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  1. Pete999

    Trainee Earthing systems explained

  2. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Voltage drop explained

  3. B

    63amp commando plug pilot terminal

    what's the pilot terminal for?
  4. G

    customer from hell

    Got a problem on a CCu change I'm doing. There was s fault on one of the circuits which I didn't connect back. When I explained the problem with the customer she went mental and demanded it went back; which I obviously did not. These were her excuses why it should have gone back: It worked...
  5. Goody

    Domestic Issue with PIR Lght.

    Hi, Mounted one of this on the wall outside in the garden, couple of feet away from the boiler flu. The trouble is, it comes on in the evenings whenever the boiler spews out. Going back to shift it further away from the flu. Any other suggestions to get around it? Thanks!
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