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  1. K

    need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654

    Hi, i broke my freezer drawer and need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654 Thanks
  2. M

    UK Xpelair DX100WT

    Hi Guys. I have a seized Xpelair DX100WT. Looking on the internet I cannot find any reference to that model. Does anybody know of a suitable plugin replacement?
  3. HandsOffEngineer

    A different business model for PAT testing?

    Is there a room in professional PAT testing for a business model other than 'per unit'? I ask because I've been giving this some thought. I've just finished the 2377-22 course. Not with the intention of actually doing any PAT testing professionally, rather mainly for the purpose of my own...
  4. R

    USA Double Oven Installation KitchenAid Model KODE500ESS02

    Hi- I posted this on another forum so ignore the first part unless you know the answer and want to throw it in there... My current oven/microwave combo unit is sitting on two 1x6's above a drawer. Do I need to install a full floor for this double oven and use the feet or can this just sit on...
  5. C

    Best small van model?

    Hi, I am looking at getting a small pre owned van. My budget is around 4/5k, does anyone have any advice or experiences to help me decide on which van to go for? Just need something reliable with enough room for my steps, tools, drills and wont break the bank! A Peugeot partner, vauxhall...
  6. T

    Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer

    Hi all, Thanks for all the forthcoming help :) I was wondering : Is the Potterton Suprima model 60 compatable with the Honeywell ST9400C 7-day Electronic Programmer? Thanks
  7. matt1386

    Metrel MI3125BT ( Bluetooth model )

    morning all, For sale I have my Metrel MI3125BT including the A1401 tip commander. Everything in the pics is included The tester is in immaculate condition and has calibration until November £500 Cash on collection or bank transfer preffered Any questions please private message me Photos...
  8. O

    Model number please ....

    Hi Guys Been sent this picture Anyone know the model number and if there is a current direct repalcement? Thanks...
  9. T

    Good work boots which model to choose?

    My last pair of boots got completely destroyed during my last job. I need a new one, preferably with steel toes. I'm browsing through this guide https://handymanpoint.com/buying-guides/best-work-boots/and am hesitating between the Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" and Timberland PRO Men's...
  10. J

    the new iet model forms, how do you interpret them

    Hi all I noticed the new iet model forms no longer have live to neutral IR testing column. They do have L-L IR column, but im assuming thats for 3 phase, wondered what you guys think. all input appreciated
  11. polo1

    Can anyone identify the model no. of this timer.....

    Looking for user instructions & can’t visit the site in the near future.
  12. FatAlan

    Best Consumer Unit Make / Model

    Would be interested to know from the experienced practioners out there what is currently considered the best domestic single phase make of CU. I say this from purely selfish point of view as I’m about to embark on a 4 bed house refurb and likely to go for RCBOs. Opinions based on access, user...
  13. O

    Identify this product / model

    Hi All, can anyone give me the model number for this: Its an IR switch control for an outside light Thanks
  14. S

    Old Storage Heater

    Hi, Can anyone identify this storage heater manufacturer. It has a small label DA83 series C. Dark Brown in colour size is 960mm x 670mm. Cheers
  15. A

    Milwaukee m12 fuel impact drill

    Hi I'm just posting to see if any one else has this problem with the drill, the problem is when the drill hasn't been used for a few minutes I'm finding I'm having to remove the battery and then put it back in for the drill to work,this is happening with both batteries and there both showing as...
  16. N

    Earth loop meter required

    Can someone help me find a particular type of earth loop meter that I used to use years ago. It was the type that had a earth wander lead and probe. You plug in the meter to a socket, then touch the probe to the casing of the fixed appliance, you get an ELI reading I'm no longer a part P...
  17. Ib≤In≤Iz

    Nice gift from a customer

    I was fitting some downlights in a kitchen this week & spotted this in the garage, after the customer paid me he said "you can also take that avo home with you if you like it" Will be very usefull in the future :)
  18. D

    Van suggestions

    Need small van . any suggestions for model make price or places to buy As normal cheap within reason.. Value for money I guess
  19. happysteve

    MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form 2019-01-01

    This is a MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate) in the format of a PDF. You can fill out the details using any PDF reader. It is derived from the IET model forms, at: electrical.------.org/wiring-regulations/forms/2015-amd3-forms.cfm?type=pdf There is a copyright notice on the...
  20. happysteve

    MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form

    happysteve submitted a new resource: MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - for up to 3 circuits - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form - PDF form, with fields you can fill in using a PDF reader. Details of up to 3 circuits can be entered Read more about this resource...
  21. happysteve

    MEIWC (Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate): editable PDF based on IET Model Form

    happysteve submitted a new resource: MEIWC - PDF form (editable) - BS7671 Amendment 3:2015 model form - PDF form, with fields you can fill in using any PDF reader. Pretty close to the IET model form. Read more about this resource...
  22. M


    Hi all, just joined this evening
  23. Y

    Car Battery Advice

    I drive a 2-1/2 year old Suzuki Crossover (S-Cross), 1600 petrol, automatic transmission. The other day I left the headlights and radio on with engine not running, and after ~20 minutes the radio quit and the engine would not star. Jumper cables got me started again, and since then no problem...
  24. B

    fluke 1653

    Just a question about fluke multifunctions. Did they make a 1653 model or just the 1653b Reason for asking is ive just sold one with the phase rotation funtion and infra red port and the guy seems to think its the lower model 1653 but i cant seem to find one.
  25. U

    Bosch induction hob

    Help with electrical connections please , colours as follows brown,black, blue, white.the hob is pre wired.costumer has no installation manual because of house move and they bought the hob with them.
  26. 0

    Ballasts for sale

    Selling some electronic lighting ballasts if anyone is interested. Let me know. Thanks
  27. A

    triton biarritz 2 power shower

    Hey people got a client and his triton biarritz 2 power shower has packed in i know the solenoid packs up on these but the rest of the internals looks pretty poor Is there any where I can get one of this new ? I can only find different models and I'd rather just have a direct replacement if...
  28. L

    Texecom (Veritas) model identification and possible manual

    You know the story, new house, alarm and zero information even regarding the installer although I do know the user code. The problem seems to be the programming, works OK on Part but not on Full, battery in unit is holding charge, sounder battery not checked yet. Can anyone identify the model...
  29. D

    Radio Controlled Boat

    Well I bought this thing a while back and never got a chance to use it. Today was the first time I've vet had it out. Superb fun! It's a Joysway Super Mono X for anyone that's interested! http://youtu.be/v7Y0VOORA4s http://youtu.be/z6Gbdkn707c
  30. J

    Laptop keyboard replacement

    I need to replace my laptop keyboard I think as my clumsy missis spilt her brew on it then a few keys now stick whilst others don't work at all or stick on where can I find the exact model number or make all I know it's an acer
  31. L

    Fluke Tester

    Hi Guys Ive managed to save some money for a Tester and wondered if I could have some advise. In the past I have used the Megger multi tester in college and one of the fluke varietys on the job and much prefer the fluke. This is going to be my first tester and I would like it to be a fluke...
  32. G

    Solar River 4400TL

    I have purchased a 16A SR4400TL but they have sent me model number SR4K4TLA1 which is 22A. The 16A version should have model number SR4K4TLA1-PT, anyone know if it is these are two different inverters, or if i just have to change the settings on the 22A model (and how to do this if so)? Thanks...
  33. C

    Underfloor heating programmers

    Hello, I recently attended a job where the underfloor heating programmer/ thermostat was broken. When chatting to the wholesaler to find a replacement he warned me that I would have to get the same make and model as the one that is broken. This is slightly annoying as I will have to order it...
  34. D

    generator help

    Hi all, is anyone familiar with the following generator: genset supersilenced MGK20/55 SS? I have been asked to inspect and test some portacabins, which are to be supplied from this generator. I have never had any dealings with generators before and am completely unfamiliar with them. There are...
  35. W

    Meter Advice please FLuke 1652

    Hi All - be gentle my first post as a new member. Im looking for some advice from all you experts - Just purchased a meter to get some practice and get familiar with test equipment for the 2391 exam - Was supposed to have purchased a Fluke 1652 C but a fluke 1652 not the c model has been...
  36. S

    Luxomat PD9-1C-FP, switch or not to switch

    I recently put in the above sensor to control some LED decklights in a hallway, The builder supplied the lights and the luxomat, all was well until the client said he wanted to be able to ' switch ' the lights. i didn't see this as to much of a problem at the time, however when i had another...
  37. S

    brand new Siemens simatic pgm3 for sale.

    Siemens simatic pgm3 New but I opened the box to confirm contents and get a model number for another guy interested. here is the info i have : model number is 6ES77151CC010AD3 and the following is included simatic wincc v11sp2, wincc flexible 2008 sp3, simatic step 7 pro, software for field pg...
  38. M

    Faulty appliance

    I acquired anElectrician/husband model number 001 in April 2006 and recently it’s becomefaulty. It seems tohave interfaced with a forum message board and is no longer responding tosimple instructions. It seems to come home from work and conk out at around5.30 when it plugs into the message...
  39. T

    Hand Dryer spares

    Anyone aware of a company that may stock spares for older models of Warner Howard hand dryers? Model is an LE48 (been superceeded by SM48 according to the manuf and spares "no longer available"). Dryer works it's just the sensor module that's defective. The new model dryer is only about £70...
  40. D

    labelling machine

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a labelling machine but not sure which one's best. Does anybody have any idea which ones I should be looking at. It's main uses will be for marking up consumer units, heating controls and cables ect. I've been looking at brother pt7600 and rhino 5200 but just can't decide...
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