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Electricity and I are not good buddies. It kicked my but more tham once, mabe 2 or 41 times, whos counting. Before i blow up this pencil sharpener, I would like advice on how to wire it. Plus i only have 1 out of 9 lives left, and self preservation is preventing me from trying this one! Help please!! Thanks a 999,999. Ill make it a cool million if you can help me get this very simple piece of machinery humming again!.

Heres what i know, there are 4 black wires, 2 from the motor and 2 from the activation sensor (im guessing on this. It took an hour to come up with this really big word.) My problen is there all black and the sticker fell off that shows me the video on how to wire it. Thanks

P.M.S. There are 3 wire caps. They are white. Didnt know if that was important. I can send a picture of these too if you like.


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Avo Mk8

Avo Mk8

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In answer to your question - no🤪
Just wire the 'sensor' in series with the motor.
One wire of the mains lead to one wire of the sensor, other wire of the sensor to one wire of the motor, other wire of the motor to the remaining mains lead. A 'wire cap' on each joint.

PS No, the wire caps can be any colour - don't have to be white 😂
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