1. F

    iPad and job sheets

    Currently using paper job sheets. Does anyone use an app or alternative. Looking to give my employees an iPad and send jobs that way. Would it be best to type them up on a word template and just email them. Give my employees an email address
  2. telectrix

    Bye Bye ipad.

    older ipad, works perfect but due to apple's money grabbing , i can't install apps as apple have upgraded their ios, meaning buy a new ipad.as current one can't upgrade. so...... brand new 10" android. better spec. (6G RAM, 128G storage) than apple juice. 1/4 of the price. even 1/2 the cost of...
  3. Lou

    iPad Air 2

    I've broken my iPad Air 2 screen. I can still use it but there's loads of spider cracks radiating from the smashed bit. It's making work hard lol. Does anyone know the best place to get a repair done or get a screen from? Thanks :iphone::mobilecalling:
  4. Q

    organisers for ipad

    Can anyone recommend a good work organiser for iPad. I want to be able to book jobs in and set reminders up etc?
  5. S

    ipad versus android

    Good evening all, Having 2 children approaching their teens the request for xmas is an ipad, gasp £400 lol Can anyone explain the pros and cons please other than the obvious cost attached. Regards SYKRAPS.
  6. D

    software for making paperless test sheets which can be used with a ipad or laptop

    hi... looking for software to change test sheets (paper ) for testing electrical control panels to use on a tablet or laptop... These test sheets can be pulled from a server ,perform a test and then downloaded back to the server in .pdf form. If anybody needs a copy of a certain test sheet, we...
  7. R

    Win A Free Ipad Via Facebook - Exclusive To The Electrical Trade

    Happy new year people!! Promotion being run for free entry to win an ipad via facebook,. Prize draw closes 23:59, 31st January 2012. Winner will be chosen from a random draw of entries. Good luck chaps! http://www.------------/pages/White...210863592314372
  8. S

    Easy cert, iPad and a mac!!

    Hi Guys I've downloaded the free app for ipad from easy cert and its looks the nuts.... I'm interested in buying the software license to be able to use it fully.... Does anyone know if I buy it will it allow me to email as PDF ... I use an iMac and Macbook so no windows 7 for me... Will buying...
  9. J

    Electrical Testing Software Suitible for the Ipad.

    Hi All. I am looking at using an ipad to complete all my on site testing as I am fed up with completing the results twice on paper. Does anyone use an Ipad for compelting testing and what software do they use. Any suggestions would be helpfull. Thanks


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