1. E

    UK SPD and AFDD practical experience

    HI I am looking at a job where the CU needs an upgrade as its plastic and has no spare ways for the circuit I will be installing. Looking at giving customer options so will be quoting for metal CU, integral SPD and looking at combined RCBOs and AFDDs for each circuit, looking at the spec for...
  2. K

    Unit 204 practical exam materials list

    Hi guys I am doing the practical bay assessment at college. I have already done the bay assessment before covid 19 came about and haven’t had chance to finish it. My tutor has asked I do a materials list and have done one to the best that I can remember. I was wondering if anyone else had done...
  3. K

    City and guilds unit 204 practical exam

    I am due to take the following unit 204 exam city and guilds in a month and I’m wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for the exam, I’ve attached the image off the exam piece, I just need the wiring diagram, thanks
  4. OfficialAsh

    UK Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam next week, need advice

    Hello, After my post back in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and complete the level 2 electrical installation course from City and Guilds. My local college was super helpful. Anyway I am doing the 10 hour practical exam next week, and I am curious to know what suggestions you guys may...
  5. okrobie

    Do hybrid auto inverters have any practical use for 110/220 volt systems?

    I haven't a clue what they are good for but they seem to be cheap at the junk yard (Around $15) so I'm wondering if they can be used with a battery bank as a UPS? Thanks, Jim
  6. A

    Trainee Level 3 2365 302 Practical

    Hi all, Doing my Level 3 2365 302 practical (Transformers) on thursday. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can expect? I have been revising the tranformers handout on the smartscreen but I'm still unsure on what the practical will focus on. Any advice would be really helpful! Thanks
  7. M

    2391-52 practical exam help

    hey everyone, Wondering if anyone has done there 2391-52 practical exam lately i have mine this week just wondering a few things. Rcd tests if i have a lighting circuit protected by a 61009 rcbo which point should the test be carried out at the distribution board or the accessory its self as i...
  8. L

    I have finished my L2 & 3 2365, now in need of practical experience?

    Attempting to become an electrician as a change of career. I have now completed 2365 lvl2 and lvl3 installation and inspection. I'm in need of some practical experience and maybe a job opportunity. Based in Birmingham, UK. Any advice?
  9. T

    Advice for practical test (Western Power)

    Hi, was wondering if anyone could offer advice for an apprentice practical test coming up with Western Power, I passed the first stage (Knowledge). ?Have been told it will also involve climbing electricity poles, I am still in first year so have no qualifications yet? Thanks
  10. gazdkw82

    2391-52 practical assessment prep

    I have my practical assessment for 2392-52 tomorrow. I've passed everything so far and only have this to do. It's 3 hour assessment which includes, initial verification on 3 circuits (three phase), periodic inspection and test of 3 circuits (single phase) and fault finding. I'm just trying to...
  11. 1

    2391-52 practical assessment - testing sequence

    Hi guys, i have my 2391-52 practical assessment tomorrow and my assessor has said we have to perform the tests in sequence as stated in gn3 - 2.6.4 Few questions i have are: Once i complete safe isolation procedure and remove cover first up is continuity of protective conductors, surely it's a...
  12. MartJ90

    Struggling to get practical Experience

    Hi guys! I've been on this forum before under the name BarryJ90 however I lost access to my old email address so I've had to sign up again! Anyhow I'm posting as I'm looking for advice. My dad is a spark however due to an injury he has had to put work on hold for a bit. Due to this I am...
  13. S

    Practical experience; any ideas?

    Hi; I've just started studying to become an electrician. Although I am offered 6 weeks worth of practical experience, I'm wondering how I can get more experience while I'm studying. Prefably paid experience. I'm not studying through a college but through a company called train4jobs. Any ideas?
  14. L

    I'm willing to work for free to gain practical experience ( electrician mate)

    I'm an African I moved to UK a few years ago and currently I live in London. I'm planning in the future to return to Africa as electrical engineer. I have been doing home studies, city and guild electrical and I have finished the 2365 level 2 and now I'm studying level 3. I'm planning to use...
  15. T

    I am not a tool tart just a practical person!

    I must say that these are brilliant! Cable stripper, reamer, cutter (very good) pliers, crimper. So up a ladder this one tool can do most operations for terminating cables and a few handy things besides that. I thought bit expensive but... I am not a tool tart though. I was shown these and...
  16. M

    Converting from IT Techie to Sparky - need some practical experience

    Having worked in the IT industry, I'm now looking to convert to a domestic Electrician. I have completed a basic electricians course and did my 17th Edition recently, but realise I need practical on the job experience as an Electricians Mate. I have been using a screwdriver since I was about 5...
  17. CDB

    94/95 Practical Assessments

    Hi everyone, I have my 94/95 practical assessment on Tuesday and am a little confused about the sequence of tests. Basically I don't want to screw it up just because I do them in the order that they are not looking for. The 94 element I'm pretty happy with - - Assessment of...
  18. C

    Compex course

    Hi guys, I have my compex course booked next week, I have heard that it is very intense, can anyone give me some guidance with regards to the practical and theory exams. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Chris
  19. E

    Home Test Rig for Domestic Installer. Apols in advance for the length of this one...

    As I lack practical experience and recently failed to impress NICEIC into Registering me, I thought I could build my own test rig then test the hell out of it and try to develop fault-finding skills before paying for another assessment. My rig is deliberately non-logical - eg I have a switch on...
  20. codger

    2392 Past Multiple Choice Exam Papers?

    Hello. Been asked to run a 2392 for a local company. Was wondering if anybody had any multiple choice questions they can expect in their exam, and/or some sample questions? It's at Level 2 so hoping it's not so tricky. Thanks in advance.
  21. Lou

    Testing Electrical Installations A practical guide for electricians

    This is an extremely detailed account of how to carry out practical testing to BS7671, This book is suitable for students studying C&G 2330, 2381, 2391, 2400, NVQ level II, III and domestic installer level 2 courses. Key topics are; Continuity of circuit protective conductors. Continuity of main...
  22. P

    Trades Gateway

    Hello all, I have a Couple questions. 1:) Has anyone completed ANY practical training with Trades Gateway? 2:) Has ANYONE completed a course with them and if so how long did it take? I am asking as I am now on module 24 out of 40 and have not been offered any practical training and upon...
  23. D

    2394 and 2395

    I'm looking at doing the 2394 and 2395. I have been quoted £770 + vat by my local training centre where i did my apprenticeship which seems about an average price. I am a fairly quick learner but don't have much experience in testing, inspecting and certificating. Is this as essential as a...
  24. D

    Starting my 2365 at able skills, what are there courses like

    Hi all, I'm booking my 2365 tomorrow with Not A Chance, I was just wondering have any of you done it there? Will I get all the proper certification that you'd get at collage. I only ask as I have seen on watchdog etc in the past that people have spent thousands on qualifications that aren't worth...
  25. N

    CompEx training help

    Hi guys , my company have recently paid for me to go on a CompEx coarse so that I can complete electrical works in potentially explosive locations. As always I would like to get a heads up and get as much information on the coarse as possible before I attend. I would like to know if any of you...
  26. H


    Hello , this may have been asked before but have not stumbled upon it yet. I am studying electrical installations 2365 and wondered when i have completed nvq level 3 am i then an electrician . my tutor says yes " on paper " but when i check the course online it says succesful completion of level...
  27. A

    2394+2395 combined course

    I've enrolled on the above city&guilds course which I'm doing 2 evenings per week for several weeks. I have little prior testing experience only really cont tests and IR tests. I'm looking for practical advice from anyone who has done the above courses before, (not neseceraly combined) hints and...
  28. C

    BGB and toolbox guide

    Green 17th edition regs 17TH EDITION WIRING REGULATIONS AMENDMENT NO 1 2011 | eBay NICEIC Toolbox guide Toolbox Guide: B S 7671: A Practical Guide to ..., NICEIC Group Spiral bound 1906091056 | eBay both good condition
  29. J

    2394 Practical & Notification of candidate results

    1. Once you have taken the 2394 practical test, when should you receive the "Notification of candidate results"? 2. For instance, with the 2394/2395 Multiple choice, you can receive the result straight away (from the centre), & the "Notification of candidate result" is then sent to you. Is this...
  30. J

    Industrial Trade Test for Dron Dickson

    Hey folks, just a quick question, I'm wondering has anyone done the Trade Test with Dron & Dickson before? I've been asked to go take the test, and I've got to admit, it's been a few years since I had my head in the books. I did well in my tests as an apprentice, but that was about 10 years ago...
  31. D

    Structured Data Cabling - Starting in the trade...

    Hi, I currently work in an office based role in the IT industry (4 years experience) and would like to make a career change. I have previously trained as an electrician around 5 years ago and enjoyed the practical side of the work but due to the job market being a bit dry, IT was the path I...
  32. T


    Alright lads, anyone done the new testing course? Is it harder to pass then 2391? Got a feeling my reg books are going to have to be my new best friend for a while
  33. E

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) ECS JIB Application

    Can anyone tell me which parts of the application for i need to fill out on the ECS-JIB, for electricians mate. I have City and Guilds Qualification level 2 in Electrotechnical Technology - Installation (Building and Structures) 100/3569/2 - J/102/3564 Practical - L/102/3565 Practical -...
  34. W

    booking my 2391

    hey, well ive decided to go ahead and tackle the 2391, im gunna ring and book it tomorrow the course is 14/5/12, and exam sometime in june cant remember exact date, dont get me wrong im not the most experienced spark and im not totally confident ill pass, (partly down to the low success rate)...
  35. W

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC 2391-10 online course

    Has anyone done the 2391 online course? Just wondering if it's any good or not Thanks
  36. J

    Not enough practical experience when infrequently testingl

    last time i passed my 2391 was ten years ago,since then i have had about 2weeks testing experience 5years ago and it is amazing how much you can forget unless you are testing on a fairly frequent basis.Or have a bloody good memory!!!!.Thats why dedicated testers always seem to be very quick.I...
  37. A

    Training courses required

    Good day, I am looking for a training course (practical & theoretical sessions) in electrical system. In fact, I am a new electrical engineer and I need to enhance my knowledge and my experience by attending such courses or even better to have an attachment with official companies. Can...
  38. S

    2392 course in Birmingham

    Hi, I will be doing my 2392 the end of this month. I have not touched a test meter for about 8 - 9 years since doing my am2. i just wanted to know what the course involved i.e practical wise? Is there anything i could do with brushing up on before the course? or will the course cover...
  39. G

    VFD books?

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a good book on VFD's? Ideally, I would like it to contain info on both the control and power side of things.
  40. 0

    Struggling with City and Guilds Electrotechnical Certificate 2330 Level 2

    I am starting to struggle with keeping up with the Jobs. And I'm scared I will not finish them and fail the course. I feel comfortable with the theory but a little nervous about the practical side at the moment and I'm actually loosing sleep over this. Any tips for me? :( Thanks.
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