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  1. D

    What battery and what LED will work best to maintain constant brightness for 10 hours?

    Hi there, Just to say I apologise for my lack of basic knowledge, this is something I am interested in learning more on! Anyway I am looking to build a UV emitting light system that shines continuously for 10 hours at least, compromising of an LED, a battery and a resistor I guess. The goal is...
  2. Pretty Mouth

    Max circuit length for LEDs powered by constant current driver.

    Hi all. Constant current LED lighting is a new concept to me. Not that difficult to get the head around, but I cannot find an answer to the following question: How do I determine the maximum length of a ELV LED lighting circuit powered by a constant current driver? For a constant voltage ELV...
  3. D

    Cable ratings - constant load?

    For argument sake, lets say a cable is rated at 100A clipped direct, ambient temp 30 deg. Does this mean it can take a constant load of 100A in those conditions or is the rating based on cyclic current? The reason I ask is on a recent install, following current cable guidelines we fitted a 35mm...
  4. J

    USA Constant hot wire

    I have an electrical question about a shed that I have which is always hot. I bought my house 1.5 years ago and there are 3 sheds in the backyard. All of them have power. There is a 240v outlet in one shed that has a breaker in it as well. I've determined that this breaker controls the power to...
  5. rolyberkin

    Chances of constant current LED's having been fried!?

    Picked up a job where the previous electricians had not connected some collingwood LED stair lights (they were exited from the job!), they had been wired in parallel and no doubt hooked up to an LED driver, anyone up on their electronics? Have they definitely been fried or is it worth taking a...
  6. B


    Hi Diginet, I am wondering If someone can help me with the DGLC650C18PD driver. Sapphire Diginet 18W 650mA Phase Control LED Driver - We have a project here where we are installing the following: - 168...
  7. 1

    Fans and ohm's law

    I am hoping for some advice on powering a 12v computer fan from the mains. I'm not an electrician, just doing a humble diy project. The manufacturer states the fans actual input power is 1.6 W, with a maximum rated input current of 0.20 A. So, I believe I ideally need a current of 0.13A...
  8. A

    Led downlighters flickering

    Hi guys, Had a little job today where some led downlighters were flickering it was 3 out of about 15. I checked the voltages on the 3 which told me the transformers for each one are broken. Confirmed this by testing a working one which was a getting a steady 11.5 to 12v ac. I was just wondering...
  9. F

    Are these 2 AC/DC power supplies equivalent?

    Hi, I'm trying to install some Smart LED lightening in our kitchen. We already have wiring available to us (mains supply via a light switch). I've bought Osram Flex lightening - which comes with a plug in power supply that converts the 230V AC to 12V DC. My question is can I use the Mean Well...
  10. N

    Alba car radio

    A very strange problem..replaced my stolen car radio with a new Alba car radio , connected the universal ISO connectors with no problem. Engine OFF radio works perfectly, however Volume control does not work when the engine is RUNNING...(obviously voltage exceeding the 12 volts with the...
  11. H

    Led Drivers

    Evening chaps, when selecting drivers do we need to allow a margin over the lamp wattage ? Say a 10 w for a 6w lamp or is a 6w OK for a 6w? Cheers
  12. H

    Help with led problem!

    Hi I have been to replace 2 bathroom wall lights from mr16 to 2 new led lights, however due to wiring issues, I have had to put the transformers in the loft. The lights will not work and I believe it is due the the length of the existing 12v cables and the fact the new led lights do not draw...
  13. G

    12v mr16 Led

    Hiya Never fitted a 12v LED spot lamp yet, will I need to change out the transformer to a driver or is it self contained in the lamp ? Are they any good compared to mains gu10s. Quoting a led upgrade and can swop out bathroom fittings from 12v to 240 as the customer wants a few lamp types as...
  14. W

    ALTIVAR 312 and mppt power tracking for a solar pumping system

    Hi all, I need to perform the following pid control using an altivar312, want to read the DC bus voltage (that is the solar panels voltage), and use a pid control to keep this voltage constant in order to make a mppt follower. The idea is to change the frequency driven to the motor. If dc bus...
  15. J

    DIY LED Aquarium Lighting - Is this wiring correct?

    Hi everyone, Very new here, but could do with some advice. I am in the process of designing/building a LED aquarium light using 3W power LEDs. I am using 6 cool White and 6 royal blue LEDs and running them from a 12 volt driver in a set of parallel series strings, as in the following...
  16. B

    LED downlight connection

    Hi all. Noob forum member here. Can I ask what is considered to be the correct method/s of connecting the tails from several LED downlights to the driver. Specifically I have just found a constant current LED driver in a cupboard of my new house. It supplies power to 8 x 1W downlights in the...
  17. R

    led driver question

    Good Afternoon all, Customer has bought some (endon) enluce 10033 12v led strip lights which has a 3.8w plug in driver included. However the customer does not want a plug and would rather have an independent led driver/transformer. Can anyone recommend a reliable make and i am i right in...
  18. B

    led driver

    Hi folks Mr16 led lamps Do I use constant voltage driver or constant current driver, I know you can use transformer but life span is short.
  19. keniff

    Led driver

    Might be a silly question but, on a constant current led driver for example 700ma is this the max current drawn on the output side whether 1,2,3 or however many led are connected, only reason I ask is because I saw some LEDs connected with cat 5 and wondered if that was ok to do?!
  20. O

    12v MR16 LED bulb question

    A (plumber) mate of mine, has changed a standard 12v downlight to a LED downlight - he tells me that the first bulb he tried flickers a few times before coming on and the 2nd bulb is worse. The original standard bulb is back in so the transformer is OK. The lamp is fitted into one of those...
  21. H

    LED Driver

    Anyone know what type of driver i would need for 3 x 1w 350 m/A leds wired in series. person who wired these has dissapeared and i'm trying to finish the job off, been in touch with the manufacturer (targetti) and they want £120 for the driver and reckon delivery will be about 5 weeks, anything...
  22. gazzamikes

    MR16 LED problem!

    This may be me just having a bad day but installed 12 MR16 24V downlights, customer requested led, ordered them from toolstation as it was literally two second walk. all connected and fitted etc, big switch on and all i got was a little flash from some and nothing from others! made a test set up...
  23. E

    LED Lighting

    Can you use LED MR16 lights in normal low voltage transformer ? I have a pal who says yes but it will reduce the life time of the lamp. Is this the case ?
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