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  1. OnlQQker

    A Thread About Boring Old Plugs And Fuses

    Nothing much has changed with them since the beginning. Perhaps now a lot of things come with moulded plugs and you don't need a screwdriver to change the fuse except perhaps for popping it out. And for people with no knowledge whatsoever can put a 5amp fuse into the washing machine and I guess...
  2. G

    UK What kind of socket

    My appartment building has hallway plugs with a different fitting to every day plug sockets - it's the same as a normal uk plug socket except the distance between the top hole and bottom two is considerably shorter. What kind of socket is it?
  3. J

    wi fi extender plugs

    hi i haave fitted three of these in my house. Even when i am in the main room i am still not getting the wifi signal. I have ee broadband 35 mgb. When these extenders are on should the blue light be solid? because mine flickers and was just wondering if that was a prblem
  4. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Who need rawl plugs

  5. J

    Domestic Wiring Plugs and lights in to garage.

    Hi, I am in the process of converting my garage in to a living space and am just after confirming I am configuring the plugs and lights correctly before going ahead. I will be getting it all tested by a qualified electrician once completed, but am looking to do the work myself. I am competent...
  6. A

    Commercial Use of 16a 230v ip44 plugs & sockets outside laying on wet grass / leaves

    Just wondered what people's thoughts were on the use of 16a 230v ip44 plugs / sockets used on cable lighting for a Christmas event with most connectors being left on wet grass or leaves, there are lots of these connectors in use and are accessable by children as it is a public area. My thoughts...
  7. Spoon

    The use of plastic wall plugs for the 18th....

    I was just reading an interesting post about the 18th when the above was mentioned. there seems some debate about this. I initially thought that the idea of prohibiting the use of them was stupid, but I'm not sure now...
  8. John Lundrigan

    plugs and unswitched socket outlets used as isolators!

    Table 53.4 shows that plugs and unswitched socket outlets can be used as devices for isolation while carrying load current!. Functional switching can also be carried out in this way as well. Is this really a safe procedure? Am I interpreting this table incorrectly. Thanks Jonel
  9. I2C

    British Plugs / Sockets Regulations (BS1363)

    I've been doing a bit of research on the standard British 3-pin plug under BS1363 as I would like to know exactly what is/isn't compliant so I can advise customers if I spot an appliance using a substandard plug. I know there are basic and well-known considerations such as:- live pins must be...
  10. H

    3 way sockets for electrical plugs

    Hi, We're doing a new build home, and I had the idea that all electrical sockets for plugs should have 3 way switches: 1 - always on 2 - on or off controlled by master 3 - always off This should allow for when leaving the house, flicking off the master switch, and thereby should save energy...
  11. mhar

    In line fuse holder

    Got some coastal apartments which have a mixture of downlights, pendants and 5A round pin wall plugs all controlled by conventional light switches and everything is switch fed. OCPD is a B10 mcb which if I derated it to a B6, would still be over the 5A rating of the sockets and plugs. All the...
  12. L

    Home CCTV with RJ45 inputs

    Hi All I am trying to find a suitably priced 4ch CCTV DVR with RJ45 inputs. I usually use BNC inputs but the customer already has RJ45 plugs on the end of the cameras. Thanks in advance
  13. K

    Introducing Karnuvap

    Hi everyone, I am really happy to be here on the Electricians Forums. Despite my weird sounding handle I can assure you I am English born and bred. One day I'll explain the name but in the meanwhile let me say that I've been doing electrics for most of my life and I run a small domestic...
  14. P

    13 Amp Plugs Without Fuses

    Hi Guys What determines whether a moulded 13 Amp plug requires to be fused? I have in my hand a cable for a 72 watt transformer. one end of the lead has a physically very small moulded unfused 13 plug which is stamped 10A 250VAC. The other end is terminated with a standard moulded female (2.5...
  15. G

    Schuko Sockets

    Are schuko (continental Europe) sockets installed on a 10, 16 or 20amp MCB? Schuko plugs have no fuse, so a 32 amp ring or radial would be illegal?
  16. Z

    Continental Light Switches: Are they a better design than UK ones?

    I have moved from Britain to Poland (type E plugs) very near German border (type F plugs) Generally I am appalled by the standards of domestic electrical components and work on both sides of the border: very flexible back boxes, flimsy sockets without switches, most plugs difficult to wire...
  17. J

    Domestic 2 amp socket woes

    Hey there, I tried posting this in the DIY forum but I'm unable to do so for some reason. I've just moved into a new house where there are 2amp sockets in all the bedrooms. I purchased a bedside table lamp and grabbed a 2amp plug to connect it to that circuit. The 2amp plugs don't fully fit...
  18. uksparks

    Australian Plugs

    Hi, I had a nice little job of cutting 20 Australian plugs off appliances etc the other day and replacing with uk plugs... It occurred to me though, none of them had fuses?.. I have no idea how it works down under and just wondered if someone would kindly tell me why the appliances are not fused.
  19. J

    SPDT Switch

    Hi everyone I'm New here. I need to add a a couple of 12V ACC plugs into my ute via a 4 pin micro relay. It will be switched via the key so the plugs turn off as pernormal with the key. BUT, I was wanting to mount a SPDT (Single Pole, Double Throw) switch into the circuit somewhere so I can turn...
  20. T

    Help needed - Old style 5amp lighting circuits

    Hi All, I stumbled across this site whilst looking for help regarding old 5 amp lighting circuits and thought that this would be the perfect place to find the answers I've searched long and hard for... We recently bought a property from 1929 and, having moved in, we've now discovered that...
  21. D

    High current CEE form plugs/sockets.

    Hi chaps, Can someone enlighten me as to what the fourth pin is for in a single phase CEE-form plug? I've noticed that some 63A+ plugs have them and some don't... Don't know why I've never wondered about this before... Was just faffing with some the other day and it got the grey matter working!
  22. Lucien Nunes

    Hello from London

    Hi all I'm Lucien, based in North London, where I spend way too much time tied up by two main interests in electrical stuff. One is part of the day job, where the electrical work is mainly theatre lighting and other entertainment related projects ranging from cinema projectors to organ...
  23. A

    IEC C13 sockets on a UK faceplates?

    Does anyone know if anyone sells 1 or 2-gang faceplates fitted with IEC C13 socket outlets? These are the unshuttered 3 pin outlets found on many electronic equipment items, with a rating of 6 or 10 amps. I ask because I have put four 1.5 kVA UPS units in the cellar of my house where it is...
  24. sawdust

    5 & 15A Unfused Lighting Plugs

    Hello, I was asked to clean up some stage lighting, and was wondering if anyone knew of any relevant regulations for stage lighting that I should be aware of? Was quite interested to find that none of the plugs had fuses in them (being of the 5 and 15A round pin type). While I can appreciate...
  25. S

    opinion on this wiring job

    Ok... ive recently completed 2330, so im no time served. However see the photo and give me your views, is this as incredibly dangerous and dodgy as I think... I rent a house, my landlord is an electrician, supposedly JIB. I went to test the element in my oven and couldnt find the isolator...
  26. S

    Commercial Phase 3 timer switches....

    Is it possible to get timer switches which can turn 415v phase 3 equipment off/on automatically during certain periods of the day - ie lunch/breaks. I know you can get domestic timer plugs which you plug straight into the socket and the equipment then plugs into this. I would imagine with 415v...
  27. S

    Network Cabling

    hello guys, any of you have dealings with cat6 terminations(RJ-45) and what sort of labelling do you/ have you used? is the cat5 plug ok to use or do you need the cat6 modular units? does it make that much difference?? regards
  28. telectrix

    megger repair

    as title. does anyone know of a good repairer for my 1552. it's fine on all ranges (calibrated), except for continuity, where it reads incorrectly and erratically. e.g . on a 1.0 ohm resistor, it will read anything from 1.3 to 1.7. it's not anything to do with nulling the leads or the leads...
  29. Amp David

    Anyone use plug and socket to coonect lowbay fittings?

    The reason i ask is swapped out 4 old fittings for some new low energy versions and each fitting was connected to a single socket with plus fused at 3 amps. Although the new fitting didn't require fuse down i used the existing plugs. Just got me thinking why someone would of done it this way...
  30. D

    RCBO's on under floor bus bars

    I've been asked to spec up a job at a newish office block. Raised flooring has been installed with bus bars and tap off leads. Bus bars have been installed using 10mm swa with 63amp MCB, tap off leads have 32 amp unfused plugs on them.. There are about 12 floor boxes per bus bar and 4 bus bars...
  31. T

    broken megger test lead

    hi all, i've gone and dropped my megger wander lead breaking one of the little 10A green plugs on the end of the lead. anyone know where i could get a replacement from as megger don;t supply them themselves? or has anyone recently bought a new set of leads and willing to sell me one of their...
  32. S

    Quick Question RE: Shaving Socket + Adapter

    Hi, Quick question from a electrical dummy. Are UK shaver sockets, and EU plug sockets, the same? Or, in other words, and more specific to my requirements, will this adapter - Universal Adaptor with 3 Pin UK into 2 Pin Plug: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics - allow me to plug a UK standard plug into...
  33. P

    MK Grid switches

    Any one use these ? have been asked to avoid using sfs's as they are ugly ! It will need to isolate 2 under counter fridges, washing machine about 2.5M away and extractor fan 4M away. Question is: is this ok as part of kitchen ring in 2.5 t&e or should it be a 4mm radial ? I would run them...
  34. Mark.W

    Fluke 1652

    Evening chaps Does anyone know if you can get alternative leads that will fit a fluke 1652. Preferably a set similar to the metrel leads where the crocodile clips plug onto the probes? Regards Mark
  35. S

    Cable fixings on exterior brickwork

    Hi all, I have to run a cable down part of a brick wall and have had limited success with cable clips in masonry. Aside from swapping the nail for a narrow screw and driving into plugs, anyone recommend any cable fixings designed for outdoor use? ie- uv resistant. Planning to use 1.5mm Hi-tuf...
  36. K

    tesco direct smoke alarms !!!!!

    Hi all I see tesco are now doing fireangel plug-in (light pendant then bulb plugs into bottom) smoke alarms ! mains powered & battery backup. Silencer & test button. low battery warning. Batteries included ! £19.57 Wonder how many people will fit these ? :D Suppose you could even knock some...
  37. N

    Is a 6AMP Switch ok ?

    Hi .. I have 2 ELectrical Power Blocks ( the sort of ones you plug up to 4 plugs in) 1 Has My PC, Printer, Monitor,Lamp The other has my Modem, Router, Cordless Internet Phone.. I wish to place a Switch between the 2 Blocks would a 6AMP Through Switch be ok ? The reason being is why have...
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