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  1. S

    Are 30mA split load consumer units non compliant under 18th edition

    Hi All, Just wanted to see what peoples opinion is is installing a 30ma Split load board compliant/ non compliant under the 18th Edition or you have to use RCBO's for each final circuit? BS7671:2018, Page 155 regulation 531.3.5.2 is a note which says on TN systems which states " Exept where...
  2. Marcus Vaughan

    Not happy with this John Lewis design - non compliant.

    Just put this light up. 35mm gap between the shade and ceiling - you can get your hand in and touch the chock blocks. Not right is it. Not sure I can work around so I guess it’s got to come down. Not good.
  3. S

    Domestic Non Part P compliant work?

    an electrician has installed a spur fuse(?) as part of a bathroom under floor heating installation. They removed a redundant plug socket just outside the bathroom and re-used it to instal the spur fuse. Several days later I noticed it wasn’t straight so thought I’ll straighten it when I come to...
  4. RutlandFox

    Domestic 18th Edition Compliant Consumer Unit

    Hello all. Quick question: Are 17th reg 3rd amendment metal consumer units compliant with 18th edition regs? eg Hager VML716RKO Many thanks (Newbie)
  5. R

    GS38 Compliant voltage indicator recomendations.

    Hi all, Level 3 student here looking to purchase a GS38 complaint voltage indicator and could do with your recommendations please. I need a voltage indicator for safe isolation that is GS38 compliant so it can be used for safe isolation procedure and used on NICEIC competent person assessment...
  6. T

    Looking for opinion on whether this scenario is compliant

    Went to daughters house to replace a couple of broken sockets and did a Zs and RCD test after replacing. CU was replaced and notice on it said inspected 2015. Plastic dual RCD 30 ma/Main switch 60947-3 isolator. System is TT. (100ma RCD?) Zs at socket was 11.75 ohms L-PE 2.64 ohms L-N. No...
  7. R

    Ammendment 3 Compliant Glands

    Hi there folks, I wonder if some of you have noticed the problem with getting glands for the above items ?. Have seen New install without them and wholesalers telling me folks dont ask for them !!!. Anyway had chat to Wiska and their Contract catalogue has the full range, including the new 2 x 2...
  8. A

    Relocating a Consumer Unit

    HI there. I've been asked to move a consumer unit from above a floor to below a floor (in the basement, still accessible). It's a move of about 1.5m. While I would like to upgrade this to an Amendment 3 compliant consumer unit (thereby requiring full testing), the customer is telling me that...
  9. H

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Certificate problems

    Pretty new to this forum but I'm looking to find out if a NICEIC contractor produces a certificate for an electrical installation to say the installation complies with all the relevant regs and then there is a problem in the installation e.g a fatality or a fire due to a bad installation that...
  10. B

    Lockable/Vandal proof fused spurs

    Hi I need some unstitched fused spurs that are to be insalled in a challenging location that has a history of misuse and vandalism. Has anyone come across any spurs that the fuse cannot be easily removed or a lockable enclosure to fit a sput into. many thanks,
  11. A

    Pir test

    i did a test on a property, found lighting circuit wired in 1.5 2 core T&E, no cpc. Under the 17th edition this circuit would need a cpc. On the PIR form I filled in requirement 2 - needs attention. does this then need to be changed, immediately? Or can i state to the customer it is acceptable...
  12. D

    Downsizing a cable mid-circuit

    Seen this mentioned on a thread about cookers on the main forum. Someone asked about splitting a 10mm cable into 2 6mm cables to feed the oven and hob, but has been told it's not compliant. Could someone point me in the direction of the regs about this one and some info on the theory behind...
  13. D Skelton

    Testing for dead

    Hi people, just a quick question. I've ordered a couple of things online to go in my slowly expanding tool kit (I'm new to this game) and one of the things I ordered is a Steinel 1129 Voltcheck 3, link below. I only want it for testing for dead to make doubly sure that the circuit I'm working on...
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