Aico 3000 Range
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  1. R

    Made in America- Serves me right?

    I brought this back to UK from USA : View: I plugged it into this converter: View: As it powers up the element it sounded...
  2. K

    Greetings from Harrisburg PA, USA!

    Thanks for letting me on this forum. I have a construction business I recently started for general repairs and renovations on residential and commercial buildings. I have been doing residential construction and handy work for about 3 years straight and have a background of doing it here and...
  3. P

    Convert USA radio to UE Dodge Charger 2016

    Hi, this is my first question on the forum so please be understanding. Does anyone know how to convert US radio to EU in Dodge Charger 2016? I know that I need to install modified software via USB, and it can't be done via OBD. So my question is: where can I download or buy EU software? Or even...
  4. I

    USA plug to U.K?

    hi I recently set this pump up using a step down converter, it’s cut off after around 2 hours and won’t turn back on, could I cut the plug and wire it up to a 3 pin plug instead?
  5. D

    USA 230v european motorized pencil sharpener in 110v usa outlet bogs down

    Have a 220v (wired for Sweden) motorized pencil sharpener (Boston X-acto model 41). Since its a motor it does not work right, bogs down in 120v usa power outlet. What do i need maybe a transformer?
  6. N

    Questions regarding metal gang boxes

    Hi everyone! I am an industrial designer working from Israel, currently working on a product that will be installed in american homes and needs to fit into a one-gang box. I'm having trouble figuring out how common are the metal boxes out of all the home-installed electricity box...
  7. Dan

    Providing and Sharing Electrical Advice in the USA

    IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking or providing advice to people who are not competent in their field. If you live in a country where electrical advice is only to be shared between professional qualified electricians, then clearly you need to abide by those laws...
  8. mahaka11

    hello plss help it will take 2 sec.

    hello everyone i want to change my Xbox one adapter from 110V to 220V i watch video and there is 1 part needed part name is: HEL 14D 471K. so my question is: that module and (NU) 472M X1Y2 is same ? i mean can i use this instead of showed in video ? p.s. i'm 2/10 at knowledge of electronics.
  9. Megawatt

    The big difference in the electric terminology and installation regulations and practice in each country!

    I’m from the US and I’m just trying to learn how UK does things and the terminology of what I call something verses what y’all call materials. I read some of this and I mostly don’t know what being said and I’ve been doing this for 32 years
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