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  1. Electrokids

    The Principle Work of Electrodynamometer ( Revision advice needed if some information are wrong)

    Electrodynamometer Electrodynamometer is a device that we can use for measuring volts, current, and power. But mostly this used for measuring power in the circuit. For the construction of electrodynamometer wattmeter we gonna need some important part for this stuff to work. Moving coil...
  2. C

    One day PAT testing course, I need revision material?

    I’m going on a one day pat testing course soon and I can’t seem to find any revision online. Can anyone help point me to the right direction or put up any of there own material which can help? Thanks
  3. E

    AM2 a few revision questions

    Im taking my AM2 on Monday and have a few questions just to get my testing on point. Firstly when testing continuity of cpc would a the assessor expect each cpc to be connected to the line conductor in a connector block for example (separately from the earth bar to eliminate parallel paths)? Or...
  4. L

    Revision for 17th Edition exam

    I am currently studying an electrician course during the weekends over a period of 15 weeks. In 6 weeks time I have my 17th edition exam, I have the book and am wondering what is the best and most effective way to revise for this exam. I have been told that being able to navigate the book...
  5. A


    Hi I need some help, I qualified back in 2012 (303) level 3 + AM2 ect.. But plan on doing my 2394/2395 course 8 days straight. Some have said its worth doing the 3 day 17 edition course prior, just to refresh things as we were only working to 17th edition when doing the level 3 (303). But...
  6. A

    Advice for 2394 and 2395

    Hi there. my name is adam and I have just recently come out of my time and my company is paying for me to do my testing and I want to get a head start and get some revision done before my exam in June. If any one knows any websites that has revision material or any advice that would be great...
  7. Dan

    Swindon Massive

    What is Swindon Massive?
  8. S

    City and Guilds 2330 unit 2?

    Is there a City and Guilds website with some mock exams on? like the Gola ones i have? or has anyone got any papers with similar questions that are in the exam? Thanks!!
  9. S

    2330 training material FREE

    Electrical Installation Revision Page On the 2330 level 2 & 3 have a look at this site plenty of practice topics
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