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  1. Billwah

    Unsatisfactory EICR??

    Hi there all, Just had an EICR c/o in my 3 bed house, and got an unsatisfactory report with c2 and c3 observations. The c3 is an advisory, with the two c2's causing the unsatis overall report. The CU is 20 yes old and plastic, with RCD to some circuits, and not others. All are MCBs. Have been...
  2. bigspark17

    Eicr test date/stickering when unsatisfactory

    What do you guys who carry out eicr on commercial premises with multiple consumer units do when putting tested/next test stickers on each consumer unit, do you just put one at origin, one on each cu? And if the result is unsatisfactory what do you put on the next test date due, if there are...
  3. naylorpd

    Domestic Advice on Unsatisfactory EICR report

    I've had an EICR on the house in Reading that I rent out with some unsatisfactory points and I'm looking for some advice. Broadly, there are no big surprises because I know that the CU is old, has no RCDs and needs to be changed out. But: 1) Circuits not buried more than 50mm....the house was...
  4. G

    C3 and unsatisfactory cert, advice please

    Hi all, asked by a friend to go and look at a shop for them and give a cert as requested buy the estate agents, ive gone and had a quick look, two wylex dis baords, no RCD . told me mate the boards could to with changing for new and coded this c3, then i (wrongly i assume) put unsatisfactory...
  5. B

    pre Jan 2016 boards

    Hi there I've been asked to start to carry out a number of Landlord certs, which I have started. I was just wondering what you guys were saying about non metal boards, if there is already a full RCD board installed pre Jan 2016. Are you doing unsatisfactory? or just putting them down as a...
  6. B

    EICR debate with client!

    Hi Chaps, Sorry its late but im after some advice from some maybe wiser men.... I have carried out a EICR on a multiple unit trading estate owned by a farmer. I have discovered that nearly all the 3 phase DB'd are corroded and have asbestos flash guards with bs3036 fuses. I have put the fuses...
  7. S

    EICR Code help

    Just tested a bungalow and fond the power is all supplied by one radial 2.5mm circuit rated at 32A on a fuse not MCB. Was thinking C2, there are only 15 points in the on the circuit and most re not used. will be carrying out a full rewire in a couple of weeks any way. If I reduce the fuse size...
  8. J

    Domestic Eicr

    Sub mains to 2 x outbuildings. Is the only way for this to pass an eicr is for the cables to be dug up and redone, I am going to make safe and add rcds by main fuse?? No armour or protection??
  9. P


    Hey guys quick question regarding eicr's,if you inspected a property 30 years old with no rcd protection downstairs would you put this down as a code 3?i would have done as a realise regs aren't retrospective, bit confused as good practice guide states a c2 hence a fail?also bathrooms if...
  10. L

    Commercial Customer wont earth class 1 light fittings (Hotel)

    Did an EICR on a 8 bedroom hotel a few weeks ago, issued the report yesterday, every bedroom has class 1 fittings, I assume they cost a few quid, they were put up by the odd job man, Lighting circuit has no cpc as its wired in twin red/black, I said its not a problem if we change them to...
  11. C

    More EICR.

    evening all, Doing an EICR on a small place, TT, only problem i'v found so far, is the stake has been cemented over(garden has been all done), Ze is 122.07 Ohms. agree reading is fine however cannot verify final connection.Could this be classified as c1? what code would you guys give it, i...
  12. C

    Periodic Inspections

    I’m carrying out a periodic on thursday on a property that has an old installation. I’m testing it to 17th edition regs, so surely the entire installation will be deemed unsatisfactory - is this correct? ie. no RCD, no MCBs (fuses), under rated tails, under rated main bonds etc.... Where does...
  13. TPES

    PIR... 3036 what do you do?

    To the point... Someone asks you to come in and do a PIR on there 3 bed semi. You walk in and see straight away that they have an old 3036 Re wireable circuit board.. Do you instantly know at the end of this you will be giving an unsatisfactory and saying "You need a new dual RCD board...
  14. N

    1mm cpc in ring mains

    Hi guys my local authority have asked me to carry out some PIR's on some properties with regards to upgrading them to 17th edition. I suspect that the rings will be 2.5 t+e and will have a 1mm cpc, if left will the properties comply with a 1mm cpc using a 32 A mcb (obviously RCD protected) or...
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