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  1. D

    whats the most Funny/clever or dangerous meter you have experienced on the job?

    so I was just having a flick through here and saw some pretty dangerous bypasses here and there but I was wondering what is the most clever or dangerous bypass or unmetered connection you have came across im sure you must have some creative/funny or darwin award/how has your house not caught...
  2. D

    Monday Funny ... try not to laugh

    A little light entertainment to get you through the morning
  3. C

    Funny old game,why oh why

    Real busy/hard day,2nd fix remote office in garden. Finished,now the testing. It’s way out in the countryside,measured Zs @ DB in house, 0.02 ohms,PSC 23 ka, seems unusual. DB in office a 6.0mm 3c swa,Zs 1.05 ohms. That’s really not possible,the cables about 35 m in length,crap end to the...
  4. T

    Thought this was funny, if it works that is.

    Ah no it doesn't shame it was funny though
  5. Pete999

    Funny story regarding the vagaries of Russian Policing.

    I had been ti Helsinki on a supply run, and my Boss and hi wife had flown up to pick up their new Volvo Estate, right hand drive for him to export back to the UK when he had finished his Tour of Duty, we were scheduled to drive it back th the British embassy, taking it in turn to drive, as it...
  6. F

    Electrician animation - very funny

    Probably been on here before but was shown this today have a watch And this one
  7. Pete999

    Now i found this clip rather funny

  8. DPG


    Funny but not funny: Cat charity shop sells electrician's £200 tools for £1 - BBC News -
  9. dmxtothemax

    Upgrading electrical systems in Buckinham Palace.

    There is a funny story going around at the moment about this topic, Quite funny actually, - Buckingham Palace repairs INCREASE TO £900m after electrician ‘takes a butchers’ - But I...
  10. G

    Stolen panels

    Was on local radio (Norfolk) that a chicken farm has had 100+ panels stolen last night from a Village near Cromer- Gimmingham possibly No mention of make of panels but if you hear about or are offered any, bear it in mind. Must be expensive panels as reported to be £50,000 worth - on a ground...
  11. Paul.M

    I'm not putting this one in the accident book!

    First thing this morning I picked up the apprentice and went to the first job in the city center. Need to unload and park up ten mins walk away kind of thing. Anyway, got there and parked on double yellow lines, jumped out to off load tools + mats. In a rush I opened both back doors of the...
  12. T

    Is this the best ad on ebay ever!!

    Just looked at facebook and a friend has posted a link to the bay if you look for item 330591109342 at the moment it has 3 pages of q&a funny... it is well worth a read:smile:
  13. G

    Heat Gun Manual

    V. Funny......:D Funny heat-gun manual - Boing Boing
  14. C

    i always wondered how it worked too :P

    Science Fail - FAIL Blog: Epic Fail Funny Pictures and Funny Videos of Owned, Pwned and Fail Moments :p
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