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  1. K

    HD channels breaking up on Freesat via built-in tuner on new LG TV

    Bought a new telly and it has a freesat tuner. My house is wired for Satellite so I plugged in the cable to the telly. Almost all channels are fine, however, BBC HD channels break up with both picture and sound, so completely unwatchable. I read of a known issue on this BBC blog and also this...
  2. S

    Breaking negative DC twice in disconnect

    Hello all, We have a 175 Kw 1500Vdc string inverter. It has 12 mppt channels with 2 inputs each. Each channel (you can have 1 or 2 strings per "chanel") has 1 DC contactor for the positive and 2 DC contactors for the negatives. Does anyone know the specific UL requirements for this and where to...
  3. Adam_92

    breaking capacity of overcurrent devices

    I’m wondering if someone can tell me in the OSG or regs that it has the short circuit breaking capacity of overcurrent devices someone said it was table 7.2A but can’t find it anywhere
  4. Empire

    Crabtree f-60 tp&n circuit breaker bs# and short circuit capacity

    Morning All, Having spent many years gleaning information from you all as a non member I've finally needed to join because, try as I might, I just can't find the answer to this puzzle, so here goes. I've just installed, replaced really, a TP sub board that's being fed from a Crabtree 60A STD...
  5. S

    Bosch 10.8 batteries

    Does anyone else have trouble with the plastic retaining clips breaking off? I have real trouble with the multitool. I think the vibrations nacker them. Getting real fed up replacing good condition batteries.
  6. K

    Relationship between Cut-Out Fuse & MCB PSCC

    Good morning all, Apologies if you have gone over this a number of times before (I have tried searching for a thread, and have found some that have touched on what I'm after but not quite explicitly enough). If the measured PFC is greater than 6ka (for example) with circuit-breakers' breaking...
  7. R

    fuse rating or setting

    Ive searched but cant find any info on the following- On the certs forms under main switch or circuit breaker it asks Fuse /device rating or setting??:santa_cheesy:
  8. K

    Commercial install

    Im a Part -P, i have 17th and a 2391 i have been doing domestic installs etc, but i have been asked to do some work on a business premises, i have to surface mount a double socket and connect to an existing ring main and hang a new light fitting this is all in the office of the business...
  9. S

    Breaking capacity for 1361 fuses...

    Hi, Anyone know the breaking capacities / KA for 1361 cartridge fuses - namely 5 & 15A?? Cheers
  10. D Skelton

    100A breaker?

    So a conversation with a fellow spark brought into question what exactly are main switches? Is a 100A main switch a 100A double pole MCB or does the 100A mean its breaking capacity? I'm sure it's the former but I'm beginning to question my own knowledge as he thought differently. Also, with...
  11. M

    Domestic rewirable fuse type

    Hope someone can help. How can i tell what type of 3036 fuse i am looking at and what is the breaking capacity. This is to put on a periodic form. Thanks
  12. M

    how can i take breaker ics rating?

    hi i wanna know that what is the abbreviation of ics and icu? and how can i take my ics rating of the breaker? is there any formula or calcualtion? and i wanna know short circuit rating ics of single pole and tripple breaker ? how can i take it?
  13. W

    Prospecctive Fault Current purpose....

    Hi Can someone explain the reason for testing the PFC and what it confirms? And what is the reson the value is doubled for 3-phase? Thanks
  14. J

    Sort circuit capacity bs1362

    does aby one know the Sort circuit capacity of a bs1362 fuse also the ka of the bs3036 cartridge fuse cheers
  15. B

    why Pfc is 16kA in Installation Cert?

    In the Installation Certificate, the Pfc of supply is 16kA, but on the top of testing results, the Pfc normally is 1 or 2kA, normally less than 6kA. Why the 2 numbers are so different? cheers
  16. J

    do i HAVE to be registered with a goverment body ? (niceic)

    hi all just wondering is it a legal requirement as an electrician to be registered with a goverment body such as the niceic : for example if i had the city and guilds 17th edition wiring regs certificate and public liabilities insurance, and went to a customers house and changed a consumer...
  17. W

    rewireable fuse details

    Hi can anyone tell me where in regs it tells you about rewireable fuses. doing a periodic and got 6 db's that are rewireable fuses ,whats breaking capacity etc of wire?
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