1. davesparks

    EICR specs for these RCBO's

    I'm doing an EICR at the moment, I don't normally do them and don't enjoy it, but beggars can't be choosers! I've come across some RCBO's I've not seen before, they are federal stablock type with a neon in the test button that lights up when they trip. Does anyone know the facts and figures...
  2. V

    Rcbo's looking to by

    Somebody have Rcbo's to sale , please.150-200 but the same brand. Thank you
  3. mattg4321

    For Sale Schneider Easy9 RCBO's

    Hi all Recently removed 8x B10 Schneider Easy9 RCBO's from a job. Almost new condition. Long leads etc. Seemed a shame to bin them. Also have a main switch and a C10 MCB from the same range. Anyone interested? £40 plus postage the lot
  4. happyhippydad

    Why the disparity in prices of RCBO's?

    As in the title. I usually fit dual RCD boards, however I have recently fitted a few RCBO boards due to space restrictions. To obtain a reasonable price for the customer I have been fitting Lewden RCBO's, as at £10 each they are affordable. Why do RCBO's have such a difference in price...
  5. T

    Memshield 2 RCBO's tripping when using two way radio's

    We are going through a building (now unoccupied) to identify from old drawings and what circuit charts there are to prove what does what before safe isolation to do alterations and remove. We are doing this for the ground floor however the boards are in the roof area. To do this we are using 2...
  6. T

    Used Rcbo's Yay or nay??

    Been asked to carry out some bathroom work including new spots, underfloor heating etc. The existing DB is an old Square D board with no rcd protection at all. Customer wont pay for a new DB, and ive priced a drop in rcbo....... £177 each. Passed this info on to the home owner, and hes...
  7. T

    Domestic Price of Hager RCBO's

    Does anyone know what a good competitive price I should be paying for the above?
  8. rolyberkin

    How to save money on costly rcbo's

    Well this is a new one on me, new build, very expensive large house, 1 x rfc and radial crammed into in one 20amp rcbo x 2 and multiple circuits in the three 6 amp rcbo's?
  9. SparkySupplier

    For Sale - Merlin/SquareD MCB's/RCBO's, MR30 Pod & Aico Detectors

    Hi all, Is anyone interested in the following list before it goes on Ebay? All brand new, left over from previous jobs: 1 x MR30 Pod 1 x Aico Ei261 Carbon Monoxide 3 x Aico Ei100MRF Radio Module 1 x Aico Ei3016 Smoke 9 x Square D iKQ SE10C325 TP MCB's 25amp Type C 2 x Merlin A9D11816 RCBO 16a...
  10. D

    Selling old MCB'S and RCBO's

    Hello everyone, I have a garage full of electrical gear as i'm sure many of you do, various bits left over from jobs. Part on my lifelong mission is to keep getting bits out and not just getting gear in, as it's all money! So i literally have thousands of old MCB's, RCD's, RCBO's fuses...
  11. Alrebcon180

    Dangerous upgrade to crabtree rcbo's

    Has anyone installed the new compact rcbo from crabtree and noticed a flaw that they have introduced that doesn't exist on the older larger model starbreaker rcbo.. The basics of it are that the new compact rcbo when plugged into the busbar in a circumstance that many will come across where you...
  12. S

    RCDs then RCBOs tripping.

    Wondering if anyone can shed any light on an electrical problem I am having. It started about 8 weeks ago with brief power interruptions causing some of my appliances & electronic devices to trip. This stopped but the 2 RCDs in my fusebox then started tripping simultaneously. I had an...
  13. J

    RCBO's tips and suggestions

    Has anyone got any tips and suggestions for terminating RCBO's neatly in consumer units? I'm more than happy with how I present my dual RCD and MCB CU's but I find that the flying neutral and earth from RCBO'S don't hold their Shape like a solid core cable would and often sag and look unsightly...
  14. Torcikas

    Cables, Rcbo's, old breakers

    Hey moving out in few month, selling all my stuff. So i have twin and earth 1.5/2.5 like 200-300 meters each, 3 core few hundred. Rcbos B6/16/20/32/40 amps. And like 100 or more old circuit breakers and rcb. Aswell some mains I think, earthing 10/16 mm/ bars sockets switches and etc. I can sell...
  15. P

    Rcbo's on a TT system

    Fitting rcbo's to a TT system using a Schneider distribution board I read the instructions to the rcbo's and it clearly states that they are not suitable for a TT system. I have not seen this on instructions to crabtree rcbo's and can only assume the issue is that when tripped the neutral is...
  16. B

    How do you test RCBO's Same as RCD's

    May be a silly question but are rcbo's tested the same way as RCD's?
  17. Gavin John Hyde

    Purpose of earth fly leads on RCBO's

    Been sent an email today telling me Hager have a new smaller rcbo range out and have done away with the earth fly lead which is good when doing a IR test. The new rcbos are a good fit for adding into existing CU's as they give you plenty of space on top for cables, Which makes me wonder why is...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Functional earth fly leads and rcbos

    Whats peoples approach when dealing with the earth fly leads on RCBOs? Got a board to fit next week and the bits arrived today. So been busy getting rid of packaging and putting bits together ready and checking its all arrived. Hager say you can trim the fly lead and nuetrals down if needed as...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    sizing of RCBO's for different make boards

    I am looking at some rcbo's for a job im planning. Does anybody have or know of a link to a list of the sizes for different makes of RCBOS and what boards they fit. ie make A RCBO will fit CU makes x,y,z etc.. As it is a pain in the a**e with them always being different sizes... I am...
  20. S

    For sale: Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's ...

    Hi all, A am selling some Main isolators, RCD's, RCBO's, MCB's and some other stuff as seen on the picture. Most of the items brand new, some have served as display but never used. PM me if interested, so I can send a list with all items. The ideal situation will be if someone wants to buy...
  21. FoxySparky

    Mechanical protection

    Hi guys, So been asked to supply a feed for the parents WOODEN shed. As my dad is retiring, and wants to spend more time doing hobbies in his back garden. He wants power to it for lighting, tools, and the like. However being retired, not alot of money. He asked for the most cost efficent way...
  22. R

    Rcbo's tripping-some advice needed please

    Hi all, In Feb I was asked to fit a new bathroom light and extractor fan in a bathroom. There was already a supply for bathroom light so all I had to do was take a feed for fan isolator. I fitted the light and fan did the nessercary tests and filled in certificate everyone happy. The...
  23. H

    2 Rcd's?

    I'm thinking of having a new fuseboard fitted. The existing one has 8 fuse in it and is boxed in. The 2 electricians who have come to quotesay i need a board with A main switch 2 Rcds and 8 circuit breakers. the board will not fit in the boxing. My friend has a board with 1Rcd and eight circuit...
  24. T

    Individual RCBO

    Hi I need to check what the electrical requirements (17th addition and Part P) are for RCBO's on a new kitchen extension. Using the existing house Consumer Unit with one 100Amp 30ma RCBO. Do all the different new kitchen circuits i.e Ring Main, Cookers (x2), Indiuction Hob, Lighting...
  25. T

    Crabtree Starbreaker M6 MCB BS3871 RCBO replacement?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any idea if these mcb's can be replaced with RCBO's in the Crabtree board?? Any help would be much appreciated, Many thanks.
  26. LeeH

    Domestic Need a nice to work with CU

    Seeing the PV install is going to be starting soon I thought I'd treat my bungalow to a new CU and replace old 3036 one with an 8 way RCBO board. The only RCD's in the place are the plug top type I have on the extension leads. (Only been in here for a year) I haven't had any dealings with a...
  27. happyhippydad

    Lewden DZ47 RCBO?

    I am looking for an RCBO to fit this board. Do all the breakers with the lewden (or denmans) logo (triangle pointing right in a black oval) have the same fittings? For example some MCB's have 'EC' on them whereas this CU has 'DZ47', also the RCBO's with this same logo do not have any markings...
  28. S

    Domestic RCD tripping at 6ma on ramp

    Hello, I am a diyer doing my own board change shortly (paying a premium for the honour to BC) and have a problem either with my tester or something else. Basically when i test the RCDs and the two RCBOs i have on the board they are tripping on ramp at crazy figures, 6ma on one RCD and 9ma on...
  29. A

    Domestic Any arguments against RCBOs?

    Hi, Just a hypothetical question, more of a homeowner than DIY subject. I'm kind of sorry that when our house was rewired in 2011 we didn't go for RCBOs instead of a dual RCD board, not only is the split of which circuits are on which side not ideal, but it would have saved the width of two...
  30. R

    Cooker hood tripping RCBO - head scratcher

    Hi, Been back in the trade a few years now & a regular lurker here (236 I & II & C, 2391, time served etc, 17th) - I have always managed to track down answers using the search however need some help on this one. New kitchen install in a 2 bed bungalow involving a board swap to RCBO's as only...
  31. J

    All Rcbos

    Someones told me that to comply with the latest regs then a split load board with half the circuits as rcbos & the rest on mcbs with an RCD is no good & all rcbos is the way to go. I can see the point but it seems overkill ???
  32. happyhippydad

    Does anyone know where to get RCBO's for this... Steeple?

    I've found one 32A RCBO (double way), but I know you can get single way Steeple RCBO's as I've seen them, but I just cant see them anymore!! Does anyone know where to find RCBO's that will fit this Consumer Unit? I need x3 32A and x1 6A... I have spent quite a while looking! Ebay has the x1...
  33. uksparks

    Thoughs on which board please

    Hi, Got a house, 6 bed detached property, currently totally empty. TNS 100A Cutout fuse supposedly Ok, so I have two consumer units which need replacing as the covers will not stay on due to damage and broken casings etc. The bloke would like them all in one unit, which I have to say would...
  34. R


    Any one know where one could get double pole RCBOs at a reasonable price...please. I now there have been some opinions about SP RCBOs and there usage so whats the general concensus? Fred
  35. G

    Domestic Rcd protection on supply cables ?

    Hi guys just need some more opinions on this topic. Main board feeding 4 distribution boards all the dis boards are fully rcd protected but the main board with the 16mm twin and earth cables has no rcd protection should they be rcbo's or am I going over kill ????!!
  36. S

    tt system board change

    hi am i right in thinking on a board change for a tt system that the main 60a rccb can be done away with if installing a new plastic ccu with rcbos on all circuits? existing board is old brown wylex rewireable , no more room on board to facilitate new 10 kw shower circuit.thus board change...
  37. D

    Are RCBO's imperitive?

    I have done an installation in a building where twin and earth cables have been installed down block work walls and have been capped and boarded over. Is it imperitive that I use RCBO's instead of standard MCB's on the power circuits as the customers doesn't want to pay the extra cost and would...
  38. S

    RCBO trip times - no, not the usual what should it be . . .

    I was doing a board change today and 10 out of the 15 RCBO's were returning a value in the region of 19ms at 1x and 30 at 5x. Tried more than 1 MFT (both Metrel but got the same sort of results). So this is still within the 40ms's but with new RCBO's would you personally accept or return them?
  39. M

    Hager invicta 3 a board

    Hi all Anyone fitted one of these thinking of putting one in a large posh house using rbcos. Should look mint. Invicta 3 TP&N style A Boards
  40. 0

    mem 2000 rcbo's

    Hi I have been doing some sub contracting and ripping out old mem 2000 distribution boards and came across plenty of rcbo's, however I see these are mainly redundant now but I have quite a lot and was wondering where was the best place to shift the lot eBay?? Cheers
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