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  1. T

    Schneider 63a single phase switch fuse

    Has anyone used a Scheider 63a single phase switch fuse before? Im just wondering whether they need crimped connections or whether its a terminal?
  2. DT1991


    Fitted a new Schneider RCBO B20 30mA Single Pole Type A. Connected function earth and neutral lead, with rcbo turned off, turned slider on, turned rcbo on, tested operation of push button and it went kapot! Test button now stuck in and will not reset? Ideas anyone or just a faulty RCBO? Edit...
  3. F

    Schneider power logic 5100

    Hi I’ve been asked to retro fit one of these units, it’s not something I’ve done much of and the only one I’ve done is a Eaton which came as a kit whereas this would be fitting it into an existing board. Is it possible to retro fit or does it need to be fitted as a kit? The eaton one was...
  4. richy3333

    Schneider Complete Multimeter Kit

    Anyone else get a Schneider 'complete multimeter kit'?!
  5. Spark40

    Domestic Schneider Electric Acti 9 iC60L MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 4P, 40 A, 10 kA, Curve C

    i have being using my multometer 4023 model on my mcb and its reading 309.3A but to my calculations it should be below 4 amperos can anyone lend me a 320A fuse would be delightful
  6. S

    For Sale [North]: Schneider Lisse & LED downlights to clear

    Evening All, I have 10 x Schneider Lisse 1 gang 1 module PC faceplates to clear. GGBL8050PC. Offers welcome. Will post. Also got a load of slimline LED downlights to shift. Details to follow...
  7. J


    Hi guys Had a touch on a recent install wholesalers cocked up and I’m now in possession of a brand new silk boxed SCHENIDER 315a switch fuse and an extension box to suit also shneider free delivery or collection southampton looking for £1300 the trade price is just shy of 2k so a steal
  8. joel89

    Schneider 115a 3 pole contactors

    brand new without the boxes 115a contactors with 110v coils. 3 for sale I am asking for offers around £150 per contactor these cost £300 when I bought them.
  9. Ciccio

    Siemens Altivar 71

    Hi everyone, I have problems with a Siemens Altivar 71. Some friends gave me this inverter, but I don't have any idea how to comunicate with it. The inverter has an RJ45 port with ModBUS and CanOpen access, and I already bought a RJ45-USB Serial cable. I downloaded the Siemens software, but from...
  10. NDG Elecs

    Schneider GET phone point terminals

    Hi folks, I have a Schneider GET ultimate flat plate phone point to install tomorrow. I had a quick look at the face plate today when I picked it up and am befuddled. The terminals are not screw type nor insulation displacement type either. They look to be some kind of push fit akin to Wagos...
  11. joel89

    For Sale [North]: Schneider 115a contactors

    hi for sale I have 3 x Schneider LC1 115a 3 Pole contactors brand new never used 110v Ac coils. Cost over £250 each I am asking. High spec contractors for the money £125 Ono.
  12. joel89

    For Sale [North]: Schneider Altivar 312 2.2KW VFD

    brand new altivar 312 2.2kw 3 phase 380-500v variable frequency drive. Rrp £280 Asking £200 Ono
  13. D

    CPC Size & Max Permitted Zs

    Looking through our periodic certificate that was completed by a 3rd party, I've got a few queries that hopefully someone on here can clarify. We've got a Schneider Prisma switchboard (S3/MSP 3.1) fed from 11kV/400V Transformer. - What is meant by MW for cpc size of 2/TP and 13/TP? - Is there...
  14. C

    Fancy A Cheeky Greggs?

    Just wanted to let you all know that Schneider Electric have just launched their latest 'Snack or Stack' campaign. When you buy any of the promotional products you'll get a free £3 Greggs voucher to spend in store or you can 'stack' for Argos vouchers. Finally, you can also trade it in the £3...
  15. Leesparkykent

    Favourite split metered 3 phase DB?

    As the tittle suggests really. Starting the Strip out on a 4 story office block tomorrow and starting to design/price the new install. To comply with part L2 I want to sub meter the lighting and small power separately at each DB so was wondering what are others preferred choices. I usually use...
  16. M


    hi every body. need to make connection of a schneider contactor LC1D40A with schneider RM17TG20 phase control relay. need to how to wire between these two to make the relay will trip the contactor when single phasing happens in 3 phase system. schematic diagram will difficult to understand...
  17. A

    Square D Quikline RCBOs

    I'm after a 6amp and 32amp rcbo that will fit in a Square D Quikline consumer unit. Does anyone know what replacement breakers fit these boards. I know Schneider took over square d but the acti9 range is Merlin Gerin rebranded.
  18. joel89

    Schnieder So Move Software

    has anyone used this? i downloaded it, it is for inverter and soft starters all the altivar and altistart range i have a 31 altivar but everytime i try and connect via the usb to rj45 cable but i try and connect but nothing at all? tried configuring still the same wondered if i was doing...
  19. S

    Industrial Micom Relays

    Is there anybody on here that work with MiCOM relays or has any of the old software, since Areva packed in and became Alstom/Schneider I'm having a bit of a mare trying to open some old settings files that I have but I don’t have the MiCOM software that came with it. The relays I believe are...
  20. L

    Schneider 3 pole 63a breakers

    Someone might be in need of a couple of schneider breakers that i dont need... Schneider MCB C Type 63a Amp 25680 C60HC Triple Pole ebay link: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141025728245
  21. S

    For Sale [North]: Quantity of memshield 3 mcbs new and sq d qoe used mcbs/main switches

    Have a quantity of MEMSHIELD 3 mcbs for sale, leftovers from several projects All are new , but not boxed also some used in excellent conditon Sqaure D QOE MCBS (the ones with the yellow stripe on them ) , B6 , B16 B20 and B32 in various quantities. also 2x double pole 100A...
  22. G

    24 volt dc

    Seen an ammended control panel today sporting a bs 60898 DP type C 2 amp mcb controlling 24v dc. Usually weidmuller etc din rail fuseblocks and links. Something I am missing? Boydy
  23. P

    Distribution Board to IP44

    Hi Guys Who makes a 3ph DB to IP44 - Agricultural Use, please? Or do you stick a standard one in an IP44 enclosure? Thanks Pete
  24. scotsparky

    Max Zs for sub mains

    Anybody know where the chart for a BSEN 60947-2 Btype mcb are in the BRB?

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