1. F

    Dimming lights in entire house

    Hi! DIY electrical guy here. I am hoping someone can point me in some direction on this. I live in Ohio if that helps. We bought this house a year ago and it has always been a problem. The general inspector didn't note anything really out of the ordinary with our setup, but he was not an...
  2. polo1

    Dimming led panels

    Hi all, thoughts/advice please. Best/most cost effective way of dimming existing 1200x600 led panels? Set up - The panels are currently wired/switched in four banks of three fittings each. The fittings are Ansell 56watt dimmable, but were installed (by others) & kept on the existing on/off...
  3. A

    Dimming lights in one room makes lights in another room flicker

    Hi, I recently did a complete house refub, including entirely new electrical wiring and fuse box. Unfortunately the builders (who supplied their own electrician) turned out to be a bunch of cowboys. They left about a month ago, and today I noticed something very strange in the first floor...
  4. J

    0-10v dimming (Lutron)

    I have been given a tasty basement job in Fulham The lighting is by a lighting designer AV guy to cover lutron RA2 controls- me to 1st fix Some of the lighting is spec'ed to be 0-10v 1) what is the advantage of 0-10v (as the wiring seems more invloved)- just smoother dimming? 2) is it a case...
  5. G

    Domestic LED dimming woes: Switch question

    New to the forum so apologies if the format of this is incorrect. I'm a DIY'er and thought it would be relatively easy to switch out a standard double gang socket that powers kitchen lights and external security light for a dimmable switch. I fitted a varilight V-Pro yesterday and replaced all...
  6. gazdkw82

    Dimming options/systems options

    I need to install 2x 600x1200 led grid fittings into a small office. The occupant needs to have the option of dimming the light levels because of the nature of her work. IV found a couple of fittings but not sure how I source the correct dimming option. Domestically, anything I have installed...
  7. G

    Motion sensor light dimming

    First post, just looking for some advice if possible please. I have a customer that would like their driveway lights to be operated by a PIR motion sensor. The lights are to fade up to maximum brightness, stay on for a predetermined amount of time and then fade to off. Does anyone know of a...
  8. AraiHawk

    Lights blink when AC compressor kicks in

    Hello all I am new here and I have been reading threads in this forum for sometime searching for someone who has the same problem as me but couldn't find a related post. So the problem is when the AC is turned on and the compressor kicks the lights dim for a split second ( fluorescent, and...
  9. R

    Dimming LEDs in bathroom

    Hi I have 6 LED downloghters in my bathrrom. Their the Solo 10. Dimmable apparently. Their 10w each. Is there a way to dim them? Does a dimmable pull cord switch exist? The fan is also connected to the lights of this makes a difference. Thanks :)
  10. andysparkfree

    buzzing when LED lamps dimming

    hi all a couple of weeks ago i installed some new LED down lights to a friends house (in his new extension) anyhow last week he said that theres a buzzing noise happening when he twiddles the dimmer , i assumed that i simply need to change the dimmer from conventional to a LED type. so this...
  11. C

    Dimming lights is there a problem

    Hi all when i turn on my electric shower the lights dim, when i turn the shower off the lights come back to normal any idears
  12. B

    Dimming an Outside LED Light?

    Hi guys, I am looking at having a outside light installed over a door, the light I am looking at uses a E27 bulb fitment which I am planning to use a LED replacement. I would like to be able to switch the light between two brightness levels using a PIR so the light is on a lower brightness...
  13. R

    Dimming low voltage lights?

    Hi, I have two of these under cabinet lighting kits: I want to change out the on/off switch with one of these dimmers : Safe to do so? output is only 12 volts. cheers.
  14. G

    led dimming problem(dimming up and down by themself)

    recently done a job at a house used the old cable and re routed to control 6 gu10 led dimmable downlights and run in a new cable from the switch to another 3 downlights the client wanted it controlled using a 2 gang dimmer when i left everything seemed to be working fine, got a phone call a...
  15. J

    LED Strip lighting behind bed frame.

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to put some LED strip lighting behind my bed (after redecorating). I have installed some warm white downlights in ceiling but want a small amount of mood lighting. The strip light is coming from a fused spur, into the driver and then to the strip light. The only...
  16. J

    Converting Floor Lamp Halogen to LED - Advice

    Hi, Could someone please be able to give me some advice and electrical theory about converting a light from halogen to LED. The current circuit has 5 20W halogen bulbs running off a dimmer: Buy Bella 5 Light Floor Lamp from the Next UK online shop - http://www.next.co.uk/g503008s1 I have read...
  17. N

    Need help with dimming large chandelier

    My friend has a two gang dimmer it's the size that fits a 2 gang box also in brushed chrome they changed from a 250watt per dimmer to a 1500watt per dimmer as the first one wasn't dimming the lights One side does two wall lights with 8 x 3 watt dimmable lamps The other side does a massive...
  18. Mark.W


    Hi chaps, Does anyone know if it is possible to use a daylight dimming sensor on a basic switch dim config or does it need to be DALI? I've recently taken over a job from another spark, and the spec states to incorporate daylight sensing as well as manual dimming via a retractive switch into...
  19. bigspark17

    Home automation additional cost ballpark.

    To the home automation install guys, how much additional cost would this be on a new house.? New build 3 bed for example if normal rewire would cost say 5K how much would full home automation system cost.? Cheers
  20. T

    Led Dimming

    Hi all Just a few questions regarding dimming LED lights. Digital and analogue. Came across a few problems when changing from fluorescent tubes dimmable to LED dimmable. 1. Light fittings are digital dimmable with fluorescent tubes. Changed to digital dimmable LED. But now when switching the...
  21. S

    shower extractor downlight - can you get them in GU10

    Hi im not to clued up on downlights but have changed the whole house to led every spot light in the house is gu10 which is great but in my bathroom 5 are GU10 an the shower extractor is MR16 the problem is she wants them to dim - just wondering what I do next do they even do a gu10 extractor...
  22. A

    dimmable GU10 LEDs

    Does anyone have recommendations? I've tried the Screwfix LAP 5w ones, they are ok but don't dim right down. Is this the same with others such as Sylvania? cheers
  23. D

    Dimming of LED's

    High guys, Im after the units that can be installed to assist in dimming of LED's... Have played around and added some halogen loads which improves the situation greatly! Lutron have specified a unit which sits adjacent to the Rania Dimmer but it's not very pretty... So am seeing if anyone...
  24. P

    what switch for control of digi dimmable ballasts

    bit of a dillemma, come into contact for the first time tridonic dimmable digital ballasts, which a range of control features. since we have installed wiring for 240v dimming control we can go with that rather than DSI or DALI. maybe its late ive been mulling it over too much but the 1000w push...
  25. K

    tridonic switchdim ballast

    i was just looking at a job today, where the push switch on the wall had the feed coming into "com" and a brown in " L1 " and blue " L2" when i took the light down it had a brown in "D1" and blue in "D2" is it possible to apply 240 volts to both those connections on the ballasts or is "D2"...
  26. Joe S

    Domestic Problem with LED Dimming Modules??????

    I have fitted close to 50 of Aurora's Cree 8.5w Dimmable Cree Lamps with their 'recommended' dimming module with potentiometer screw and every single room is having issues with flickering or stuttering. This is only half of what is needed for this job but the customer is now getting very itchy...
  27. A

    Kosnic 5w led dimmable??

    Just fitted four kosnic 5w dimmable led gu10 lamps in my bathroom switched via a dimming pull cord, however when dimming nothing happens for a few seconds then all of a sudden they dim right down to nothing very quickly! Am I right in thinking there may not be enough load of the dimmer to dim...
  28. La Poste

    Low voltage dimming

    Greetings. Apologies if this is a stupid question. Say you wanted to install some garden lights and you decided on 12 Volt lighting because there were kids around etc. Now say you wanted to dim them and you wanted a dimmer that was close to the lights IE outside. Would it be possible to dim...
  29. sythai

    Resistor across a dimmer... help please

    Hi Chaps, Hope someone can help me with the following. Have got a couple of wall lights on a standard rocker switch at present, with 2 x low energy lamps. These come to less than 40watts in total. Customer want to put a dimmer in that is rated from from 40w - 300w. Sure I've heard before...
  30. R

    Pull switch

    Anybody know of a ceiling pull switch that operates silently or at least very quitely?
  31. L

    1-10v dimmers

    has anyone got experence with installing these Apollo Lighting Ltd - DC/100 what cable should you use. I need to install four to supply four diffrent areas in a school class room, its a surface conduit job
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