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  1. Lister1987

    Prime Day Deals

    Came across a few Prime Day Deals and thought I'd share because tool porn! W8-piece. VDE Kraftform Kompakt changeover blade set Wera 05 003471 001...
  2. Shoei

    Domestic Amazon - Interesting advice for wiring a Sonoff smart switch

    Sonoff T1 eu 1c Smart WiFi RF APP Touch Control Wall Light Switch 1 2 Gang 86 Type UK Panel Smart Home The intelligent switch is only applicable when connected to neutral line. If there is no neutral line available, you can draw a neutral line from the wall socket to connect to this device...
  3. Electrical2go

    Amazon offering electrical Installation on selected products

    Hi All, Has anyone else noticed Amazon offering electrical installation on certain products. £95 to install an in-line fan etc. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0083HG0GK Anyone one doing the installs? Cheers, Ivan
  4. curly

    Amazon have £10 of £50 tonight only

    hi guys Amazon have a £10 of of £50 as long as you buy there stock I got a CK ratchet crimper, 3.5 tap and an automatic wire stripper for £40.64 with the discount a good deal when your starting out like me however you can buy anything just make sure its sold and fulfilled by amazon, if its not...
  5. R

    Bronson ++ 4000W transfomer

    **COMPLETE NOOBIE** I've ordered a Bronson ++ 4000W transformer from Amazon to be able to use my DeWalt router (purchased in the United States) here in Czech Republic. The Transformer came with zero power cables and plugs for the router....... I'm desperately looking for help on how to get...
  6. B

    Amazon drone delivery and drones

    Well I have seen the toys working even had a go (rumour has it a gorilla can work them) Amazon has done a few delivery's with one. see https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Prime-Air/b?ie=UTF8&node=8037720011 Well do you think its the future? millions of drones flying about delivering packages? After...
  7. L

    Knipex amazon .de

    Just to let you know I was getting new knipex gear and was on amazon reading comments and one post said order from amazon germany so I went on and got these bad boys for £21 was 30+ on uk site was a few other items cheaper to haven't tyred with rest of eu yet funny this as well item...
  8. Andy78

    Best deals for Wago

    Where is everyone buying their wagos from at the minute ? I'm after a bulk order to stock up for a bit so the cheapest the best really. My local wholesaler is about the same price as screwfix but I'm sure there must be better deals out there somewhere......
  9. GMES

    Grand Tour

    Watched it yesterday and I have to say it was worth the wait, Clarkson, Hammond & May were all in fine form in my opinion and it once again cemented it for me that they were always bigger than the show and can now go anywhere in the world and recreate the Magic. Apparently, the opening scene...
  10. Leesparkykent

    The Grand Tour (Top Gear)

    So only a week until it starts....Will be good to see them back on the screen after Chris Evans miserable attempt at hosting Top Gear! Will you be watching? Apparently the opening scene cost £2.5 million to make!
  11. M

    Can someone recommend a good book for domestic electrics

    Hi can someone recommend a good book for learning domestic electrics. For example, what study guide did you use a college or on your course. Thanks
  12. Dan

    Amazon and eBay Search Boxes in the Sidebar - Support the forum for free!

    You'll see some search boxes in the sidebar for Amazon and eBay. If you search for your stuff via those, when you buy, the forum gets a small commission, the items don't cost you more than normal, and you support the forum while you shop. Win:win.
  13. Dan

    Amazon Fire Tablet - 40 Quid!

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00Y3TM6CO/ref=mhero_tabl_ford_augtpr?pf_rd_m=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&pf_rd_s=grid-1&pf_rd_r=EQG5VDC6C89J9WYA4X4Y&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=56297c70-02d2-4686-adad-086fa5ae8b2c&pf_rd_i=mobile Anybody got one? And if so, Hage you found it lacks anything? Seems to have the...
  14. GMES

    One For The Bookshelf

    Well That's me happy, just made a purchase that hopefully will be worth it and I can think of at least one Person @TonyMK11 That may want to see it. Unless he already has it. It won't appeal to everyone but it does to me and can't wait for it to arrive...
  15. B

    amazon fire tablet charger recall

    Theres a number of faulty chargers to be recalled they will either exchange them or refund £12 to your acount if you prefer. see below http://www.amazon.co.uk/b?ie=UTF8&node=9730244031
  16. D

    Book Prices

    How much things come down in price over time and some just seem to go up and up Amazon.co.uk: Buying Choices: Requirements for Electrical Installations, Iet Wiring Regulations, BS 7671:2008+A3:2015 (Electrical Regulations) Regs I think at the start of this month i paid £70 and now its dropped...
  17. D

    Guidance Note Books

    How much of the Guidance Note Books have Changes from Red-Yellow (2008-2015) and Green-Yellow (2011-2015) With every Book needing to be YELLOW is there any CHEAP deals to be made
  18. A

    Converting Fluorescents into LEDs

    Has anyone had any experience with LED Fluorescent light fittings (strip lights). A customer of mine wants all of the lamps in her property replaced with LED ones. A few wholsalers seem to think you can just swap over the lamps and they will work without having to install new drivers etc. Is...
  19. brucelee

    Amd 3 2015 books

    Hi to all the forum members, I just wanted to ask does anyone know where I can buy the new amended 2015 versions of the Regs, OSG, and related guidance notes. Preferably cheaper than IET, Elecsa/NICEIC or Amazon Also why does the forum not have a sponsor that they could negotiate a Better deal...
  20. D

    City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Electro technical course

    Hi all, just after a little bit of advice, I am due to start the city & guilds 2365 electro technical course level 2 in May, my aim is to progress through all necessary courses to become a fully qualified electrician. I am a total beginner, having a career change, something I've been wanting to...
  21. S

    Taking 2394 & 2395 - A little advice

    Hello all FINALLY getting around to doing my 2394 and 2395 in a few months. Got all the required reading I believe (GN3, GN8, Onsite guide, 17th Regs etc) Any other useful links or past papers available anywhere? I really do struggle with exams and getting stuff to stay in my head - hence...
  22. S

    Domestic I Need of Help Connecting LED Strips

    Hello, I have just purchased some LED strips from Amazon (link below), and I was wondering whether I could connect them up by firstly using a timer plug, followed by a 2-way plug. The timer would be plugged into a wall socket. The LED Strips: Tingkam Waterproof 1M 60 led 5050 White Color led...
  23. M

    Socket set purchase for newbie sparky?

    Hi guys im currently starting my nvq 3 and am starting to buy some hand tools gradually. For my next purchase I want to buy a basic socket set that I can use on panels when using lugs etc or fixing equipment down! Can anyone recommend one please? I've seen this online but would it be any good...
  24. O

    Amazon, the EU and Corporation Tax

    Read this and make up your own minds: BBC News - Amazon faces European Union tax avoidance investigation This bit caught my eye: "Most of Amazon's European profits are "are recorded in Luxembourg but are not taxed in Luxembourg", said EU competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia." Lets...
  25. D

    Emmersion boiler switch - will this do?

    Last week the light on the switch wouldn't light up so I replaced the fuse. Since then the rocker switch started playing up and it would only light when in mid way position. Tonight it wouldn't light at all and when I removed the fuse, it was all burnt inside. I have inserted a new fuse and...
  26. B

    Seeking Advice About Course Book

    Hi Folks, I'm seeking to enrol on a 2365 lvl 2 in either June or September. Prior to that I'm trying to learn as much as I can and get a good foundation of the basics, partly so that it makes things smoother later on as I learn, and partly because I find it interesting. I've spent a good few...
  27. A

    Counterfeit on-site guide

    Do I have one? Front cover seems a very dark shade of green to me and I've noticed a mistake in the conduit sizing. Purchased from Amazon.co.uk this week
  28. O

    Intuit Quickbooks Pro on OFFER

    At the moment @ Amazon QuickBooks Pro 2013 1 User (PC): Amazon.co.uk: Software at £99.00 its a great deal
  29. F

    the price of 18v 3.0ah makita battery's

    The price of these battery's are just ridiculous. I have seen the cheaper replica ones for sale but are they as good ? Or is it worth buying a genuine makita one ?
  30. H

    Dodgy copies of BGB selling on Amazon UK

    Just to warn people... I recently left a bag on a train that contained amongst other things, my copy of the BGB. Obviously extremely ****ed off to lose such a valuable book, I was somewhat please to find that I could get a replacement from Amazon for only £32. Book arrived in 3 days, from NEW...
  31. P

    Lost books

    Just noticed my 17th and OSG has gone missing.........Ahhhhhhhhhh :annoyed: Bugger, I had all my pages marked up for quick reference etc. Where's the best place to purchase new, ebay amazon??
  32. D

    New green books

    Hi all. Firstly i appreciate theres probably posts on this very subject and believe me i have looked. Have found posts on people buying new but not upgrading. Anyway i have my nic domestic installer assessment due relatively soon. I have both red osg and regs book. Do i definately need to buy...
  33. A

    Details books explaining wiring.

    Hi, I have recently qualified (2330) and I'm working in domestic but just cant get me head around wiring, I know the basics but get confused with some switch wiring and other wiring. I'm looking for a book that will help me and I wanted to see if anyone knows any good books that I could get or...
  34. L

    big green book deals

    hey everyone wheres the best place for the green book OSG and new GN3 need them all asap because im doing the 2391 but its the new course i will be doing bit peed off as it doesnt feel like to long ago i bought the red versions
  35. R

    Big Green Book

    Hi guys, where`s the cheapest place to buy the big green book from?
  36. N

    Books you swear by... Whats in your collection?

    Can anyone recommend some good electrical books? I feel I need to update my collection. The ones I have are not only the regs and the O.S.G but also: Advanced Electrical Installation Work. Electrical Installation Work - Brian Scadden. Electrical Installations Level 2 and 3 - Heinemann...
  37. R

    Passed my DI assessment :-)

    Hi Guys, I passed my NIC Di assessment yesterday and would like to thank this forum and every one on it for helping me with my many questions in the passsed few weeks. Cheers Guys :smile: By the way can any one tell me where I can buy a T2.5A fuse for a dimmer on a corner lamp. In the...
  38. S

    New type of Construction gloves - Has anyone tried them? Plus Book

    Has anyone heard of or used Easy Off Gloves? I just bought some off Amazon and just wondered if anyone else has them and are they worth the price? These were for myself but am soon buying some tougher gloves for my employee's and these look suitable plus have a finger retracting feature I...
  39. K

    A reminder to everyone - FatallyFlawed - Child Plug Socket Covers Campaign

    Just a reminder to everyone, could you all please keep banging the drum for the http://www.fatallyflawed.org.uk/ site and campaign? The sooner the world is rid of “childproof socket covers” the better it will be. I’ve managed to get them banned from two health care trusts, with your help more...
  40. Goody

    How long does amazon.co.uk take to deliver?

    Hi, has anyone ordered the "Green Big Book" through amazon.co.uk and how long did they take to deliver? I am so desperate. :juggle2: Thanks
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