1. LewisM

    Does damp proof membrane react with PVC cables ?

    Hello, doing a first fix but cables are up tight against a damp proof sheeting, are PVC cables safe to come in contact with it?
  2. J

    Fire proof clips / cleats for SWA

    I need to do a horizontal run of SWA in a garage, first time doing it to 18th. Any suggestions / recommendations for fireproof clips for SWA?
  3. bigspark17

    Explosion proof fittings in garage pits..

    Anyone have experience of these fittings. On asking my suppliers they wanted to know if i required zone1 or zone 2 fittings, but were not able to advise me what was what. The prices are eyewatering!!
  4. Bob Geldoff1234

    Lack of shower proof fittings

    I am doing a condition report and in the bathroom they have 8 led downlights. None over the shower but two over seperate bath. They are just ordinary gu10 downlights and not shower proof. I am thinking C3 but then on the other hand maybe just a comment and no code. What do you guys think?
  5. C

    LED Fluorescent Light Fitting - Standard Fluorescent Tube

    OSRAM - 4058075000988 - DAMP PROOF 1500 1X LAMP HOUSING IP65 | CPC UK - Says its pre wired for LED lamp. Can anyone tell me if it will take a normal (older type) tube? Thanks
  6. akwoody2

    Problem customer

    Hi guys, We have all had them, normally easy to resolve but in this case I don't know where I stand. Customer of mine has bought a house and been having it renovated. I've disconnected and removed a few supplies from walls so they can be knocked down. He then asked me to replace the board at...
  7. N

    Domestic Favourite brand for sockets?

    Hi all, Just interested in what everyone's favourite brand for sockets is with regards to looks and quality. I prefer the look of MK and find Crabtree easier to connect.
  8. Tiny Spark

    Recomendations for a Iphone 5S case?

    As above really, What are you guys using to protect your moby? Just brought a new 5S and want to protect it with a decent case from the rigors of work heh.
  9. P

    anyone fitted a chint board

    as the title. I know they are the cheaper end of price but its the link bars inside the boards that make them look so much better inside
  10. W

    Building Transformer in explosion proof enclosure

    Hi, i would like to place a 60kVA 3-Phase Dry Type isolation Transformer into a explosion proof enclosure. but i'm worry about the ventilation inside the explosion proof enclosure for the transformer. Please help. William
  11. C

    Kitchen Ring In Galv Conduit

    Looking to do kitchen ring sockets in 20mm galv conduit buried within machined chases in the walls. Eventual plan is the whole house (long term vermin issues). Might seem overkill but going the whole hog - only way I'll be able to relax! Ring then goes up into the loft and across between floors...
  12. C

    Armoured cable installation

    I installed armored cable in to my house some time ago before my drive was laid. It is now time to supply my garage with this cable, however I have heard a rumour that I wasn't supposed to drill the installation hole underneath the damp proof course, despite the fact that both gas and electric...
  13. keniff

    iPhone 4

    Hey just wondered who has an iPhone 4 and if so what covers do u use?
  14. A

    Inspection pit lighting.

    Hi Been asked to look at installing lighting in an existing pit at a commercial repair garage.Any advice on the regs including h&s when i price this.I have not visited the site yet,and its not something ive worked on recently. Thanks
  15. O

    building control and low energy lighting

    i have recently finished work on an extention and all is well except the guy from building control is asking for low energy lamps and i was pointed to approved document L for a definition for this. i gather it is 40 lumens per cicuit watt which is more than covered but they are asking for proof...
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