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  1. P


    Hello respected members, Looking to gain practical electrical experience in the London area preferably commercial but will consider domestic as well. I'm willing to travel and dont expect to be paid whilst learning. Please give me shout if you need a helping hand. I'm confident and competent...
  2. R

    543.7.1.203 - what does this reg mean in practical terms??

    Can anyone shed some light on this in practical terms? Seems to say if earth leakage is over 10mA you need to run a 10mm cpc?
  3. S

    What books / material can I take in to 2391 practical assessment

    Hi can anyone confirm what books I can take in to my 2391 practical assessment tomorrow please. And any other advice or pointers appreciated Thanks Simon
  4. M

    Practical side of level 2 electrical installation

    Hi can anyone who has done the level 2 in electrical installation advise me on what practical work is undertaken on it? Does it go as far as wiring up fuse boards?
  5. T

    UK Does anyone have a sheet with the 40 things assessors look for ,when doing the 204 exam?

    Does anyone have a sheet with the 40 things assessors look for ,when doing the 204 exam? If you have a cheat sheet like that could you send it to me. Thanks
  6. C

    204 Practical Assessment Tools and Materials Form

    Hello All, Apologies if this is the wrong forum or has been posted already (I have searched). Does anyone have a blank, electronic copy of the Tools and Materials form sheets, please? I need to complete these and scan before sending back to the college. I'm not able to get to the college...
  7. Sonia Norman

    After some practical experience

    I'm fully qualified 2330, 2394, 2395 18th edition. But due to Ill health I've been out of the game for four years. I just want some practical experience working along side someone to get my confidence back. I live in Southend on sea in Essex. I'm ex RAF honest reliable and trustworthy. I'm happy...
  8. timhoward

    Practical question about 3 phase IR testing

    Regarding 3 phase IR tests for initial verification, I'm wondering how people actually do it efficiently. GN3 says to IR test between all phase permutations, then: L1+L2+L3 connected together to N L1+L2+L3 connected together to E N to E The OSG further comments that if the group test to earth...
  9. A

    Unit 204 City And Guilds Practical Exam

  10. I

    Level 3 2365 practical

    Practical for inspection testing, fault rectification. Any advice for me lads, im sitting the exam this week.
  11. D

    UK Hiya, im doing the C&G level 2 unit 204 practical exam in a few days and i was wondering if anyone has any resources for me.

    i am preferably looking for wiring diagrams and such. if anyone could help, it would be highly appreciated. thank you
  12. M


    Hi, Completely new to all this, I have been doing an online course (all theory) for a year now during the lock downs. No practical experience till colleges open. Looking for further info and advise in the forums here. Cheers, Matty
  13. R

    Electricians Mate Looking for practical experience in and around Liverpool/North West

    Hi all, I'm not currently working within the industry but I am actively looking for some practical work experience. Currently studying for a HNC in electrical and electronic engineering on a part time basis whilst working in retail to pay the bills. Have worked within the roller shutter...
  14. C

    Completing NVQ practical at home / self employed / working for free

    Hi All I'm after some advice with regards to completing the NVQ L3 either 2356 or 2357. I work in maintenance although I am now mainly office based. XS training have said I can carry out the 2356 as I have been in the industry for over 5 years. I have completed 2365 L2 & 3 so now want to get...
  15. D

    UK Are there any good electrical calculation and practical books?

    Just wondering if anyone has come across any simplified books containing good information on electrical calculations and good practice installation guides. Mainly aimed at apprentices or low level to medium level installations domestic or industrial? Thanks in advance
  16. E

    UK SPD and AFDD practical experience

    HI I am looking at a job where the CU needs an upgrade as its plastic and has no spare ways for the circuit I will be installing. Looking at giving customer options so will be quoting for metal CU, integral SPD and looking at combined RCBOs and AFDDs for each circuit, looking at the spec for...
  17. K

    Unit 204 practical exam materials list

    Hi guys I am doing the practical bay assessment at college. I have already done the bay assessment before covid 19 came about and haven’t had chance to finish it. My tutor has asked I do a materials list and have done one to the best that I can remember. I was wondering if anyone else had done...
  18. K

    City and guilds unit 204 practical exam

    I am due to take the following unit 204 exam city and guilds in a month and I’m wondering if anyone has a wiring diagram for the exam, I’ve attached the image off the exam piece, I just need the wiring diagram, thanks
  19. OfficialAsh

    UK Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam next week, need advice

    Hello, After my post back in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and complete the level 2 electrical installation course from City and Guilds. My local college was super helpful. Anyway I am doing the 10 hour practical exam next week, and I am curious to know what suggestions you guys may...
  20. okrobie

    Do hybrid auto inverters have any practical use for 110/220 volt systems?

    I haven't a clue what they are good for but they seem to be cheap at the junk yard (Around $15) so I'm wondering if they can be used with a battery bank as a UPS? Thanks, Jim
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