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  1. Spoon

    Doing a "Search" on the foum and what I put down in the search.... Tell me now my title is too short

    Very silly question. I want to search for a whole phrase.... e.g. Welcome to the forum When typing that into the search it searches for each individual word. I have tried putting the search in speech marks "Welcome to the forum". but with still the same result. What am I doing wrong...

    And the search continues.......................

    Hello Guys. Me looking for work in Newcastle.Gateshead,Sunderland area's, JIB Gold Card Installation Electrician. Have worked here in UK since 2014 having worked before in Goa as a Sparky since 1995..Looking to get some work with Electrical Contractors in these areas mentioned above. If someone...
  3. M

    Past thread search can it be done

    is it possible to search for older threads I am interested in a post from June this year?
  4. S

    Mcs Sign Off

    So I've just fitted a 12 panel system to my own property in Leicester. I'm 2391 inspection and test qualified but don't really want to go to the expense of doing the course to be mcs as I am already to busy and don't see the market growing now feed in is so low. Is there an independent test...
  5. N

    Getting business on google search?

    I have a website which isn't anything fancy but for a sole trader is hopefully fine. I know everyone wants to be at the top of the page on a google serach, but I am not even at the bottom! I have a free yell.com listing, but even when I search for an electrician in my area via google and get...
  6. S

    Edison screw pendant

    a customer has asked for their BC rose and pendants to be changed to ES. I can't find any rose and pendants with es lamp holders anywhere! has anyone got any ideas where I can get some from and any possible problems with using these over standard BC lamp holders? Thanks in advance.
  7. J

    EN standards of neon scredrivers

    Hello people, Not an electrician, but more of a quality controller. I've got to check for the compliance one those horrible neon screwdrivers for a company but I'm pretty stumped. Some people say they should conform to EN 61010-031 and some say EN 61423-3. RAPEX has many of these listed with...
  8. Dan

    White, Ceramic Tile with Weave Effect Search

    White, Ceramic Tile with Weave Effect Search advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hello, We are having a new bath fitted in our bathroom and the bottom row of tiles around the entire bath will need to be removed. We are trying to track down the exact tile currently in the... White, Ceramic Tile...
  9. FatAlan

    Wiska Springbox Lever connectors

    Anyone used these yet? Looks like Wiska are having a go at the Wago market. Interesting to know what the score is on the patent or if they are manufacturing under licence.
  10. Dan

    New Tiles Search-Cevisama Tile Show

    New Tiles Search-Cevisama Tile Show advice reviews and feedback 2017 Off to Spain for the annual Cevisama show next week, so just asking whats new out there that youve been fixing? Are the large format floors 45x90 and upwards still being requested? wood? how about... New Tiles Search-Cevisama...
  11. W

    James Dewane Tool box

    Hi guys I have been looking into marketing for my business and have come across James dewane electricians tool box. I have read his book Sparks blue print and I'm tempted to sign up. Just wondered if there are any subscribers on here?? cheers
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos What ruin a Sharpie? on yer bike

  13. Adie moore

    led bollards

    anyone fitted some of these they would recommend. specifically they are to be fixed in to soil around a garden border. Digging a hole and filling it with concrete and bolting down to that is an obvious option, do any of them come with spikes that have worked well? any other means of fixing I'm...
  14. J

    New guy!

    Hi my names jonjo I'm 36 years young, currently looking to get into electrical work starting as a electrician mate, I'm from sunny Basingstoke.
  15. KennyKen

    Info on Pre Paid WiFi units for Online Gaming

    Hi Guys I'm currently working on a Project in Darwin Australia. After work I stay on camp. The camp facilities are great but there's too many people using these facilities. So to pass time I've brought an Xbox One with Battlefield 1. Phone Reception is ok on camp but individual rooms do not...
  16. Murdoch

    Searching for bargains... Is there any way

    I haven't got the time to search on a regular basis for a couple of items, I could put a search on flea bay but would rather search the entire web automatically. Is there any website's you can use to log a search and for said site do it for you and alert you to any results? Thanks
  17. A

    Bypassing a PIR sensor

    I have a 500W Security light with a built-in PIR sensor. See: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005OB0MVW/ It works fine, but if I'm outside at night I have to move within range every few minutes to keep it on. So what I want to do is fit a switch to bypass the PIR. The four-way terminal...
  18. J

    Do you need an earth rod for an outbuilding?

    Do i need an earth rod if i am running a supply to a shed/outbuilding ? The incoming supply to the house is tnc-s
  19. S

    Apprenticeship hunting

    Hi I am trying to find an Electrical apprenticeship for my Son. He is currently at college studying an electrical course but needs an apprenticeship to further his studies and career. Are there any electricians or companies on here looking for just such a person around the Bexley borough area...
  20. M

    Work Polo Shirts

    Can anyone recommend a decent quality work polo shirt supplier, with printing &/or logo. Given up buying local, as the quality is poor, fades in the wash, buttons fall off & they seem to shrink! Did a forum search, which didn't have any hits, which I find hard to believe?
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