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  1. Dan

    Red or Brown Sauce?

    Just wondering. Is it Red or Brown on your Sausage and / or Bacon Butties?
  2. E

    Is brown tape on switched live a legal requirement?

    Hi all, I've had a complete rewire in my house as part of a renovation. I've noticed two things that I wonder if they are in line with regs: 1) the electrician has not put the little bit of brown tape over the blue or black wires that are switched live. Is the brown tape just best practice or...
  3. L

    Melted plug pins - slight brown mark on socket!

    Good morning, I am a complete electrical novice - recently bought a Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Fan Heater, I live in a rented stone cottage half-way up a mountain & my aga broke down, ill-health & cold led me to the Dyson, however just unplugged it & one of the plug pins has melted plastic(?) at the...
  4. S

    Replacing light switch with dimmer switch

    I'm replacing a standard light switch with a 1 gang dimmer switch. I've managed to get the light to come on/off using the dimmer switch however it won't dim. After reading online I think I've wired it incorrectly first time and broken the dimmer, but just wanting some confirmation from you guys...
  5. S

    Help with cat 6 socket

    Hi I've had a company come into my work and wire in some cat6 sockets , however they haven't returned yet to do the ends of cable rj45 plugs . Now the sockets they have used are wired in exact order of colours shown on picture attached. However I'm not sure if this is a or b wiring and would...
  6. Dan

    Need brown veined "chicken tiles" pilkingtons - 40 each

    Need brown veined "chicken tiles" pilkingtons - 40 each advice reviews and feedback 2017 I need 40 brown veined "chicken tiles" pilkingtons View attachment 87542 Are you a DIYer? find a free diy advice websitehere. Plumber in the making? find a plumbing advice website for the UK including...
  7. Edtwozeronine

    Light switch question

    I was on a site yesterday doing work experience. The head honcho was wiring in a double switch that seemed to have 2 commons, 2 L1s and 2 L2s. There were 6 terminations mostly in brown 2 browns with brown tape (I assume the switch lives?) And one was grey. Apart from the taped browns how did...
  8. D

    Light always on since light change

    Hi all, Another newbie to the site here, I'm hoping to look for some answers to some questions, and in the future looking for a local sparky for quotes on a new extension. One question to start: I have recently taken a Dunelm rose light fitting down and replaced with a bog-standard one from...
  9. B

    Rewire Problem

    Good Morning, I currently have a Honeywell ST699 heating and hot water programmer which I am looking to replace with the Drayton MiGenie. However I'm having a few issues with it not working and since the swap over cannot get any hot water or central heating (severely in the dog house at home...
  10. lozcozard

    Confirmation of Hive Wiring

    Just swapped a Danfoss RX1 for a Hive v2. I initially thought I would just put the wiring into the same place, easy enough. Didn't work. I notice the terminal allocation is different between the two: Danfoss: N - L - 1 (unused) - 2 (COM) - 3 (ON) - 4 (OFF) Hive: N - L - 1 (COM) - 2 (OFF) - 3...
  11. Startinez

    New three-phase wiring colours

    Hi all. I'm starting a new project at work and part of it is installing SPDs onto D.B.s in telecommunication installations. All of the current wiring in the boards is from before the colour harmonisation and so obviously is R,Y,B for three phase. Obviously the regs state that it should be...
  12. G

    Combi boiler with dual heating zones and 2x programmable stats.

    First post so let me start by saying hello to all! I'm a plumber not an electrician, nor do I consider myself a heating engineer and would appreciate any help... What I have is a Worchester combination boiler which is currently hooked up to a Honeywell programmable room stat. We have...
  13. roukel01

    Wylex fuseboard history....

    Evening all Could anyone tell me a rough timeline on old Wylex fuseboards.... The brown ones, the wooden base ones, the ones with the insulated backs... the cream coloured ones... any info would be appreciated Thanks
  14. Davejpic

    Lighting Circuit - Power at switch

    Hi all, Just a quick question if I may I'm building mock circuits on an old desk to get a practical element to the theory I am studying (connected via 3 amp plug with RCD protection on supply) I have been watching John Ward on YT ( John Ward - https://www.youtube.com/user/jjward ) and find...
  15. J

    Lighting question (3Core)

    I've been working in a shop today just replacing some lamps and fittings. I had to replace a 2D light fitting that was at the bottom of a staircase. The light itself had three cables coming in. A three core to an emergency bulkhead and two three cores coming in. If I upload a picture of how it...
  16. P

    Honeywell wireless stat DT92E

    hi guys, customer has no thermostat for his heating so he brought a Honeywell dt92e. I am trying to install it but can't link it up with the programmer (2 channel Drayton) I have wired the stat up with a perminant live and it fires the boiler. But I can't get it to work properly with a...
  17. S

    Lightning circuits??

    I have recently moved into a 50s semi detached house, with cast iron conduit wiring circuits. we have decided to fit two feature down lights above the fireplace, and operate them from a double switch that will also service the ceiling rose & fitting. we have used 2x core from the down lights to...
  18. S

    TRAINEE QUESTION: Three phase motor system, non-standard wiring colours in flex?

    Hi. Just a question from a slightly confused trainee about core colours on a three phase appliance. I was diagnosing a fault on a three-phase saw today (found it - dead isolating transformer) and found that the incoming cable (4 cores) were coloured and connected as such: L1 Brown L2 Black...
  19. telectrix

    EICR Codes

    Done a report yesterday. customer is about to complete sale of house, so obviously wants a satisfactory report. i gave the following codes for some non-compliances: no cpc on lights with metal switches ,,, C3 no RCD protection on bathroom circuits and no supp. bonding.... C3 large holes in...
  20. Hilldog

    AM2 help

    I've sat my am2 today and got to finish it off tomorrow morning. There's a couple of things niggling me so i was hoping someone might be able to help. 1) 2 way and intermediate lighting: I've put brown tape round the strappers (black & grey) but do I need to put brown tape round the common...
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