1. Lee Gold

    3 plate method, loft light only turns on if bedroom light is switched off?

    I wired 3 plate method loft light from supplying from my sisters bedroom light ceiling rose, the only way the loft light I fitted tuned on is if my sisters bedroom light was off, so then I it was really bugging me I went back to my connections supplying the loft light at my sisters ceiling rose...
  2. H

    Help adding more wall sockets in bedroom

    Hi guys, I have a double socket in my bedroom already but its not really enough and would love another double socket... i have the socket itself and have the tools to do it, i have the 25mm double earth wiring , i wanted to add a spur from the socket thats already there but when i undid the...
  3. P

    Spur from spur in bedroom

    I've recently had an electrician round to wire in some new sockets in the bedrooms. While looking at them today I believe he has just spured 1 socket and then spured to the next on the back wall. I can see the cables going from one socket to another so I know it is not tapped of a ring. Is there...
  4. driverman

    UK Rewire cost?

    Hi guys, I'm a retired electrician and been out of the game for many years. A friend of mine is in the process of buying a 1980's property. What would be a typical average rewire cost be of a 2 bedroom bungalow? I know it all depends on what the customers requirements are etc. I've told my...
  5. N

    Bedroom light when on flashes when other lights in flat switch on

    Hello!! New here experienced in live entertainment engineering. Not confident in home electrics!
  6. Midwest

    Nest in a bedroom

    In my property, I have an S Plan Plus CH system. The first floor zone is controlled via a low voltage programmable thermostat. The stat is made by Danfoss, and is quite frankly rubbish and needs replacing. The current position of the existing stat, is in the main bedroom which doesn’t have...
  7. A

    Rose circuit bedroom wiring mayhem, 3 blacks dosnt work!!!

    After purchace of three debanhams lights and sucessfull fitting of 2 the third has caused me some unrest due to an ensuite bathroom within the circuit. 1) Presented with three reds and three blacks i wired the three reds togther. Wire 2 blacks into a sucessfull bedroom switch leaving one...
  8. L

    Moving a bedroom light

    I am about to move into a flat with loft access. The light in one of the bedrooms is about 2 foot away from the window. Ideally, I'd like to move the light to the center of the room. If the cable needs to be longer in order to move the light can I use a terminal block to extend the cable or not?
  9. khalid

    Electrician electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks

    I'm new to this forum & i have electrical experience as competence person but would like to pick up some knowledge on the following anyone can do electrical drawings wiring diagrams for 3 bedroom bungalow thanks
  10. 1

    Weird box in bedroom any ideas what it is

    it's got three cables going into it and I has a fuse, possibly German, it sits in a cupboard in a bed room any ideas
  11. B

    Electric only one bedroom house heating!?

    Hello everyone, i just got a small property with no access to gas... everything is electric. What are the options for heating and hot water? The old installation with the tank in the loft and the 100L cylinder looks outdated and i am not a big fan!! I am very confused at the moment and don’t...
  12. S

    Radial socket on landing and rear bedroom appears to be powered from lighting and radial

    Hello all, first time posting here, was hoping for some theories/advice regarding a confusing situation. Essentially we were looking to add one or two sockets to a upstairs bedroom (40's build rewired in 80's I think with black/red colour system). It currently has two sockets and there is also...
  13. Moaz

    10 Bedroom house rewire. Ring or radial?

    Guys, I'm wiring a ten bedroom house which has 4 floors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as fat as I know, new regs says to keep each room on a radial. So shall I keep each room on a radial or have a few rings on each floor after calculating the maximum demand??
  14. Gazthesparky

    Switching arrangement in bedroom

    I am renovating my own house at the moment and want to bounce an idea off of you all I need to wire a socket high level on the wall at the bottom of the bed for a tv on the wall. I want to be able to switch this off as the tv has an anoying led that lights up the room. Im going to install a...
  15. J

    Supply conductor size for 8 bedroom Victorian house

    Hi folks, I've recently visited a large 8 bedroom Victorian house. It has a three phase supply. One of the phases feeds the main house, its wired through a 100 amp main switch/ isolator. The Suppliers Side is 25mm tails but the customers side to the main house consumer unit appears to be 16mm...
  16. andysparkfree

    PME head , builder forgot earth cable , 100amp 3phase supply , 10 bedroom house , 10 bedroom house

    Hi all , im new here but have always looked for answers over the months description of my question there is an external 100 amp 3 phase metered head that this new 10 bed house is to be fed from , the builders installed a 35mm 4core swa as i directed however they forgot about a 16mm earth now...
  17. steptoe84

    Domestic Running a radial circuit in bedroom. He

    HI, I'm renovating my house room by room and am turning what was the kitchen into a bedroom. Anyway, I've ran a new 2.5T&E cable from the consumer unit to the bedroom and want to know if this is an acceptable way to wire the room as it will make it much easier if this is allowed. Just not...
  18. O

    Wiring a 5 bedroom house

    Hello Everyone, I am not sure of the etiquette here on the forum, but I would like to start by extending warm greetings to everyone in the house. This forum is very useful for me and I have learnt a lot from it. I would like to ask a question, its about the list of materials required to wire a...
  19. Amar

    8 bedroom 8 bathroom property

    Hi Everyone, Just joined the forum today, hoping to pick your brains now and again as I've been watching as a guest for a while and found it to be a friendly and knowledgeable place to be! I'm an Electrician myself and run a electrical and building contractors within the west midlands. As the...
  20. B

    Loft light question

    Just finished a small conversion in the loft and been running an extension lead up to a light. I'm looking to put a switched light in there and just want to check my thinking is right. I put a light in the loft running a new wire down to the bedroom switch that is currently a single switch. I...
  21. P

    Single phase distribution for small flats

    im in the process of pricing a small flat development (sheltered accommodation/safe house. type thing It's a 2 storey mid terrace. Being converted to 6 bedroom with small en suites. Shared kitchen diner. Initially I told the developer they need a 3 phase supply as electric showers and heating...
  22. L

    Rewire Specification

    Hi All Just having a few issues with a customer. Is there a minimum number of sockets/lights/etc anyone works with for a 3 bed House rewire? What we installed: Kitchen: LED Spot lights x 9, sockets x 5 double Dinning Room: 3 Double Sockets Lounge: 4 Double Sockets Bedroom 1: 8 Double Sockets...
  23. S


    Hi can 2 bedroom sockets be run off a kitchen if marked on the C.U. ?
  24. W

    More part P quality installation

    Just arrived at a job today to change a CU, after bit of testing found N-E fault on upstairs ring, went up stairs and found this! this was installed by a bedroom fitter, last week, the lady asked for some extra double sockets and one had to be moved in her bedroom which the fitter done before...
  25. Sonia Norman

    lighting circuit

    Hi I'm a recently qualified electrician and my mind just can't completely solve this one. My relative in scotland has had their house rewired. when you turn the bathroom light switch on the two bedroom lights go off and the switches in the bedroom won't work. When you turn the bathroom light...
  26. T

    Bedroom Switch Position

    Doing an attic conversion and been asked by the builder to put the bedroom switch just outside the bedroom door. As built in wardrobes going either side of the door in the bedroom. Never came across this or gave it much thought. Is a bedroom switch allowed to be outside? Cheers
  27. C

    amount of sockets per room

    Have I been missing something? I have just had a reply to squire which says I'm the best price etc... However the other electrician has quoted for 4 sockets per room to comply with part p... Maybe I've been doing all my rewires wrong...? Or is this other electrician just trying to pull a fast...
  28. B

    new sky installation

    Good evening, I have recently completed a new built 4 bedroom house,now time for 2nd fix, the client wants sky hd in the lounge and the master bedroom, with the other 3 bedrooms and the kitchen to have freeview and the same channel as sky in the lounge. I have run 3 coax's too the lounge and...
  29. keniff

    Domestic Led strip lighting

    I'm looking for some strip led lighting about 4m worth. What's a good brand to use, I want to put it in the metal sleeving aswell, anyone got any experience on it? I've never used it
  30. J

    Neutral earth fault

    I swapped a db on a job yesterday and there is a fault on the heating circuit and i just cant find it in the most disgusting house you have ever seen what is the deal with putting it on the non rcd side? can i do it
  31. A

    Two bedrooms into one, adding shower and lift

    The local council are adding a lift to a small front bedroom, removing a wall to make the main bedroom and the small bedroom into one large bedroom. They are also fitting a shower, wash basen and toilet So now I will have one large bedroom with a floor lift, and electric shower. Both bedrooms...
  32. T

    Domestic dangerous arcing type problem coming from one of the upstairs bedroom sockets and fcu

    When we first moved into our house about 16 years ago the whole of the downstairs power, including the kitchen was re-wired by Eastern Electricity. The ancient fuse box was replaced to a Wylex consumer unit (I think 12 way) with mcb's and 1 rcd in it. Also power was added to the loft...
  33. D

    Is this classified as a bathroom installation or not?

    Hi guys, I want to install a 400w heater element in my bathroom CH radiator. That radiator is mounted on a stud wall and on the other side of that stud wall is a bedroom. It is my intention to install a fused spur on the bedroom side of the stud wall. The heater element cable will run for about...
  34. J

    Bedroom Lighting - Pullcord or bedside switch

    What seems to be common practice at the moment in relation to bedroom light switches. Are most people fitting just a main switch, pull cords, or bedside wall switches?
  35. D

    Extractor fan installation but no where to ventilate

    Evening, I am again looking for a solutions to a fairly big problem and wanted to know if anyone out there had any suggestions to this... Im working in a house converted into 3 flats, the kitchen and living area is at the front and the bedroom and bathroom is at the back with another flat...
  36. G

    Smoke Alarm minimum dBA

    Can anyone tell me what the minimum dBA should be for a domestic smoke alarm system at the bed head?
  37. M

    Pirs what to charge

    Hi guys just wondered what you charge for a domestic P I R would like some guidance on this:tounge_smile: Thanks.....
  38. D

    quick question-smoke alarms upstairs

    dormer style house do i need one or two alarms upstairs here is one in the lobby beside bedroom enough? i have 2 in entrance and corridor below +kitchen heat and living room optical smoke
  39. R

    rough guide for rewire cost

    Hi, I've moved into a 1920's 3 bed semi that needs a rewire. Currently got old wylex CU with rewireable fuses, sockets on skirting boards etc. I'm after a rough guide on how much a rewire should cost. This is roughly what i'll need Cellar - New CU, 4 x double sockets, 2 x lights Garage, -...
  40. R

    Can I use a Sky dish with two cables to feed two Freeview enabled TVs?

    Have a customer who has three TVs, all new Freeview-enabled models. Lounge TV is fed from aeriel on roof and picks up Freeview signal ok. Kitchen TV and Main bedroom TV are both fed from an aeriel inside the loft. Both have poor signal and terrestrial only. There is a sky dish with a quad lnb...
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