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  1. AyresomeBoro

    Main Incomer and Meter Mounting

    Hi all, I've purchased a property recently and I've managed to have look at the main incomer today. The main incomer and meter are mounted on slatted wood (looks like floorboard?). Am I right in thinking these should be fixed onto a flame retardant / non-combustible board? I was going to...
  2. N

    Van- internal step ladder mounting

    Hello, Is there a product available (not a DIY solution) to stick our step ladders to the (internal) roof of the van. Instead of lying on top of everything. Have seen 'Jet Rack' on US sites. Looks a bit pricey and a bit of unistrut on top. For those that have this, what have you used?
  3. wheeto

    Mounting DIN rail in boxes

    Hello, I'm looking for a bit of advice: does anyone have a satisfactory way of mounting DIN rail in adaptable boxes? I normally end up mounting the box, then drilling through the box into the wall behind and mounting the DIN rail that way, but it feels a bit wrong ... does anyone have a good...
  4. J

    Mounting a sconce that requires a smaller than standard junction box

    I'm looking to purchase this sconce, though to my dismay it appears to need a smaller outlet box than standard: Bryant Sconce - https://www.circalighting.com/bryant-sconce-tob2022/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsZj7xduq6AIViJOzCh188Q4DEAkYASABEgL8mvD_BwE Installation Instructions The electrician...
  5. M

    Mounting Socket upside down - is it OK?

    I need to install some sockets where space is at a premium. I am considering installing a double socket as normal but then installing a second double socket directly above but the upper socket upside down. Is there any reason why I should not do that?
  6. rolyberkin

    Mounting a flood light on a tree!?

    Have a client who is asking for a floodlight to be mounted on a tree to light up a car park. The tree is well established. Having conflicting thoughts on this, has anyone done it and if so how.
  7. I

    Name that mounting Clamp

    Hello Group Trying to find out which manufactuers clamps were used on my install in 2014, as one Mid Clamp is broken (found with cam-out on the star torx stainless screw and the aluminuim sheared) so i can replace. The installer is nolonger trading. The installer told me they used Renousol...
  8. K

    Flat roof mounting system (5 degree tilt)

    Hi guys, Can any recommend a flat roof mounting system that they’ve used that has as small as a 5 degree tilt (or completely flat) on the panels? Client doesn’t want to apply for planning permission by going over the existing height of the building (top of the ridge). And there’s only 180mm...
  9. S

    Kit for sale - sensible offers please.

    We've unearthed a few boxes of roof hooks, fixings and some limpits - we need to make some room in the warehouse and not planning on doing any installations in the near future so if anyone can make use of them then make me a (sensible) offer. Pick up in Sheffield or can arrange delivery for a...
  10. jackhammerJIM

    Last weeks pv job

    A nice pv job from a couple of weeks ago . Tallest roof i have ever worked on at 42 metres which made the dc run difficult . The ac side was easy in comparison with small short runs of swa . Enjoyed installing out in the sunshine which didn't last long as the week after it ****ed down...
  11. the pict

    Old style MK sockets

    The old MK sockets with 4 fixing screws any one know if they are still available, or would the original back box have two side lugs, I cant remember as I have never had the occasion to look, I have a few to replace and trying to avoid plaster damage on a solid wal Pict
  12. S

    Experience of 250kW installations

    has anyone designed and installed 250kW ground mount array? If so, would you mind if i picked your brains via pm/email? PM me if you're willing.
  13. SolarCity

    Renusol Intersole on plain clay tiled roof

    Has anyone installed a Renusol Intersole system on a plain clay tiled roof? I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be ok, but it's just that every example I've ever seen of it shows it installed on thicker pan tiles. Presumably it would be ok but would sit a little higher than normal?
  14. X

    outbuilding planning

    I have a job to install a flat roof system to a garden outbuilding at the end of the customers garden, Does anyone know if I need planning pertmission ? my understanding is that if the panels are mounted greater than 1m from the roof perimeter I wont require it? If this is the case it would not...
  15. M

    2 questions in 1 (alarm): Cable routing from outside into loft and mounting sounder

    I am hereby admitting inexperience with 2 things: 1. Getting a cable (screened alarm cable) into loft space - I was looking at it yesterday and was thinking about sending it into the loft via the underside of the uPVC Bargeboard but don't know the soffit structure behind this and if this is...
  16. S

    Fixing Sanyo N240 panels in landscape

    I read somewhere that when mounting in a landscape format, most panel manufacturers do not recommend that their panels are clamped on the short side. Is this case with the Sanyo N240 model and if so do Sanyo recommend using vertical rails? John
  17. LightGEN

    IN Roof mounting solution for Sanyo HIT panels?

    So, I'd like to quote for a couple of IN Roof systems based around Sanyo HIT panels, however, it appears that neither of our 'usual' mounting system suppliers, Schletter and Schuco, have a solution which will work with these panels; I'm told the Sanyo panel is too thin to work with the Schuco...
  18. D

    Inverter waking up the customer!

    So I installed a system with an SMA 3300 inverter in a garage last week and the customer has come back to say that it's waking him up when it kicks in at 06:30! The inverter is on fire retardant MDF which is screwed to 25mm batons and then mounted on the outside of a brick cavity wall so I...
  19. sparks1234

    Skirting trunking

    Interested in others opinions on skirting trunking, or to be precise dado / skirting trunking and mounting heights. With the regulations for mounting heights with regard to accessibility for disabled persons as we know we have this gap between 450 and 1200 for siwtches etc etc. How do we go on...
  20. A

    Flush mounted socket with accessible rear

    I wnt to flush mount a shaver socket onto an airing cupboard. The cupboard is accessible and in use. How is this done? Surface mounting would stand out too much and be unsightly. The recess boxes (metal for brick, plastic for stud walls) do not seem appropriate or safe. My best guess is to use...
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