1. S

    cost effective options to heat a small temporary space.

    Hello I hope everyone and their families are ok at this time. During my own self-build (mostly diy) I have to build a small living space (in a garage) two-story for myself and my family of 5 for 1- 2 years before I finish the full-size house. it is temporary but will be approx 30sqm meters...
  2. B

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory for temporary structures?

    Is electrical design and testing mandatory? Let me qualify this with "I know it is" The problem is I have a client who refuses to accept that any and all electrical systems need to be designed properly, installed, tested and commissioned according to the EAWR and BS 7671 and temporary...
  3. D

    Temporary Power - Voltage stability affected by Photographer's Strobes

    Was at a small event recently providing generator power & distribution to the usual line-up of PA system, bar refrigeration, coffee stall, etc. plus a photographer's tent. The photographer had two budget Godox studio strobes. I place a multimeter at the distro on AC voltage min/max and check...
  4. R

    Temporary workaround - power to garage

    Hi guys, I need to run power to my garage. At the moment, I've gotten away with wiring a long extension cable. 13A Plug on one end, cabled to double female receptacles at the other end. So far that's worked fine as I've only used a LED light and some other low powered items. I just unplug...
  5. rolyberkin

    Temporary Builders Supplies

    Hi All Has anyone recently installed a temp supply for either UKPN or Western Power? Both for single property developments. I am interested in what structures are appropriate, cannot get hold of them until next week now.


    I often work alongside a small team of other trades on flats and house refurbishments for private owners, however on a slightly bigger project than usual, I've been asked to provide a temporary builders board in a large house that is to be converted into four flats. The existing supply into the...
  7. M

    Temporary building supply

    Evening all, Does anyone now what the correct arrangement for a temp building supply is these days. I am just about to start first fix a new build and am going to have to provide temp supply . In the past I have put in an Earth rod, tails onto a switch fuse/dp isolator and out into a little...
  8. T

    Temporary supply board

    Hello nice people of Electricians Forum,im a fairly new member so pls take it easy on me . But thank you in advance for any replies i do appreciate them all.. I was just wondering what kind of set you guys have or what you guys do to keep a supply goin during a full house rewire?? I know some...
  9. Paul228

    Temporary supply to portacabins

    I have three portacabins arriving on site. Each cabin is pre-wired and has a 32A plug connected to the consumer unit. They are 80m from the site distribution board. I need some suggestions on the best and cheapest way to feed these. The option I've come up with is run 3 lengths of 3 core swa and...
  10. K


    Hi guys Been a sparky for 10 years now with various companies current company is a lot of London work so long travel but the work is very good (super mansions in Chelsea) however I have just had a child and want more flexibility and less traveling times plus wife isn't working so more money...
  11. C

    Site temporary re-testing time period question

    I have not install site temps for a while so cant find in writing what i think is correct so please help if you can, as I need to have this info to insert into my test certificate. I am sure that I remember reading somewhere that the site containers offices etc are not glassed as temporary as...
  12. the pict

    Tri phase board out singles in

    I am doing commercial refurb at the mo, everything is supplied from an old Memshield 3 phase board, the landlord wants the various spaces metered so he can bill the tenants separatly, at present he is just adding a flat rate to the rent, I have no issues with how to go about it however one unit...
  13. S

    Emergency stop control circuit

    Hi, i am looking for information on how is the best way to wire a contactor & emergency stop button, that will provide emergency switching for a distribution board. the maximum load of this board would be 63A.
  14. S

    Protocol on RCD trip problems after new CU install

    Hi folks, did PIR. No issues with cabling etc but outcome was replacement CU due to no RCD. Installed replacement CU but due to some faulty components from the supplier and faff over getting replacements didn't energise until 5pm. Going through a few tests and discovered RCD tripping on a...
  15. G

    Socket in toilet

    Hi Guys, Can anyone assist, been doing PIr's on static caravans recently and came across this one. Van has a separate toilet which contains a basin, the owner decided it was a good idea to install a double socket next to the toilet which feeds a bar heater installed in the hall next to it...
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