1. A

    Drilling down lights

    Has anyone got any tips for drilling multiple holes, 32 90mm holes to be exact. In fridge panel, insulated panel, cool panel roof sheets? I have just done 3 house’s with 32 Downlights each and drilled top and bottom, but was hoping for an easier way?
  2. Amit Saxena

    Is there a way to move around a drilled hole in ceiling without drilling another one

    Hello everyone! Is there a way to move a drilled hole in ceiling slightly to the right without drilling another hole. I need to suspend a light ceiling lamp and want to avoid drilling another hole if possible. I am imagining something like this: So effectively I am looking for a flat...
  3. N

    Corner lights and drilling

    Hi all Just looking at installing some external corner lights. Wondering what the situation is with drilling the corner where the two walls meet for the cable entry? Will the corner not just break off when drilling? Also, once in the cavity behind the external brick, does the cable need to be...
  4. J

    Advice after drilling through electrical cable above plug socket

    Hi all, I have stupidly drilled through the same electrical cable TWICE 1 inch apart. This is above a twin plug socket which obviously now doesn’t work. The holes are about 1m above the socket. As a temporary measure I was going to connect the wires individually with Wago connectors but the 2...
  5. R

    Domestic Safety advice- caught a wire drilling?

    Hi all, I drilled a hole to fit a new cooker hood and had no shock etc when drilling. When I was cleaning the hole out to put the rawl plug in I got a small tingle (no smoke, spark, bang etc). Is it possible I've nicked a wire or just come close to one? I used a metal/ voltage finder and...
  6. R

    Is drilling rafters OK?

    Hi guys, Had some work done on the weekend from an electrician on a 200 yr old cottage we are renovating. Noticed that one bit of work he has chased/wired up from under the floor, added some sockets and then continue up and round a window - drilling through 8 rafters in the process. He then...
  7. J

    loft wirng on rewire

    evening guys for you guys that regularly do rewires.... when you do the upstairs lighting wiring in the loft do you just use the existing holes in joists- and add a few extra 16mm holes if really needed who clips? who doesn't? to side of joist if insulation is on top and is also getting...
  8. J

    Impact vs combi drill for drilling holes

    Who uses impacts to drill holes though wood rather than standard drills Ect, I've just started and think there amazing. Anyone see any pros cons from using an impact instead of a standard drill?
  9. F

    SDS Drill in ceiling voids

    Ok people, we all know what it's like like working within a limited suspended ceiling void and trying to angle your drill to where you need to be. I am currently using a Panasonic SDS to do do the job which is quite compact but coming to the end of its life. My major tools are all makita but...
  10. D

    Commercial Drilling Through Copper Bus Bars

    I recently spent roughly an hour drilling through copper bus bars, surely there's an easier way to do it? :ack2:
  11. S

    Makita BHP451 vs Dewalt DCD985

    Hi guys ! I have just registered here. I have a question about these two drills. I am getting them both second hand. The problem is, i don't know which one to choose. The makita is more powerful(65mm wood), but i heard they have serious problems with the batteries and the gearbox. On the other...
  12. D

    Drill for core and sds

    I have just purchased a Bosch GBH 2-28 DV and was going to use this for core or to be fair my main sds, what other sds should i buy and should i keep this bosch for core or regular sds work. Also im going to buy a core set, is edge better than norton as its more expensive and lazer...
  13. i=p/u

    Hss drill bits

    Anyone know any good stores online for 6mm drill bits. I use to buy them in engineering counter at home but need to order a few today..
  14. A

    Makita AVT or not on hammer drills

    Hi has anyone noticed if there is much of a difference in the vibes to the user between a Rotary hammer and an AVT Rotary Hammer drill? For example Makita HR2611F v HR2610. I am wondering if it is worth the extra few quid for AVT (Anti Vibration Technology)
  15. S

    107 or 117 core drill size

    Hi, what size core drill, do you generally use for cutting 100mm core holes 107mm or 117mm. Cheers
  16. Richard Burns

    Drilling down stud wall

    Totally fed up with this one. Any thoughts on hole drilling to run cable down a stud wall, I cannot get a straight line through. I am trying to run cable from the loft down to the CU in the hall. I have drilled down 1.7m and can take the drill bit up 1.7m and the total height is about 3m. I have...
  17. sythai

    Time for some shopping.... core drill + cutter

    Think my plumber mate must be getting fed up with me borrowing his core drill and 110mm TCT cutter. So time has come to buy myself one. Any recommendations on both items please - will get used no more than about 12 times/year, so don't really want to spend megga bucks on the drill if poss...
  18. 0

    Drilling tiles

    Installing a 4" extract fan in bathroom. Completely tiled.....9x15" tiles. Is it advisable to drill a 4" hole in one of the tiles to outside. Going to be using a core drill. Thought about ceiling mounted but loft is fully boarded and FULL of stuff. Thanks.
  19. S

    Risk Assessment help with College assignment

    Can anyone give me some pointers for risk assessment regarding the following, in relation to the installation of a socket outlet circuit: a) Proprietary fixings of the PVC conduit system. b) The fabrication and fitting of the PVC conduit system. c) The termination of the PVC conduit system to...
  20. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa assesment

    hi got my elecsa assesment in about a month anyone had one whats it like questions asked e.t.c any help would be much appreciated thanks
  21. Amp David

    Which diamond core drill adaptors?

    Looking at getting some decent high quality sds chuck adaptors, extension bars etc for dry diamond drilling. I know there are hundreds of deals online, some makes i've heard of and some which look like cheap tat, but can others give ideas of which makes you use. Already gone down the road of...
  22. L

    drilling 4" holes for fans

    recently i have been been coring holes for bathroom fans through outside walls and been taking ages to do it upto an hour when it should only take 25mins at most do you recon i should start drilling it on hammer with the diamond core bit allthough it can screw the bit up i am using a makita 8406
  23. W

    Bosch or Makita??

    Im after a 240V SDS hammer drill with rotary stop and would like to know which is the best manufacturer to go with. It wont be used day in day out, only occasionally. Thanks
  24. S

    Lithium-ion combi drills

    Hi folks, can anyone recommend me any combi drills they've used with good spec in the lith-ion battery range. Ni-cads are pants but ion's are very expensive, i've looked at main places like CPC/B&Q/MachineMart etc and it's looking like i'll have to shell out £350 mark so i wanna make sure i pick...
  25. E

    No reverse on drill, can this cause problems?

    I have been given a brand new Bosch GBH 4 DFE drill and noticed that it doesn't have a reverse gear. Does anyone else use this drill or one similar. A friend of mine was saying it could cause problems as if the bit got stuck in whatever I was drilling (wood, masonary etc) there would be no way...
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