1. Gavin John Hyde

    Who makes or supplies these downlights?

    Customer has asked for another two downlights in his bathroom to go over his and hers basins. Has the following as per the below image. Who makes them and who sells them? Anybody fitted them or bought any recently? I am finding it hard to find a supplier. Thanks
  2. S

    Electric heater disconnected but still makes “click” noise

    I opened the circuit breaker to my 240vac electric heater. It still makes a “click” noise every so often like it’s trying to turn on. No heat come out. There is no thermostat. I’m confused. Help resolving this issue would be greattt.. thanks
  3. C

    PIR parallel to Switch makes short circuit

    Hi, I have lighting in the bathroom plus an extractor fan. There is one switch for the lights and one switch higher up for the fan. I installed a PIR in the bathroom and wnated it to turn both lighting and the fan in parallel to the switch. I fed the PIR from the fan's permanent F and took the...
  4. D

    Builder makes the headlines again....

    For all the wrong reasons...
  5. PJElectricalSW

    2 Wire 'Smart' Thermostats. Who makes them?

    Hello All Does anyone know of a manufacturer that supplies a volt free mains switching battery powered smart thermostat ? or just a better looking programmable thermostat than a Danfoss TP5000? Google is not my best friend trying all the combination of keywords possible. Thanks, Pete
  6. F

    Cooper Menvier 9651 security alarm makes humming noise

    Our Cooper Menvier is only 4 years old and had its battery replaced because it periodically makes a loud humming noise that goes on for up to 40 minutes before stopping. It does this every few days, sometimes for a few days running. We called out the supplier and they changed the battery 4...
  7. Spoon

    Russian Electrician makes ALMOST a fatal mistake!

    I bet there are a few volts going through that... :) I think there is a better way of keeping warm when it's snowing though..
  8. Pete999

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Got this from NICEIC today if you are interested regarding types of OCPDs of differing makes

    file:///C:/Users/Pete/Desktop/Safe%20Selection%20of%20Devices%20for%20Installation%20in%20Assemblies%20(1).pdf Hope you can read it
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody know who makes these ??

    Been working in a old property. Wiring is getting on a bit but one of the breakers has failed. Not a major problem as the lights are split between numerous circuits and i can take an old one out of the now redundant and unused eco7 board that used to power the old lights in laundry/maids room...
  10. T

    Triple light switch makes ticking noise - even after I replaced it. What's going on here?

    Hi all I'm just a DIYer, not a trained sparky. The triple light switch in my kitchen was making a ticking noise. By elimination, I found it was the middle switch. I didn't like a switch making a noise, so I just replaced it, only to find that the new switch also makes a ticking noise and again...
  11. Jamchiv01

    Are Digital Laser Measures as good as the internet makes them out to me?

    Hello all, recently I was installing some new downlights in a large kitchen, and trying to measure the room width/length alone was a nightmare with a tape measure so I did some research on laser distance measures and they seem to be a good way to go. Has anyone ever owned one and are they as...
  12. J

    Cooker diversity with SEPARATE oven/hob

    Hi all, Looking at replacing kitchen. Current setup is 2.2kw oven, 5.6kw hob.. total = 7.8kw on 6mm cable, back to a 40a breaker. The current cable run is short.. 2m from CU, in breezeblock/plaster.. 2m clipped direct, to a 45a switch (for oven in tower).. 3m spurred from that, on...
  13. K

    Domestic Why is rubber a good insulator?

    Good night/evening/afternoon/morning, forum members. I was wondering what makes rubber a good insulator. I understand less dense materials make better insulators, as insulators absorb/trap heat. But I want to know why rubber is a good insulator. For example, wood makes a good insulator due to...
  14. jackhammerJIM

    Make of LED floodlight

    Hi Men . Can anybody shed any light on the make of this floodlight ?
  15. D

    Main equipotential bonding. Domestic

    What are the regs when all circuits are protected by rcd?
  16. uksparks

    NICEIC Upgrade

    Hi, Just thought id let you know I have just booked to upgrade my NICEIC membership to Approved :-) I can remove those god awful DI signs off my van then!
  17. E

    4 Pole RCD/TD replacement

    Hi can anyone tell me if a Protek 4pole RCD incomer will fit a Crabtree loadstar 3 phase panel as an incomer please?
  18. R

    what are your tricks of the trade

    Hi guys Just a bored sparks with very little on this evening. Might be a boring or repeated thread if so I apologise in advance. If anyone was to ask you what is your best trick of the trade what would it be? Simple, complicated, down right odd, anything that gets you out of a hole or just a...
  19. S

    RCBO fly leads

    Heres a debate for you, seeing as this place is as dead as a doornail today. I have been testing a street of domestic properties recently, wired in 2008 with all rcbo's. In some properties the electrician has put all the white fly-leads into one terminal in the earth bar, In the others they...
  20. L

    Testing for borrowed neutrals?

    How would i test for borrowed neutrals? Would it be a case of disconnecting all circuits neutrals at the DB and doing a continuity test between each neutral and seeing if any two circuits bell out? hope it makes sense and i appreciate any feedback cheers
  21. S

    Wander lead wanted

    I'm after a reasonably priced wander lead for end to end testing etc, don't mind second hand or brand new if anyone knows where I can get one for a decent price? Cheers, Sam
  22. K

    decent customers.

    Not blowing my own trumpet, but got thanked twice tonight by 2 clients, makes work that little more bearable.
  23. Luminous

    shower isolator

    Is it ok to put the shower isolator anywhere? How about outside in the meter cupboard? Just upgraded a ccu. The shower circuit was not part of the old fuse box, buut took a feed from term blocks into which were the main tails. These went into a 35a fuse switch then to the shower. I need to take...
  24. A

    Mini-review - Erbauer wall chaser.

    Due to a rewire in a bungalow that has rock hard bricks, I thought it was time to get an electric wall chaser. So, down to Screwfix, and got the Erbauer at £100. Used it for the first time today, and boy is it good. Attached to the hoover, there is little dust, it cuts really easily, and...
  25. S

    dont you hate it when customers force you to...........

    I dont know what its like for you sparkys but i hate it when some customers put you in that situation of doing a job cheaply which is ok according to regs but makes your job look like a cowboys job. We rewired a shop with loads of sockets behind the counter then the customer calls and says hes...
  26. S

    DNO Help

    We had decided that we were just going to install domestic pv systems but have been asked to price for 3 x 40kwp systems in the last 10 days. It seems rude to ignore these requests :D but I'm a bit worried about the whole DNO situation and associated costs. At the minute I've got a farm and a...
  27. S

    "Quite" Bathroom Pullcord Switch

    Hi All Is there such thing as a quite pull cord switch?? My standard MK switch wakes up the baby and really annoys the hell out of me as its just so loud. Don't want to go down the PIR route and don't want a dimmable switch. Any Ideas??
  28. S

    Another 'which SDS drill?' thread :)

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a 2kg corded SDS plus drill with roto-stop for chiselling. Prefer known brands and not much more than £100 or so. I've narrowed it down to three and simply can't decide which is the better drill as they are all similarly spec'ed and similar prices. So... any...
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