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  1. Leesparkykent

    New addition to the leesparkykent household.

    Ready to pick up on the 10th of Jan.
  2. R

    Hello, new addition to the forum ranks here

    Hi, just to say hello. Reason I joined is after 7 months I have been laid off by the small firm I was working for. That 7 months was the only electrical working experience I have and joined the forum to see if any other Glasgow firms were hiring mates. I also am trying to see about the ECS card...
  3. LeeH

    The BRB. Title spoiled by having to use 20 characters.

    I will skip over the Pete\Tel jokes... :mevilrun:
  4. A

    Milwaukee m12 fuel impact drill

    Hi I'm just posting to see if any one else has this problem with the drill, the problem is when the drill hasn't been used for a few minutes I'm finding I'm having to remove the battery and then put it back in for the drill to work,this is happening with both batteries and there both showing as...
  5. A

    Electrical Installation Certificate Quiry

    Hi, just recently rewired a new kitchen and added a additional consumer unit to a house because the existing consumer unit is a bit of a mess and there is not enough spare ways to add the new circuits into the existing consumer unit. Plan on using this job for my inspection and just wanted to...
  6. akwoody2

    MWC or EIC?

    Evening chaps, A little help with what i think is a grey area. Im going to install a twin socket from the DB off the 32a ring RCBO. Does this class as an alteration where i will issue a MWC or does it warrant a EIC? Thanks
  7. D

    minor works high Zs Values

    test, cant seem to post????
  8. H

    Domestic 1,2, testing

    So changing a consumer unit is classed as an alteration. But if also adding sockets and downlights this is an addition. So on the EIC do I tick both addition and alteration?
  9. M

    Adding to a Customers system

    We have been asked to add to a customers system. They have an Anglian 1.9 kW system on the home on the 43p rate. The customer wants to add 4 kW onto his garage. A) Is the 43p rate safe and ring fenced for the 1.9 kW ? B) Will he get 15p on the next 2.1 kW and then 13p for the remainder or...
  10. A


    Hi all If i have extended a circuit i/e added a low voltage fan to a lighting circuit or extended a ringmain into a conservatory, do i need to give a test cert for the work i have carried out or for the whole circuit. I have been given conflicting advice so a bit confused. Thanks all
  11. I

    addition to lighting circuit

    hello there just been to look at a job, customer wants 2 new wall lights in main bedroom. now there is currently no rcd protection ( wylex board BS3036 rewireable fuses) (main bonding all ok) the additions will involve cable <50mm from surface so RCD protection is definately required. Now i...
  12. B

    PV Solar systems

    Installed my first PV Solar system last week, all went well and worked a treat,do I just need to put my test results for the new circuit on the test cert.Any help would be much appricated
  13. tuckermot

    minor works insulation ressistance

    Insulation ressistance on a minor works cert:confused: is that the original circuit plus addition or only the addition say a spur ?? rich
  14. T

    The use of RCD FCU's?

    Just after your thoughts really and do many of you use them alot as a cheaper option for the customer to comply with the 17th regs. I've seen a number of them used on lighting and power circuits, Also used when installing an extractor fan. If these are used then you will only be making the...
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