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  1. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Certificate missing items is this ok?

    Hi All I just have my Kitchen done with new sockets, lights etc and they have provided a certificate with only the hob and cooker and it says its an addition. Would this not come under new and should they included the new lights, light switches installed and plug sockets? I don't want to cause...
  2. J

    Items for sale; Never been used, BRAND NEW items for sale

    If this is posted in the wrong location, please remove. I am listing some items for sale that I have laying around. Everything listed below is brand new in box, unopened and unused. I am offering these items at fairly low prices (within reason) because I have so much I need to get rid of. I do...
  3. S

    Help - Placement of electrical items in Bathroom

    My first posting and hope you guys can help. I am a householder in the process of planning a refurb of our bathroom (not DIY) and putting together a wish list of what we want to have in the bathroom. The intention is that once we have got a plan together, we will order and get it professionally...
  4. T

    Retiring next year and thought to start selling off some larger items

    Hilmor pipe bender £250 Boss tower working height 8m £800 Van Vito high top 2010 reg long MOT £4000 I have put these on gumtree right now. As I am retiring next year. May still do little jobs but cutting out the bigger stuff. Happy to stop running all the time to keep up. Think I might start...
  5. M

    Looking for information on compressor electrical items

    Hello All, I'm currently trying to revamp a 3ph 200l compressor that has most of the electrical equipment missing. I found this site by researching 3ph to 1ph motors. Some excellent info on here so I thought I'd join. I'm a mechanical fitter by trade although I have worked on electrical devices...
  6. E

    For Sale get your wallets out, shed clearance mcbs, metal clad items etc

    MK stuff (New in package) 2x 13A DP secret key CU with neon, tamper proof key metal clad with boxes 1x 20A DP key operated switch metal clad with backbox 1x 2G 13A socket with backbox 1x Acel 2G socket enclosure ip65 1x Wiska 900x900mm JB white 1x Honeywell 8v 1A transformer 1x Aico Ei208 CO...
  7. KEV 1 N

    Vintage electrical items

    Went the other day to fit some light fittings in a mates house he’s just inherited, and ended up having to Rewire the upstairs lights as they were wired in TRS Whilst up in the loft I found these....
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Immobilise - register your items in case they are stolen

    Talking to my mates girlfriend today who works for the plod, she mentioned a website called Immobilise. Its free and you can mark your items such as power tools, testers etc with UV Pens or buy some fancy smart water if need be and then register them on the database. If stolen and recovered by...
  9. gazdkw82

    quoting for work

    i'm intrigued, what's your chosen way to quote for a job? Im looking at setting up on my own in the distant future and this is one of the things that im not really sure about. Do you have a add on a certain % for parts and then an hourly rate? Set price for specific jobs (sockets - £30 each...
  10. B

    Re wiring antique chandelier for sale what sort of tests will they need

    Hi guys I deal in antiques mainly furniture and smalls. I have just bought a couple of chandlers from a auction (a very good deal) I have rewired them before but only for my self so I would like to know if I need to get them pat tested or anything as I want to sell them on as restored and wired...
  11. VincentW

    Glamox Lighting

    Hi All The company I work for bought an extremely large bankrupt package, which includes a large volume of Glamox lighting. From research it appears that this is quite a high spec manufacturer, commonly supplying products for schools, healthcare and upmarket commercial and domestic markets...
  12. GMES

    That's just cruel

    Was scrolling down the main page and spotted this at the bottom. I have circled in yellow the 2 incriminating Items, see who gets the joke pmsl, I blame @Dan myself :D:D
  13. dexy

    Various electrical installation materials

    "PLEASE NOTE ITEMS ARE CURRENTLY IN SCOTLAND BUT WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE IN ENGLAND BY END OF SEPTEMBER " Various electrical items for sale (selling by a fully qualified approved electrician) prices below Defender 240v LED worklight £15 4 bar GU10 spot light £8 Philips master...
  14. A

    Portable Appliance Testing advice.

    The company I work for are responsible for carrying out all the testing in a high profile chain of stores. The customer is of course expecting everything to be done correctly so they are fully complaint. My company has said that any appliances that are located above the ceiling or in voids...
  15. S

    Faulty extractor fan

    Hi I fitted a Vent-Axia extractor fan a little while ago (about a couple of months if my memory serves me correctly). Now my customer informs me it has stopped working. It will of course be under warranty, but do I have any rights when it comes to getting Vent-Axia to pay for my time/call...
  16. A

    Periodic inspection as was

    I have been asked to go to a site where a periodic inspection was carried out in 2013. There were some 1,2,& 3's on the form which was not corrected at the time. The electrician his no longer about. The local authority has asked the owner why the items were not addressed and wants them...
  17. S

    Solar PV sale items

    We are clearing out a few items from our warehouse and have them at prices to clear. I won't post prices here but we have a spreadsheet of all items to send if anyone is interested. Mods - if this post breaks rules apologies and feel free to delete. Items include: Schuco mounting system -...
  18. G

    Megger MFT 1552 Multifunction Tester (Package)

    Due to relocating and some unwanted tools I no longer require, I am offering the following items as a complete set. 1 x Megger MFT1552 multifunctional tester, c/w test leads and hard carry case (good condition). 1 x Brother PT7600 Label Maker c/w manual/cd, charger, and carry case (good...
  19. L

    LED Lighting - What Class are these?

    Hi Everyone - Im new to this forum so please be nice I am working with LED Lighting everyday at the moment and something has come up several times in the office between the R&D and Technical Team. The Situation is: LED Tubes Aluminium Back 230v Supply to the power supply inside the tube Power...
  20. D

    Voltage Optimisers with PV array and high grid Voltages

    Just wondered what you guys feelings were on fitting one of these units to control grid voltage down to a constant 220v at the consumer unit was, I know we have discussed similar before, but thought it may be time to relook at these units ?? I haven't got high grid voltages to contend with...
  21. O

    Design software ~ CAD

    Ever now and again I'd like to be able to use my computer to generate a "layout" of a design so they can see where lights and accessories are going to be placed. So my questions is: Can anyone recommend a cheapish software package to do building layouts? I've tried Your Home 3D Designer...
  22. G

    Fluke 1652b, plus lots of other freebies- Retiring.

    After Many years as an Electrician, Its Time to hang up the tools. Fluke 1652b, calibrated 18 months old, and many many other items, all expensive. lots of stock too. £400. Isle of Wight. Gary 07595713954. Offers accepted.
  23. gazzamikes

    Portable appliance testing

    what is the going rate for Portable appliance testing please? thanks!
  24. G

    Tradepoint woes

    Hi All I joined tradepoint at B&Q last week and all looked promising. The tradepoint depot manager gave me a tour of the warehouse and basically told me if they didn't have it in stock it wasn't worth having. Popped in there today as it was close by to a job for a few of the basics, about 30...
  25. J

    EICR - time taken to complete

    Is it just me or is it taking 4 times as long to complete the new EICR. I inspected an office and workshop with 2 CUs and therefore using the multiple boards cert...its a joke. Doing it through Amtech probably isnt helping, but i'm thinking of putting the cost up! I can just about understand...
  26. R

    Connection in shower room

    Evening All! Been running cables on a small extension. Was just about to leave when the builder asked me to run a supply for a masserator (think thats how its spelt). Anyways its going directly next to the shower, located in a small unit (like a kitchen unit). Will the jb inside the unit need...
  27. T

    RCD tripping

    Help Please!! Had an issue today where a external DBs RCD in a garden shed / workshop keeps tripping. It only trips when high wattage items are used, otherwise its fine. The installation has been active and fine for the past 7 years. I have tested all circuit, all sockets / points but can...
  28. M

    Exhibitions at Wembley

    A customer of mine sets up exhibitions for the like of Carlsberg, Budwiser, Hardys etc. Each year they have been, they Hire a 400A three phase flight case distribution board, each phase has 10 RCBO's and around the back of the flight case it is loaded with 16A and 32A commando plugs. All...
  29. S

    Domestic Main fusebox problem

    Hi All, In my home my mains fusebox trips on the RCD at 7.15am every morning. I have tested the system and found no obvious fault including electrical items that may require updates at a certain time etc. I have also PAT tested all electrical items. Does anyone have any suggestions on what the...
  30. Goody

    How long does amazon.co.uk take to deliver?

    Hi, has anyone ordered the "Green Big Book" through amazon.co.uk and how long did they take to deliver? I am so desperate. :juggle2: Thanks
  31. S

    FOR SALE- Eaton MEM MCB's

    I have 44 x C10, 3 x C20, 10 x C32 and 30 x C63. All at £2.95 Each with FREE POSTAGE Plus RCBO's, Contactors, and other Electrical Items at bargain Prices. music spark items - Get great deals on Business, Office Industrial, Home Garden items on eBay UK! Thanks
  32. P

    Big thank you to Elecsa

    Having spoken to Jean at Elecsa she has confirmed they will be donating some items next week towards the fund and will update when we know what is coming. a massive thank you again and what a fabulous response we have had.
  33. T

    Inspection Check List

    Guys is there a site or place that goes into detail on the check list sheet. Some items im not quite sure what they are looking for. So was wondering is there somthing i could read that would make it a little more clear? Many Thanks Tim
  34. T

    1951 pocket book

    Hi I'm a newbie on the site, looking for some advice. I have an old book entitled: The practical Electricians pocket book 1951. Yes it's old, 1951 was a very good year. If anyone out there loves old electrical items , using them or just fixing them : this book , (its in its 53rd year)...
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