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  1. Y

    What temperature do people set their UFH floor thermostats at?

    I have basic UFH (electric) in 10 zones. Thermostats are old and are pretty useless. Playing around with home automation systems and sensors. (Home assistant on a docker) some sonoff switches and sensors. If I have the heating on for 2 hours the ground floor tiles can reach 28c. Starting at...
  2. C

    Temperature of LED light.

    I took this Lucedo 10w bulb out earlier as I wanted another the same, it was bloody hot. Tested temperature with an eBay IR gun and it’s at 98 degree’s. is this normal?! I don’t have much experience with lighting.
  3. M

    Oven thermostat & temperature

    Hi, looking for some advice. The wife recently said the oven doesn't cook food the same way it used to (recently a chicken pie came out cold in the middle). So I bought a oven thermometer, put the oven on 200c and after about 7 minutes the light went out. I checked the oven thermometer but it...
  4. KeenPensioner

    Zs and temperature correction

    Hi, as an aspiring sparky I'm needing help with the temperature adjustment formula for Zs. I'm using GN3 (17th). I understand that the values given in Appendix A - Table A4 (for BS 60898) are assumed at a test ambient of 10C whereas the values in BS7671 are at the "normal operating temperature"...
  5. J

    Domestic Input water temperature for electric shower

    I have a solar pv system that has an Iboost fitted to send excess generation to my hot water tank. Combined with my solid fuel back boilers we almost always have hot water. I also have a cold mains fed 11kW shower - not a power shower. I would like to feed the shower with luke warm water via a...
  6. C

    Conductor Operating Temperature H07RN-F

    Hi All, I'm trying to calculate CCC & VD for H07RN-F Single core cable. Used for event powerlock runs. TPN AC - Ref Method C - Flat & Touching Table 4E1A/B covers Single Core 90*C thermosetting insulated cables, which I have used correction factors to convert these values to flexible cable but...
  7. B

    BS 7671 max surface temperature under fault condition ???

    Can anyone give me some clarification on the following. I am installing some Osram Planon Plus led light panels into a temporary building and have been told the transformers need to housed in an enclosure as they do not have the correct markings for BS7671 "max surface temperature under fault...
  8. S

    Temperature coefficient of materials

    So I’ve nearly completed my “City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Diploma in Electrical Installations” I’ve started to study for the electrical science exam and come to a point in the level 2 book where I am stuck and struggling to understand this part. Can anyone help that isn’t going to judge me and...
  9. SJD

    Batten light fitting for high temperature use

    I need to source a batten light fitting which sits over a range in a kitchen, in a big commercial extractor hood. Existing fitting has cooked and now failed. For example, a 3 or 4ft fluorescent or LED batten, the main criteria is that it will survive being over lots of hot & steaming pans every...
  10. S

    Electric shower temperature fluctuating

    Hi all plumber here... My customer complained about fluctuating temperature at the electric shower so I removed the said shower and replaced with a new one. They still have the problem, and a neighbour has suggested it may be "something to do with the fuse box" Is it possible that this could be...
  11. I

    Temperature probe with 110k ohm resistance!

    Hi all I have an electric underfloor heating system in my bathroom with a Timeguard TPT88 controller: (TPT88 - 24 Hour/7 Day Multi-Programmable Thermostat | Timeguard - http://www.timeguard.com/products/climate/thermolay-ufh-controllers/24hour-7-day-multi-programmable-thermostat) The system as...
  12. Gary Tollison

    loop impedance, temperature, cable factor....

    Hello I'm not sure if this is the correct forum area to post this in, apologies if it isn't... I've been working through some mock questions on-line, and found myself confused by this: The measured value of loop impedance for a circuit is 0.83ohm. If the temperature at the time of the test was...
  13. S

    Chimney breast temperature.

    I'm trying to find out the likely maximum tempertaure that will occur on a chimney breast so I can work out what type and size of cable to use for a socket, and whether I need to move some existing cables. The chimney is granite with a clay liner and will be serving a multi-fuel stove with a...
  14. J

    Flat Heater Temperature Control

    Hi, I've posted threads related to this issue quite a few times but never got to the bottom of it, largely because of my own ignorance, but I feel like this thread might be the one! So, I have a version of this heater: https://www.hennlich.bg/uploads/en_galmatherm.pdf It's 1kW. I'm putting...
  15. J

    Heater temperature stopping

    Using to a heater to heat 5L of water. 1. How can I stop this heater at 70C without a thermostat? 2. Will a potentiometer work?
  16. J

    Water Tank Heater Temperature Control

    I've just ordered one of these: https://www.hennlich.bg/uploads/en_galmatherm.pdf It heats the water in my tank up to 80C in about an hour and a half. I'd like to be able to have some temperature control, so I can set at 50C, 60C, 70C etc. What's the simplest way of doing that?
  17. PLW

    Cables with thermosetting insulation (XLPE cables)

    I understand that XLPE cables operate at a maximum temperature of 90c compared with 70c for PVC insulation. What I don't understand is why the increased temperature permits a reduction in conductor size if XLPE insulated cables are used in preference to cables having PVC insulation. If the...
  18. GBDamo

    Voltage Drop Calculations, Potentially Stoopid Question?

    With reference to Voltage Drop calculations and Table F4(ii) OSG page 151. When designing an installation the cable is selected, among other factors, so that the maximum operating temperature is not exceeded, in this case 6242Y T&E = 70C. The table, titled "Voltage Drop (per ampere per meter)...
  19. J

    Dry ceramic wall heaters

    Are dry ceramic wall heaters a modern version of storage heaters, i've just got an old cottage that i'm going to renovate, it has old storage heaters in each room aswell as an open fire (coal type). There's no gas supply to the area as it's in the country and i didn't want to go down the route...
  20. Flanders

    4mm 90 Degree Thermosetting cable on a 32 amp MCB

    Hello Can I just confirm that if 90 degree cable is used in switch gear that is only ratted at 70 degrees then you use the 70 degree tables to find the maximum current carrying capacity in this case Table 4D1A I ask this as I carried out an EICR and found 4mm 6491B cable run in trunking...
  21. L

    Very Hot Room nearly 30 degrees C

    Hi All looking for some advice again. I got a room in a care home that is reaching 29 degrees C on a day to day basis. There is an air conditioning unit in there but that is not making any difference. This room is an internal room with no external walls (with another 2 floors above). We have...
  22. J

    DIY blue flashing lights - choosing lights

    My dad is an emergency driver. All he has is a dash light that I bought him from amazon last year. Since my dad is an electrician I thought I would get him some blue LEDs so he can make his own lights as he complains about the price of emergency lighting.
  23. Dan

    Solar Thermal Performance During Winter Months? Solar Thermal Forum

    During the summer months I'm sure solar thermal performances are pretty decent, but what about the winter months?
  24. sythai

    New to me : Air Source Heat Pump

    Hi Chaps Starting 3 new builds shortly. Had brief chat with plumber today over phone, mentioned that an air source heat pump will be part of the set up. Pressurised system with buffer tank, UFH ground floor & rads first floor. It's a first but never had anything to do with air source heat...
  25. Adie moore

    Bathroom Extractor Alternative

    I've been contacted by a customer who, after having a fire caused by a extractor fan, wants options on bathroom moisture removal. the subsequent refit included a extractor which is permanently switched off at the fan isolator. the room has no windows though. I know their are building regs...
  26. A

    Comparing heating usage Propane vs Elec

    Hi there, I do hope this is the right place to post this! I basically want to compare energy consumption in heating between two buildings. Building A has a purely electrical heating system and I can get how many kWh are consumed in one month. Building B has a gas boiler which uses 47kg...
  27. juice

    do you use the multipliers from tab 13 in OSG when calulating volt drop?

    I've recently done a C&G 2396 Electrical Design Course and unfortunately the tutor who taught the course did so for the first time and in my opinion didn't do a good job of teaching the material. I'm now doing my revision for an exam this Thursday and trying to make sure all the formula I use...
  28. S

    Spot light install above a pot belly stove

    Has any one installed spots lights above a pot belly stove ,my fear is the heat will affect the led spots and even to a certain degree the cables may get affected above the ceiling Im installing a small mf ceiling to allow for spots I have attached a pic of setup minus mf celing which I will...
  29. L

    Adjusting French/Eurpean immersion heater thermostats - type THERM CE BIPOL 370MM

    Hi putting a little information back into the forum here, hope it helps someone. We have a cottage we rent out that has a 200 litre vertical pressurised tank with a 2.4Kw 3 phase ceramic wire wound element (this is in France btw). 20 years old and still amazing on the heating and heat...
  30. W

    Wavin TP-83 room thermostat?

    I've just popped over from the other side, ( plumbers forum ), to ask if the above mentioned room stat is a type of intelligent stat, in other words can it be taught to know how long the system it's controlling takes to reach its preset temp, and to come on before it gets too low, ( hopefully...
  31. uksparks

    Anyone know anything about heating controls?

    Hi, I have just swapped my ancient potterton room stat with a new Honeywell DT90E, just because there's now no argument about what temperature its at. I have a a non condensing boiler with indirect heating via a coil thing (i think) which is unvented. Its a Potterton Suprima 60L 78.15...
  32. C

    Lower energy generation from all black panels?

    Afternoon. I have potential customer questioning whether all black panels will perform as well as panels with a white backing on the basis that they will become hotter more quickly affecting energy generation on warm sunny days. I can understand the logic but have never seen hard evidence to...
  33. 1

    Is this genral knowledge

    Or is it in the book (regs) ? I was helping on a job today and paid particular attention to the fact that when the cutout fuse was 100a and the main switch was 100a we had to upgrade the size of the tails to 25mm When it was 60a we didn't! Now I'm not 100% sure if the main switch was 100a 80a...
  34. The Solar King

    Thermodynamic Panels NAREC Tests

    There are so many threads on this, thought I would start a new one. First results of NAREC tests now posted here: Thermodynamic panel test - Narec Distributed Energy Early days, but interesting.
  35. M

    SolarImmersion + de-strat = do i need it?

    4kwpa system and a new solarimmersion...working surprisingly nicely even though it's December. family of 5 who bath and shower a lot. therefore might benefit from a full tank as it is always used and we work from home and shower in day after sport etc etc would I benefit from a de-strat pump...
  36. M

    Earth Faulth Loop Impedance HELP!!!

    Hi can somebody shed some light upon correction factors for earth fault loop impedance. I know that the vales of zs in bs 7671 are if the conductors are running at max temp ie worst case scenario , am I right in believing that if you get a measured result you apply 0.8 to it?
  37. L

    Temperature exponent for series resistance in solar cell model in MATLAB/SIMULINK

    Dear friends, I want to use the solar cell element in SIMULINK but there is a problem. I cannot put my temperature coeeficient for voltage which affects the series resistance in solar cell. In the link below, the parameters of the solar cell which have been used in SIMULINK element are...
  38. S

    Underfloor heating

    Pricing a rewire where they want underfloor heating, through out the whole gaff. This equates to over 70 amps. Is there a simple way to bring to demand down, like some how controlling that the upstairs and downstairs cycle seperatly etc
  39. B

    Solar can heater help

    Hi guys, I want to build a solar pop can heater but a little electrical work is involved and I have no idea what to do so would appreciate any help you can provide. Here is my plan: To build a box around 150 - 180 x 60cm and have some way to put a computer fan in it to blow the air...
  40. C

    Installing an additional room thermostat

    I have a simple central heating system with a traditional Baxi Solo 2 60RS boiler supplying heat to radiators around the house. The room thermostat is located in the main bedroom and so calls for heat only when the temperature in that room requires. When heat is required this thermostat is...
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