1. Aaronj46

    securing cables to mesh concreted ceiling in apartments

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, when I install cables as per the title I put plugs and plastic pegs into the ceiling as remember being told years ago you cannot cable tie directly to the mesh? any guidance/ reg references wuld be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  2. EalingBadger

    Opinions on the best diamond discs for cutting concrete

    I need to cut several tens of metres of 100mm x 100mm channels in hard (it's a C40 mix) concrete. Some of these channels will be for electrical services, some for other services (mainly MDPE water pipes) and some cuts will simply be to assist in tidying up a bit of a scruffy concrete pour. I...
  3. Soulcraft Electric

    Concrete (or similar) ducting to negate 750mm dig

    I've been asked to install an additional garden lighting bollard to an entrance drive. All block paving and decorative borders so I'm keen to avoid embarking on a digging exercise and the customer isn't keen either ;-). Any suggestions for suitable alternatives? Concrete cable trough, etc. etc...
  4. robd

    Precast concrete garage

    Hi all, A bit off topic but I am looking at getting a precast concrete garage at mine and wondered if anyone else had one or any thoughts on them? Was going to brick build one but think it's too expensive for what I need it for. Thanks in advance
  5. N

    Cables under concrete base or under screed?

    The floor of the kitchen will be filled up with: 1) Concrete, on top of which will go 2) insulation with pipework for wet underfloor heating system, on top of which will go 3) screed. Can the armoured cable run under the concrete base or does it always need to go above concrete base and under...
  6. M

    Anyone use a concrete nailer?

    have been thinking of getting one of these, as things like fitting capping, conduit etc would be much easier/faster. I dont really know much about these, and am yet to find anyone else with one to try, so wondering if anyone has one, and what are they like? Do they consistantly bury the nail...
  7. B

    1st flats with concrete ceilings

    Looking at a job first fixing flats with concrete ceillings, to be lined with mf ceilling system. How do you guys support cables in this scenario? Just clip up to concrete, or some more elaborate solution? Tray seems kind of ott, but would be a good solution. Cheers
  8. MFS Electrical

    Soffit lights, only problem is soffit is concrete

    So was round giving a quote to install soffit lights on a house today no problem some nice IP rated downlights will do I thought, went round to see the job and to give a price and noticed the soffit is in fact made of concreteo_O anyone got any ideas of a fitting to use that won’t look daft? Saw...
  9. J

    casting down-lights into concrete (new build)

    Looking at a job tomorrow evening for a new 5 bed house +granny flat over a basement floor+ground. In my initial phone call to the client- down-lights are wanted in the basement concrete ceiling 'which will need to fit cowlings we've already cast into concrete' I am assuming they are...
  10. L

    Medium size shop. Full concrete construction etc .Basement with 2 fire exits.Fire /smoke alarms?

    As title ! Single entry ground front door. twin stairs to basement . Each side of basement (It was knocked into one years ago) has its own fire escape etc . what would be the Basic level of Fire/smoke detection equipment that"should be required" for each of the 2 floors ? Thanks
  11. T

    data cable buried direct in concrete

    I've been asked to look at a job (total shambles) they've given the other sparky the boot because of his poor workmanship. I've honestly never seen work so bad. one of the main issues is a load of floor boxes have been chased in, the data cabling has been buried direct in concrete, is there any...
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Now that's how to drill a hole in concrete
  13. R

    Swa in warehouse chased into concrete floor

    Hi, Had a look at a job today and there is an swa swinging from one side of the warehouse to the other providing power to machinery. They have had another electrician quote to chase the swa into the concrete base. I can't see how he can chase any deeper than enough to cover the swa. Where...
  14. Soulsurfer

    underfloor mats for carpet and under vinyl strip in ensuite?

    Hey all, looking into what I need to fit underfloor heat mats to an ensuite bathroom which is having some kind of vinyl strip flooring laid on top apparently with of course self levelling compound first on top of mat. Is Wedi board alright for under the mat insulation or use proper uf heat made...
  15. Dan

    1st timer on uneven concrete floor

    1st timer on uneven concrete floor advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi all. Good forum - been reading it for years. Now got to 1st major flooring job (9mm floor tiles) on new conservatory concrete floor base of 17m2 and need some advice - trying not to use a... 1st timer on uneven concrete...
  16. Dan

    Tiling in a room with suspended and concrete floor, with under floor heating

    Tiling in a room with suspended and concrete floor, with under floor heating advice reviews and feedback 2017 Hi. We are tiling a ground floor kitchen that is half suspended floor (100x50 joists on 300 spacing, with supports every 1200mm) and half concrete slab. The concrete slab has just been...
  17. S

    Cable Duct install in Cement Bound Sand (CBS)

    Hi Has anyone had any experience of excavating to find HV underground cables in CBS backfill? I am being asked increasingly to use CBS (usually about 1:14 Cement/sand) for bedding and cover infill of cable ducts we install. Reason usually given is that apparently it helps with heat dissipation...
  18. Dan

    Limestone over floorboards & old concrete advice, reviews and feedback

    Limestone over floorboards & old concrete advice reviews and feedback 2017 I've got a kitchen/breakfast room that is now one room, one half floorboards and one half old, uneven concrete and looking to lay 500 x FL x 15 limestone over the whole lot. I've had one quote... Limestone over...
  19. L

    Underground HV cable & Communication separation distance

    Hi, Is anyone can suggest me, what is the separation distance between underground HV cable and Communication cable? An existing communication duct is found across the new HV cable route whilst new trench is dug for HV cable laying. Is there any reference or literature that mention about the...
  20. Vortigern

    Best automatic centre punch

    I am looking to get a decent auto punch. Have seen them costing over a £100 but aint gonna pay that. Just want something that really works. Any recommendations out there? I have bought a few of the £6-7 priced ones and they lose their punch randomly which is really annoying. I use it for marking...