1. J

    UK Can I put a single socket next to a radiator?

    Hi guys, I am a DIY electrician and I need some electrical safety advice. Due to space constraints, I am looking to potentially put a single switched socket next to a wall mounted oil filled radiator. My concern is the heat from the radiator melting the proposed socket creating melting plastic...
  2. M

    Which wiring centre? 1UFH zone plus 2 radiator zones

    Hoping someone knows of a product that can be used for a single UFH zone with 3 heads and two radiators zones. The heat miser UH4 can use zone4 to control a single radiator zone valve with the dip switch set so not to engage the manifold pump. But it doesn’t seem to have a any ability to do...
  3. S

    Help finding a suitable electric radiator

    Hi, I'm looking for an electric radiator to heat a small WC, about 1-2m^2 so would not have to be high wattage, I'm thinking 250w or less. The specs I need are • very slim profile • controls on the left hand side • IPX4+ rated Does anyone know of such a product or where a good place to look...
  4. M

    Blocking diode for radiator pump?

    Hi I have a central heating system installed but the controller cannot differentiate between hot water demand and central heating demand. Currently when hot water demand is on and CH is off the CH (radiator) pump has to be run. The issue is that the boiler only has one input for heat demand so...
  5. B

    How to run column radiator as efficiently as possible

    Hi, We have recently installed column radiators (stelrad regal) pretty much throughout our house during renovation/extension work. We choose steel radiators for the classic design. I knew they would contain more water than traditional radiators but that information isn’t really advertised and I...
  6. K

    Radiator socket > plug socket

    Hi, We have electric radiators in our house. We have taken one of the radiators away, and we were hoping we could turn it into a socket now. Would this be ok? There is no thermostat on them. Thanks, Kirsten
  7. S

    Electric Radiator

    Hi Guys, New on here so please be gentle... I am a bit stuck, I have just purchased a 1500W electric radiator, and I am stuck between using butyl HR 1.5mm or 2.5 PVC HR, is the 2.5mm a bit overkill ? would 1.5mm do the job? it will be going to a 13amp Fused Spur then back to the CU on its own...
  8. littlespark

    Faulty electric radiator

    Had a call out to a holiday cottage a few days ago where the owner couldn’t control one of the heaters over the internet as they can with the others. I fitted these, bought by the customer and the the heater in question is only 3 months old. Easy lockdown job, vacant property. confirmed power...
  9. 9

    Can elec UFH thermo control floor and elec radiator ??

    Hi all, new member here with a technical question. I am doing a refurb and want to know if I can connect a 300w electric radiator to the electric UFH thermostat. Basically want the radiator to come on at the same time as UFH. Thermostat will be running in floor sensing mode and controlling...
  10. EricMark

    Linking wall thermostat to radiator thermostat.

    I brought four MiHome Energenie TRV heads from my old home, and I decided in this house Nest was best option to control the DWH and central heating given the limits I had to work with, mainly just 2 wires between house and flat where the boiler is housed. There is an option to link Nest and...
  11. S

    Electric radiator in bathroom question

    Good evening, Some advice please. The heating we had in our bathroom is no longer working and the option open to me is installing an electric radiator in there. The location best suited to this is going to be close to a free standing bath. I have enclosed a photograph of the proposed location...
  12. Jymbob

    Electric radiator, 13A plug?

    Don't bite my head off... My mother-in-law has recently had her kitchen redone, and has realised now it's autumn that she needs more heat in there. As it would involve ripping everything up to run pipes for another radiator on the opposite wall to the existing one, she's looking at a...
  13. D

    Insulated wire running under radiator?

    I have a radiator mounted on the wall under the window and a socket to the right of the radiator. I have an extension running from the socket under the radiator to my desk; there is enough wire so that it runs along the floor under the radiator. Will the wiring be dangerous due to the heat of...
  14. L

    Storage heater / Oil filled radiator / Ceramic radiator?????

    I’ve just bought a 1 bed apartment with storage heaters from the early 1980’s with no thermostat. The apartment is electric only and I’m trying to work out what is the best replacement for the old storage heaters. I have economy 7 What I can’t work out is am I best to go for: 1. Storage...
  15. C

    AC fan stays on at all times?

    Hello, I have a 1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac (4WD Turbo) and ever since I've owned the car, the front secondary fan (mounted on the front of the radiator and blows into the engine bay) stays on all the time at low speed when the key is turned to the start position (engine off and engine on). Also...
  16. A

    Whats the best way to PAT these items. Water heater,shower,towel radiator

    Hi Ive been asked to PAT the below and I'm slightly unsure how they should be done or if they should be done. Small water heater over a sink just for washing hands Shower Towel radiator with 100w heater in a bathroom Thanks for any help
  17. I

    Electric digital radiator doesn't heat up

    Hi, I bought new radiator form Bestelectricradiators - Slimline Digital 1250. I installed it on the wall, plug in the socket, set up the time and date, also I choose the temperature to be 21 degree on the manual mode, but it doesn't heat up. Am I doing something wrong or this radiator is...
  18. N

    fused spur of a fused spur from ring main

    Hi guys, whats the regs regarding fused spurs? Is it ok to have, from the ring main, a fcu, feeding another fcu, feeding another fcu etc or is it only one fcu per socket like a normal spur? I've got a fcu spur from the ring main for a fan in the bathroom. I need to fit in an electric...
  19. A

    Rointe radiator programming

    Hi guys, I've got these rads in my house, and they're pretty good, but a pain in the boot to set up and program. Sure if I took some time I could get in a rhythm but I'm thinking of a long-term solution. Being a bit of a programmer, I'm looking at reverse engineering the remote control...
  20. D

    Electric Radiator

    Guys looking for good make programmable efficient radiator easy to fit etc. Anyone recommend any ? Thanks
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