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  1. J

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes require RCD protection.

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes and mills Need rcd protection?
  2. S

    Workshop Q light gauge 220v can a 3 phase 415v connection be made up?

    Hello again and Happy NY all. I have decided to take a small piece of family land and erect a house ( live for a few years) As part of this, i have to do a lot myself, joinery carpentry etc. I have access to a rural farm workshop to conduct all, its dry but the electrical connection is run...
  3. S

    Workshop Lighting

    I am trying to find the most cost effective way of lighting a woodwork shop which is in an old building, 5m wide and 30 m long and could have up to 20 men in there. It has a pitched roof about 4m at the peak and 2m at the walls. I was advised to use LED low bay lights and bought a 200w flying...
  4. robertl

    UK 480v Split Phase, new workshop, VFD's required

    Hi All, I've posted on here before about this, that time i was asking what people thought about phase converters as at that point i thought i could only get a single phase line at 100a for my new workshop. Turns out that after the DNO visited the site i can get a Split Phase connection put in...
  5. T

    UK New Lathe in the Workshop

    Over the summer we had some single phase workshop gear removed, and in it's place was delivered a second-hand 3-phase lathe. At first I was going to drop in a new circuit, as naturally, the single-phase circuit that exists is useless. However, this new lathe is going right next to another lathe...
  6. robertl

    Industrial Single phase power all thats avaiable for new workshop build

    Hello Everyone, new to the forum and looking for some advice on a new workshop, i'll explain. I am planning on building a metal / woodworking workshop (mainly aluminium and stainless steel) for boat work, refurbishment and boat building. I am a marine engineer to trade and i am planning on...
  7. alban moffitt

    options for workshop supply

    just wondering what people would think would be the best way of doing this. i have got to provide a supply up to a workshop in a garden (about 80 mtrs from the house). it will run underground all the way and then in the subfloor of the house that is currently being worked on all the way to the db.
  8. N

    Running workshop power from another garden building

    I am setting up a new garden workshop. I plan to fit a simple 3-way consumer with RCD in the workshop and running power though an armoured cable from another garden cabin. The garden cabin already as a 32A feed and a consumer unit, but I am unsure of how to run the feed off this consumer unit to...
  9. E

    Commercial Garage Workshop Electrical Safety

    Hi Guys, Original commercial vehicle workshop Installation has old Wylex single phase RCCB units with 2 socket outlets each. Later someone has installed a new 32 A single phase RFC to each workshop. The RCCB unit is fed from a Hager 32A RCBO . So rcd test trips the RCBO, not the RCCB. Both...
  10. S

    Workshop (shed) power

    Hi all! thanks for the add :) I consider myself to be pretty competent with my wires. I completed the level 3 electrical building and structures course a few years back. Never progressed any further unfortunately due to health problems. But anyway I just need a bit of advice on a workshop I'm...
  11. pirate

    Advice please on lighting for a workshop.

    I would be grateful if some of you could assist me with selecting appropriate lighting. Yes, it's for this Men's Shed again, sorry... Basically, I am looking at these fittings LEDlite LED Modular 1200 x 600 -...
  12. Soulsurfer

    Lighting and power to a new motorcycle workshop trackday business.

    Hey all, Got to estimate out an install for a friend who's got a high roof shed/workshop and all power is fine and easy enough to sort but as far as lighting for the centre of the shed and / or around perimeter I need to look at best way to go with it fittings wise. In the centre there will...
  13. M

    OK to T consumer unit for garage off existing SWA to workshop?

    I currently have a 10mm T&E SWA cable (which passes through my garage) serving a small CU in my workshop at the bottom of my garden (200ft). The garage is currently connected to a FCU on the downstairs ring, but I would like to T off the SWA and add another consumer unit in the garage. First...
  14. K

    Number of LED batten lights required in garage workshop.

    Hi All, I hope someone can give me a bit of advice on how many LED batten lights I should install in my new workshop. I am hoping to create lighting that will give a good even spread of light that will mean I can easily see what I’m doing no matter what part of the workshop I am in. I will be...
  15. simPRO

    Invite to FREE business workshop (26 September 2017, Cambridgeshire)

    simPRO is a new sponsor on this forum and we would like to invite members to our Build a Better Trade Business Workshop - a day of essential business advice for trade business owners. Join us on 26 September 2017 at our offices in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, to receive essential tips and tricks in...
  16. M

    Hi guys, new member here needing advice on workshop wiring.

    Hi guys, new guy here and may need some help with my new home workshop wiring. I currently work on crane's and straddle carriers so have a mechanical and electrical knowledge on drive's, motors, PLC controls etc. Also I still have my Gas Safe running and I am still on the Worcester WAI scheme...
  17. R

    Some advice please, regarding wiring inside garden shed workshop?

    Some professional advice greatly appreciated here for design and costing purposes - two simple questions. Background: We've just replaced a 25 year old wooden shed - good service but sagging a little from age and too small for our needs - with a larger one from Beast Sheds Ltd. (Recommended!)...
  18. M

    Set up of workshop and now new build

    Hi guys, Recently I purchased my in laws house and as you might have seen from a previous post there was some issues. Well I found out that his workshop that is home to various big lathes and pillar drills and other heavy woodwork equipment is completely run off of an extension lead which...
  19. gazdkw82

    Led tube fittings

    my new 16x6 garage gets delivers in a few weeks and in lookin at lighting options. Iv already got a supply installed from a previous workshop. I'm looking at an led tube fitting. Has anyone used one? What's the light output like?
  20. C

    Existing Swa

    Relocating workshop to a new position,this requires Swa supply to be jointed to new position. The original swa is a 10mm 4 core,using sheath as cpc,we are extending this. It's also a 3phase /N supply. I'm ok with this,but the problem I see is the main earth bonding requirements,spoken about...
  21. N

    Phase 3 advice pls

    Hi Can you advise please regarding phase 3.. I've an auto hacksaw machine in my workshop.. The workshop runs on 240v supply.. The 240 volt supply runs to a Mitsibushi inverter as per pic below.. This is wired to a New Brooks Compton electric motor which is 3 phase.. The plates details...
  22. Doomed

    RCD's and portable arc welders

    Replacing ring main in metal working workshop. They frequently have 2 portable arc welders on the go. The sockets are all now supposed to have RCD protection, but will the arc welders trip them out? Asking as had a problem potentially like this in a professional photography studio where several...
  23. G

    3phase inverter on domestic supplly

    A friend of mine is building a workshop out his back. One of the machines is 3-phase with a 7.5ka load. It's a 40m run from his fuse board in the house to the one I want to put in workshop. There is only going to be a 2 twin 5ft flossys, 6 double sockets(no big load just hand tools, radio...
  24. shnabz

    2365 Connection Methods

    I have an assignment for my 2365. Question asks to list 3 methods of connection that may be used during the installation of an apartment block and a workshop. I have screw clamping terminals for accessories. I have screw-less terminals as an alternative. What else? Would compression...
  25. P

    Zs reading in workshop

    The last problem I have to finish the paperwork is that I have a Zs @DB reading from the house CU of 0.31ohms with a Ipf @ DB of 0.74 ka. On the test result sheet for the workshop, which has a 40amp rcd, 2 x 20amp socket radials and a 6amp lighting curcuit, what figures do I use to add to the...
  26. P

    Domestic New insall in workshop and CU change in house advice

    Morning everyone, I am looking for some advice and knowledge to help jog my memory as it’s been a few months since I finished my course and due to health reasons, I had to give up my job on site as a mate and start working for myself after 4 months off work. This will be the first job I have...
  27. amlu

    stanley rolling workshop

    one like that... Stanley Rolling Workshop - Machine Mart worth hundred quit or is going to fall apart? getting more and more kit does not wanna fit :)
  28. T

    New ring main for outside workshop

    Hi guys, My first post on this forum, I am a regular at the Tiler forum. I was hoping you guys may be able to give me an idea as to what I should expect to pay to have a dedicated ring main installed to supply my workshop outside. The workshop is approx 500mm away from external wall and is no...
  29. P

    Wha would the effect of incorrect phase sequence to the 5kw machine in a workshop be

    hi guys, What would the effect of incorrect phase sequence to the 5kw machine in a workshop be? thanks magpie
  30. R

    Horse Stables and Workshop

    Hi, I'm looking for some help / guidance, so please be gentle as I do not normally get involved with this type of work. I have been asked by my cousin (freebie job) to connect up his newly built horse stables and workshop. He has run a supply cable from his TN-C-S incomer to the workshop, which...
  31. C

    the correct way to wire a 63 amp rcd

    hi im new to this and just started a course with train for trade skills i was hoping someone can help in my situation at home, ive just built a workshop and fitted a consumer unit with a 63 amp rcd a 32 amp mcb a 16amp mcb and a 6 amp mcb at the moment only the 32 for sockets and 6 for lights...
  32. S

    Confused :-(

    Got a customer who has 3 phase but only one connected. He's going to build a workshop to host 8kwp of pv and is going to re-connect another of the phases with a different meter. Have I got this right, the first 4kwp can go back to the house, that should achieve a D rating, the second one...
  33. C

    problem with RCD

    Hi, my names Rob, been working for company's in the Birmingham area for the last few years but have now gone on my own and have my part p in jan. I Have a problem with a job i am going to have a look at soon.The customer has a small garage/workshop that was recently wired and contains basic...
  34. D

    3 phase split

    Hi guys and gals, just been called by a customer. They currently have three phase to there workshop. They are wanting that supply to feed two seperate buildings, however they only require single phase. Now my question is, aslong as i do my calculations correctly and are able to balance the loads...
  35. A

    Workshop supply on a TT

    Hi good people i have to run a supply to a workshop from a tt supply can you export the earth to the new fuse board or do you supply its own earth rod the cable to be installed is a 16mm s/w/a 3 core advice please or point me in the right direction many thanks
  36. T

    Sub mains info and advice -thoughts?

    Afternoon All, I've got a little project coming up soon and would like your thoughts to how i plan on running main sub feeds to some outbuildings etc. I have put together a little pic of the layout. Here is what we have Main House has a 3 Phase incomer with TN-S Earthing Phase 1 = 2x 15...
  37. S

    lighting for car workshop

    Doing project and not sure whats best too use for lighting in car workshop. Flurocesnt fittings or hp sodium. Any ideas people
  38. S

    Sub mains from sub mains.

    Hi all, this may be a no brainer for some of you, I have a job on a farm that has the mains from the house to a workshop where there is a sub main in old 3036 fuses, none of this is a problem as I will be upgrading the sub main board , I want to run another sub main from the sub main in the...
  39. P

    tt supply to work shop

    Guys, looked into a tt system today and found at main board which is rcd protected a 10mm armoured going to a board which is in the workshop then feeding circuits in there. The board in the workshop has a earth rod in the ground however the supply to the workshop from the board in the house...
  40. P

    2 circuits in one room

    Hi there, Quick question for you all. At work we have just knocked 2 rooms into one large room to make a bigger staff rest room. The sockets in the left half of the new room is fed from the electricians workshop to its left which has its own circuit from the D/B The right half currently has no...
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