had a Test and Inspection carried out by someone representing the housing association who own her property. Later she entered her bathroom and attempted to switch on the shower...
  12. pirate

    Why can't I post to the DIY forum?

    I have insufficient privileges, apparently...
  13. Pete999

    can't React to new threads

    Hope this is the right Forum. but can't react to new threads, asked before, but in the wrong Forum.
  14. R

    Industrial Plug. Can't identify

    Hi All, i'm trying to identify this plug,it looks industrial and for the heavy machinery. So far google search doesn't help. I have only picture in my hand. Please those who ever have seen something like this, help me to identify what is this.
  15. Prytaneion

    John Bercow

    As he can't identify neutral, do you think HoC Speaker John Bercow should be banned from being an electrician?
  16. telectrix

    My MOT

    fifth MOT passed today (in my ownership) on my 2004 Hiace. 205400 miles clocked. passed with an just an advice on 2 tyres, slight sidewall damage. VW Transporters?shove 'em.
  17. ThatMatt72

    UK Can't get within maximum load when applying diversity

    Hi all, I wonder if you might chuck in your 10 cents worth on this on? I have been asked to install electric heating in an office up on the 4th floor of a building. I've looked at the layout of the room, with regards of seating etc and after consulting with the occupiers have decided on the...
  18. Edtwozeronine

    Can't sign in to forum on Firefox or Chrome on OSX

    Posting from my HUDL 2, wondering why the new site won't work on my trusty old Mac Mini. I did the usual sort of thing to try and fix this, cleared the cache, cookies and history but no joy yet. The site is acting like the sign in button doesn't work, eg the pointer doesn't change into a little...
  19. stephen fenton

    Can't seem to find the answer, 18th edition tommorow ; )

    A circuit with a 10mm 70*C thermoplastic copper live conductor has a maximum final temperature of 160*C. If a fault current of 600A flows through the conductor, the time taken to reach the final temperature would be.... ? got all the rest just cant seem to locate this one! cheers in advance.:)
  20. D

    Help!!! Can't turn electric off!!!

    Hi, I'm currently in the process of changing all my switches and sockets and I'm coming across a few problems, like no earth wire for any of the light fittings. Similarly no earth for some of the upstairs plug sockets but the worst yet is the socket in the hallway (right by the fuse box). It has...
  21. NDG Elecs

    Anyone fancy this tomorrow. I can't be bothered!

    Found 14 JBs in less than two square feet today. Lovely! Some are out of shot but this was the worst bit... Two rings interconnected. Great stuff!
  22. Electron

    Can't find Lighting Transformer

    Just been on a "simple" job, changing 8 50w MR16 halogen downlights to (customer supplied) IKEA LED's (£3 each!). Pulled out the 150W transformer that supplied the first set of 4 and changed these. The other transformer must be fixed into the ceiling void. I can't feel it and the void is full of...
  23. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Can't sleep, don't take sleeping pill.

    Just watch this bloke for 5 minutes guaranteed to send you off, Trainees beware.
  24. J

    New Build IR Testing RFC, can't find the issue

    I am currently testing a 2 bed flat, all other circuits read clear. Flat Ring not so much. Using a Megger MFT1721 L - E Reading 300Mohms but slowly L - N Reading 400 Mohms but slowly N -E Reading 200Mohms but slowly Have tried breaking the ring and narrowing down the problem but both sides...
  25. N

    Domestic Help needed to understand an alternator load problem

    Hi all, I am looking for some expert advice and knowledge to help get my head around an alternator load problem. This has been on-going for about 18 months... Vehicle summary; 1993 Mazda MX5 import. Originally a 1.6 but I have put a 1.8 engine in from an early MK2 MX5. I also fitted a UK...
  26. R

    Stuck with this can't find the reg

    Any circuit or equipment vulnerable to a particular test should be identified by A. The Provision of legible diagram or chart B. visual inspectionion C manufacturers warning notice D. The inventory of the building
  27. E

    Domestic GU4 LED downlights not working (LED Driver fine, can't find cables, connectors or housing)

    Hi all, any help much appreciated here... I've two LED downlights in the kitchen and can't get them working. They work using a 2-pin plug like this ...and at the other end of the cable, the bulb connects to this... ... this bit sits in the below housing... I know my LED driver is...
  28. Martyn Fletcher

    Can't find a reg on it, but it just seems wrong...

    Went to a job to check out a fault on an outhouse. Turns out that the outhouse is supplied via a 2.5mm T&E from the main house CU, which runs for several meters along an external wall (outside and unprotected) then disapears into a 50mm plastic pipe underground. The good bit is that at the other...
  29. J

    Estimate of cost and what can and can't a none qualified person do?

    Hello everyone. We are starting a none-profit in the midlands and hopefully if all goes well we will have a commercial premises within the next couple months. It is fed with three phase power and has a few sockets around the parameter of the unit as well as some horrid 8' tubes for lighting...
  30. KeenPensioner

    Can't figure ring final r1 + r2 divided by 4

    Hi...keen amateur here......don't crucify me for asking!! I understand Ohm's law and I understand the mechanics of measuring end to end on ring final and then joining incoming live to outgoing neutral etc, and I know that this configuration gives a figure of 8 (in fact can be straightened to...
  31. littlespark

    Can't create new email on win live mail

    I'm getting an error message that reads "A problem occurred when trying to open this message. A problem has occurred. Please try again." I get this if I try to create a new message, or reply to, or forward an existing message. Its only started doing this today. I haven't changed any settings It...
  32. M

    I want to shorten some dado trunking but can't work out how

    I have about 3m of dado trunking in my office (brand unknown) providing sockets and phone points which my electrician brother-in-law fitted about 15 years ago. Sadly he has passed away and I now want to shorten the trunking at one end to push a tall cupboard back against the wall. I can see that...
  33. T

    Roberts Play 10 DAB Radio -- Can't Reset to Factory

    This little radio is 2 or 3 years old and very handy for portable DAB. I use 4 x rechargeable AA batteries. Not mains-operated. There are 3 station presets but I can't erase them or even factory-reset the radio. It will accept a new station to any preset but the memory of it is lost on...
  34. DavidSpark

    Cable that can't be removed

    Okay, so bare with me here. Domestic is not my bag at all, and I'm not quite sure what the best course of action would be for this. So my father has asked me to take a look at the outside light for the back garden, he would like it changed to a new one as the old one is tired and worn and is...
  35. O

    You can't polish a xxxx

    Sitting here doing an estimate. Flat in not so nice area, and this is the spec for the average sized living room: 6 x downlights 6 x wall lights 4 x low level recessed lights 1 x 3G switch inc 1 x dimmer I suspect this is being done up as a rental so I would suggest: 1 x pendent 1 x on/off...
  36. mhar

    Can't go wrong, bargain

  37. B

    Can't find any cheap G4 LEDs that run off the mains 240v.

    Hi everyone We have a couple of NEXT ceiling lights in the living and dining room. Both the transformers have gone and replacement transformers are about £35 each, however I'm worried they may keep blowing and its going to get costly to replace them often. A friend suggested removing the...
  38. Pete999

    Why can't I any more??????????

    Look at profiles and unanswered threads any more?:(
  39. S

    I can't view attached photos (and I'm not in restricted areas)

    As per the thread title, I can't view attached photos in any forum - I get directed to the "Page not found" page. For example in the "dodgy trade pics for your amusement" thread in the General Electricians Talk Forum, I can't view any of the attached photos. I've had a search through the forums...
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