1. E

    Manufacturer of Grid Switch?

    Firstly, apologies for the quality of the image... Does anyone know the manufacturer/type of the grid setup shown in the image below? I have yet to visit the job myself, I've just got the picture at the minute. Cheers
  2. B

    Adding a relay to the timer on my submersible 1/2hp 230v pump. It was recommended by the timer manufacturer.

    Looking for advice to add a relay to a well pump timer. 1/2 hp 230v submersible @750’. The timer is rated at 10amp. 1578238119 Does anyone have any recomendations?
  3. Baddegg

    Finally some common sense from a fan manufacturer?

    Seen a few threads on here over the years so this might come in handy for someone.....wiring instructions state no need for local fuse if fed from 6a lighting circuit, Silent Extractor Fan | Greenwood Airvac SR100 -
  4. M

    Need to find the manufacturer of the connector

    Hello everybody, can someone tell me the manufacture of the electrical connector, who have the logo as following picture? Thanks! 1569581598 Some other picture:
  5. rolyberkin

    Anyone know the switch manufacturer please?

    Hi Does anyone know who makes, this to save me a journey please? Thanks
  6. R

    Can anyone identify this consumer unit

    Any idea what make this consumer unit is please.
  7. M

    Manufacturer question : 3kW installation - easier than 4.4 kW

    Hello everyone - new member here, from a manufacturer/distributor trying to understand how our products get installed and what we can do to make it easier. I own a manufacturing company, we currently sell instant water heaters and other space and water heaters to electrical wholesalers -...
  8. N

    Anyone recognise a manufacturer for this

    Hi, I thought this was a dual channel finder timer relay, but I cant trace the part number, anyone recognise the manufacturer. The output has given up, I've been asked to replace it, however I'd like to swap with a like for like as I had it in the past where one dual module isn't quite the...
  9. Wilko

    Amusing Manufacturer Instructions ?

    Fitting up a dishwasher the other day, the manufacturer kindly reminded me that the door must shut - a new-fangled water saving feature or summat. And to pay attention :rolleyes: There's probably lots of helpful advice from manufacturers out there, why not share the knowledge?
  10. J

    Bathroom design software

    Over the last couple of months my business has been really taking off and we have started offering bathroom installations, as of now we have been sketching out the bathrooms and using about 50 catalouges from different companys to design bathrooms. I want to find software that can let me design...
  11. J

    240v Fan in zone 1

    Hi folks new to this but have a question . What are the circumstances that have to be met to fit a 240v fan in zone 1 . I have read that it's acceptable if the fan is ipx4 rated and is on a rcd. I've read that if the manufacturer states the fan is suitable for zone 1 and rcd protected then it is...
  12. M

    MCS 012 fire rating in roof systems

    Hi All reading the guide it mentions performance of different panels & how they react, Maybe with all the guidelines & standards we have to adopt they should have had more stringent standards on the panels in the first place & then they would not need the requirement. Evidence has emerged...
  13. E

    Rcbo On A Busbar Protected By Rcb

    Hi just looking for your opinions on putting an RCBO on as busbar protected by an RCD, the reason i ask is the manufacturer doesnt make a 45A MCB but does make a 45A RCBO. or leave the circuit on a 40A MCB even though the manufacturer of the oven asks for a 45A supply?
  14. S

    smoke alarms

    HI Everybody ! what is the correct minimal distance from doorway and wall for smoke alarm? is it 300mm from wall, door and any light fitting ? Just working on loft conversion , no fire doors so fire alarm in every bedroom needed! just wonder about positioning. thanks
  15. J

    Voltage drop for fp200

    Hi, Am running a radial power circuit in 4mm fp200 with a 20A rcbo but am a bit worried about the voltage drop. I have a 70M run clipped direct and by my calculations I will need to go to 6mm. I am using table 4d2 but don't know if there is a table for fp200.
  16. S

    Does a sunbed require RCD?

    Hi I've been asked to install a power supply for a sun bed in a salon: Sunbed is 60 x 225w lamps = 13.5K Divide 230v = 59amps Table 4D2A: 10mm T&E 63amp capacity clipped direct. I'm installing a dedicated CU with a 63a MCB and isolator fed via a henley block on the meter tails for the sunbed to...
  17. J

    Commercial LED ceiling tiles startup current

    I have been asked to quote a shop fit out that will have 52x 45w LED ceiling tiles overall. they would like 12 switched at a time if possible, but on a previous job I only had 6 on one switch and had to use a 10A C-type MCB just to sto pthem tripping out on startup. I was thinking of wiring...
  18. S

    Panel Corrosion from Salt Water?

    Looking for some advice/opinion on the issue I am having with my solar installation. I have 22 x 180w panels (I wont name the manufacturer) connected to a PVI-3.6-TL. The system was installed in April 2011 and was working fine up until roughly Nov 2012. The inverter shows the error message...
  19. T

    LED Driver

    Hi All I have never posted before but i need some advice, I need to source a LED Driver my wholesaler says that it cant find it the driver in question is AC Adaptor 24v dc 2 amp the above is what it says on the driver it self the driver is used on a led round feature in a retail unit Can...
  20. P

    Testers failed calibration but perplexed now :-(

    My MFT failed calibration on some insulations resistance measurements but i am a little confused. I used a different more local calibrater as i needed the least downtime but his certificate is very different from the manufacturers one that was done before (now i have had time to compare side by...
  21. C

    Current imbalence in a 3phase p.t.o driven generator.

    A number of 3 phase induction motors and a single phase motor are fed via a p.t.o driven generator. There is a small current imbalence between the phase feeding the single phase motor and the other 2 but this i think is acceptable. How much of a current imbalenbce in amps (A) would be deemed...
  22. B

    RCBO's Can the excess wires from them be cut off??

    Hi, I was talking to another sparks that I know, and the conversation swayed onto leaving the wires from the RCBO's and not just cutting them off. The conversation was cut short though and the reasons were not made to me to leave them as is. And seeing another thread in the 'Electricians Arms'...
  23. S

    Geo Solar PV

    where can i get one of these monitors guys - I'm not an electrician and don't have access to wholesalers etc - I've spoken to the manufacturers and they don't sell to the general public. so anyone know where i can get one? many thanks
  24. G

    Which panels and inverter would you recommend?

    Is there a particular panel you would always recommend over any other manufacturer? I'm currently looking for information to cover my roof which is approximately 8m x 3.5m and get as close to the 4kW as possible. Also, same question regarding inverter manufacturer and model? Thanks in advance.
  25. G

    Flickering led

    Hi all I have installed some dimmable led spots, 3 lights on one switch and 3 on another switch both are on dimmer switches on a 2 gang plate. When i dim one set of lights down the other ones flicker. And ideas why this could be? Many thanks Guy
  26. Z

    Megger MTF test leads

    Hi all, Anybody knows are there some cheper alternatives out there? With croco clips and all. The original ones are £30 and they dont really last. Thanks!
  27. scotsparky

    Max Zs for sub mains

    Anybody know where the chart for a BSEN 60947-2 Btype mcb are in the BRB?
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