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  1. K

    AEG ceramic hob wiring.

    Hi I have an AEG ceramic hob and it is 6.4kw nominal power can I use H05v2v2 ff heat resistant cable.
  2. D

    Lighting cct voltage has dropped from nominal 240v to 138v

    Hi all, last week I decided to start painting the inside of the house and began in the kitchen. So to paint the ceiling, I lowered all LED downlights and left them prised using the spring loaded mechanism allowing to paint under the gimbals, so no weight was placed on the wiring whatsoever...
  3. I

    Domestic Voltage lower than nominal

    Hi All, I've been called to fit & connect led strip lights in the living room. Full rewiring has been completed recently and two switched T&E cables were left in the ceiling cavity to wire led strip lights Client told me that electrician who did full rewiring in this house supposed to do led...
  4. the pict

    Nominal Voltage ?

    what % > or< than nominal is considered ok I know its written somewhere but the wife probably tidied it away and I cant find it Pict
  5. jackhammerJIM

    volt drop calcs and 230 v

    why do we have to do the calcs to 230v when the supply never is 230v measured voltage at source is 248 volts at the site i am on at the moment , can somebody shed some logic on the idea before i start engineering an 18 volt drop into my cable sizes ( a joke of course but why not ? ) :ihih:
  6. K

    ZS for Push button Wylex 3871 Type B fuses

    Hi, I have old style Wylex push button breakers at CU, and these are labelled as BS 3871, Type B and are 5 & 30 amps. I can not find any ZS values in the regs for these, but see these labelled as N/A. Any help apprecriated. Thanks
  7. M

    MK LN5880 Rcd

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the BS number is for this device ? I have looked at it and it does not appear to be printed on the device, and I cant seem to find anything about it on the web ? Its working fine, but just need it for an installation report. Thanks Neil
  8. W

    Rcbo memera 2000ad

    Hi all, Can anyone help me find the correct part number for a 16amp rcbo to suit an older memera 2000ad CU. I seem to keep coming up with conflicting part numbers. Your hopefully......
  9. Goody

    Table of info from DNO

    Is there any such thing called Table of info from DNO that, for a given main fuse rating and nominal voltage and Ze, you have the info for maximum PFC and so on? For instance what could be the PFC for a 230 volts nominal voltage and 0.8 ohms Ze? Thanks
  10. silver surfer

    disconnection times v voltage bands

    Guys BS 7671 table 41.1 shows that a disconnection time of 0.4 secs for 120<volts to <inc 230 volts, and a disconnection time of 0.2 at 230< to < inc 400v. (TN systems). My query is with a 10%+/- tolerance which could possibly increase 230 volts to 253 volts hence taking your 230v 0.4s disc...
  11. S

    Supply voltages around the UK

    Hi All, Our company is dealing with a very large korean appliance manufacturer (let's just call them GL for arguments sake !), as we are going to be selling some of their large commercial washing machines and dryers. They are confused with the voltage in this country. We have explained that...
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