1. M

    Connecting hand held Vaccume cleaner to car

    Hi i am having a philips FC6149 rechargable vacume cleaner. Its rechargable battery got damaged so it was powered by 3 rechargable "4/5 SC battery with 1500 mAh with 1.2 V" each. Can i disconect (remove) this battery and power the positive and negative wires connected to the battery to my car...
  2. F

    swimming pool cleaner

    Hello all. Is it possible (allowed) to run a US 110v robotic swimming pool cleaner transformer from a UK 240 t0 110v site transformer, via a dedicated RCBO? TIA Jon
  3. sparksburnout

    How much should a window cleaner charge?

    Young bloke round my way is starting up window cleaning Monday, he looks rough as chuff but he's OK I always pass the time of day when I see him, he gave me a lift out the Van with an old heater once. Anyway he collared me and said did I want a window cleaner, and having never had one before...
  4. H

    Oven Tripping RCD Since Cleaned

    Brother got his oven cleaned yesterday, today it's tripping the RCD (not the breaker) - I'm gonna head over tonight and take a look for him but just thought I'd post here and ask for advice/possible things to look for. Thanks,
  5. happyhippydad

    Changing a battery in a remote control leads to.....

    Evening all, About 6/7/8?? months ago I was called to see a elderly client (who I had previously done one or two small jobs for) who's electric awning would not open. It turned out to be the battery in the remote control!! I had to make 2 journeys out to him and buy the 'odd' battery off the...
  6. H

    office fused spur

    i have been told by another electrician that a fused spur for a water heater cannot be above a draining board without rcd protection in a office building.I cannot find anything in the regs to confirm with this,can anyone help? also in the same building i have extended a ring main & changed the...
  7. M

    How do you clean polished louvres and opal diffusers?

    Does anyone know how to clean polished louvres and opal/polycarbonate diffusers? I know some detergents can wreck polished louvres so you have to be careful.
  8. N

    Solar Edge Inverter & Optimisers required urgently

    Does anyone know where I can get an SE 3000 Solar Edge Inverter and 12 x OP250-LV-MC4SM 250w power optimisers? We have been let down right at the last minute by our suppliers ! Thank you Nic
  9. G


    Can anyone recommend a reliable supplier of solaredge inverters and powerboxes? cheers
  10. JD6400

    ET Solar Modules / Solar Edge Inverters , does anyone know where to get them from ?

    Pretty much what the post says , if anyone can help i would be very grateful .
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