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  1. C

    Boarding attic, wires over joists, advice needed.

    Hi there I’m boarding my attic and the wires are going over the joists, I know I can chisel a grove in the chipboard board or take the wires out of light fixture. I was just wondering would it be a bad idea just to made a grove in the top of the joist with a round rasp just big enough for the...
  2. T

    Holes through joists

    Hi all Question regarding the amount of cables through holes in joists. Is there a set amount that you should stick to, or does it not matter how many cables are through a joist hole. As long as there is movement in the cables, finger gaps side of cables, reason i asked as seen about 8/9 cables...
  3. FatAlan

    Trainee Getting across ceiling joists from below - tricks of the trade.

    In the day and age of many downlights can we get into one house, I'm intrigued to know what tricks / techniques folks use to install multiple downlights into an existing ceiling in replacement of a central pendant. In particular, once having located the joists, how do you get the cables...
  4. A

    Routing new cables under floorboard

    Hi guys after a second option here In the process of a rewire and I’ve lifted upstairs floorboards on the landings suss out my route for new upstairs ring, lighting and boiler circuits. The joists within the landing have a 25mm hole for existing up and down lighting circuits and no room left...
  5. D

    Running 10mm T+E under celler joists.

    Hello, Whilst doing some building works I have access to the inside of the stud wall to which the consumer unit is fitted, so full and easy access to all the cabling there. This wall is soon to be tiled. In the future I will want to put power into a garage at the end of the garden. I happen...
  6. rolyberkin

    Angle drill for joists

    Does anyone have a dedicated battery angle drill or an attachment, if so are they worth buying? Have to drill out joists at 400mm centres for 15mm pipes and cable runs and was looking at a Dewalt DCD 740N, however wondering whether a drill attachment for £15 do the same job?
  7. S

    Fixing a miss-drilled beam

    I'm building a flat-roof extension on my house and I've got a guy helping me. Sadly he's miss-drilled the holes in the joists right next to the wall (within 70 mm) instead of .25 - .4 of the beam length. Actually, it looks very nice, but not in line with BRs. If we move the wiring (and pipes...
  8. W

    Cables through drilled joists

    Hello peeps, just looking for clarification on my practices here . In the past , I have taken many cables through the same hole drilled in a joist . Mostly lighting and smoke detector cables , not heavily loaded ones , but on site , time is sometimes critical. Have I followed " normal practice...
  9. Pat H

    Drilling joists

    Doing a loft conversion and wondering about joist drilling. OSG states to drill in the middle of the joist 0.25 to 0.4 of joist length. I have 6" joists but the bottom 4" will be filled with 100mm celotex so If I drill at half way my cabling will be in the way of the insulation. It makes more...
  10. T

    Domestic Wires under no floorboards ?

    How would you approach laying in ring downstairs with no floorboards or joists just bare ground, the property is being refurbished ? Bit puzzled by this one !
  11. J

    loft wirng on rewire

    evening guys for you guys that regularly do rewires.... when you do the upstairs lighting wiring in the loft do you just use the existing holes in joists- and add a few extra 16mm holes if really needed who clips? who doesn't? to side of joist if insulation is on top and is also getting...
  12. T

    When is supplementary bonding not required ? Tails not on rcd...

    Hi all, im installing a new consumer unit in a bungalow , customer wanted it moving from bathroom to hallway. The system is a tns system and the meter tails are around 7 meters long, now because of this i have installed a 80 amp switch fuse inside the meter box and the tails run from this up the...
  13. Z

    Domestic Rewire lighting circuits with limited access

    Folks, 1950's 3-storey town house, flat roof with no roofspace access on top floor, laminate flooring throughout apart from a few bits in hall and landings ... and I need to run new lighting circuits to all 3 floors, CU on ground floor. On quick inspection looks like it is riddled with metal...
  14. T

    Insulated plasterboard advice

    Alreet chaps once again i am turning to here for advice! I am hoping to plasterboard and skim our front bedroom this week but i am slightly unsure of which plasterboard to go for! We live in a very old cottage with 9.6ft ceilings and basically the house is cold all the time. So i have been...
  15. N

    extending down light circuit

    I've been asked to add a few led downlights to an existing circuit. There's no access from above as all new wooden floors in bedroom. I usually cut holes in ceiling to get to joists to run cables in and iv got to go through at least 5 joists. Just wondering if there are any less destructive...
  16. tombrooker84

    Drilling through roof joists.

    Hello all, I've recently built a outhouse, and when I wired it I drilled through the roof joists, as going round the perimeter is a pain. It is in no way going to affect the structure as the roof joists are 6 by 2 and are far over specced for what they are doing or will ever do. I was hoping to...
  17. 4

    2.5mm2 T&E under ground floor, floor boards

    Hello, my first post! I've lifted the floor boards in my Bungalow and found that there is a void between the rafters and a solid concorete floor. This area being ventilated by air bricks at both front and rear of the building. Given the depth of the rafters drilling is not really an option ...
  18. applemac

    chipboard floors

    afternoon guys, just been to look at a shower install, got 15 meters of cable to fit under hall floor but its chipboard, ive been working on old houses for years, fitted these bleeding boards but just wondering the best way to lift them, obviously joists are all running the other way, dam modern...
  19. O

    running mains cable underfloor along a concrete sub floor

    I have just had an extension built to extend the kitchen and provide another room.The old kitchen area has honeycomb walls supporting a floor joists on a concrete base. The base is clean and without debris. The builder has suggested that when the electrician comes to to wire it up he could pass...
  20. M

    Best tool for drilling inbetween joists

    Hi guys looking to see what you use ad im new to all this, Was thinking about an angled impact diver? Anyone used one for betweeb joists or got anything better? Cheers Mewff91
  21. mhar

    Board cutters

    Somebody mentioned these to me the other day. Silverline do one for £30 (plus arbour) with 5 plugs. Anybody use one and what are the advantages and disadvantages please?
  22. S

    cordless sdsd drills

    need to replace my dewalt 24v sds (2nd in 2 years) has been ultra-unreliable, firsts was repaired under warrenty, then packed up just out of warrenty. so i brought the same again body only which has caused me loads of problems from that i have been repairing my self. I dont think i want another...
  23. S

    Help with installation methods please.

    Currently doing a rewire on an old house. Loft has 50mm joists at right angles to a large central joist 200mm. So I can clip cables along the centre of the loft with no problem. Using installation method 101 it would seem that I can lay the cables out to light fittings between the joists on...
  24. B

    Domestic Plasterboard ceiling fixing solutions

    I intend replacing a pendant light fitting with a new light and fan unit (heavy weight), however the screws of the pendant were only fixed into plasterboard and not into the joist because the wiring exited the plasterboard in between the two joists. The plasterboard is not going to support the...
  25. A

    New Build Installations

    I went to quote for fitting fire rated downlighters in a new build property tonight, but the customer is looking for them to replace existing pendants and batten holders. Does anyone know if these are normally fitted adjacent to joists in a new build property? Didn't think about it till I...
  26. E

    Powerful SDS for drilling joists

    Hi guys I have been using a Bosch 710w corded SDS drill for about 3 months now for drilling joists but am finding on older joists it just keeps getting stuck and the clutch keeps coming in. I am now looking at buying a better quality SDS Plus to use with a 25mm auger bit. Does anyone use a...
  27. K

    Domestic Chipboard flooring..........

    A mate and I have recently been to a house that required some pretty straight forward wiring, but it involved accessing the downstairs ceiling via the upstairs floor. The problem occurred when the carpet was rolled back to expose chipboard flooring composed of huge sheets that actually went...
  28. Amp David

    Running lighting circuits in the loft space.

    When running lighting cables in the loft space, they can be clipped to the side of the joists no problem. When the cable then needs to be run at right angles to the joists, is it best pratice to drill the joists to pass the cable through or run over the top of them. Cheers for the advice guys.
  29. G

    Domestic Drilling Flat Roof Joists

    Are we allowed to do this ? If yes is it the same hole size/distances as floor joists ? I normally use the safe zones, but this isn't possible as its like an all glass byfold door type extension. I'm thinking I can as surely floor joists have just as much weight on them, thought I'd see what...
  30. A

    what drill bit?

    what drill bits do you guys use for making holes through floor joists? eg flat, auger, forstner etc Also has anyone used a '3d' or multi angle drill bit (MAD), they look like they can do a variety of things such as making holes in joists?
  31. 8

    Help!!!! My tt system mains question!

    Hi all, having major problems with the mains on a TT system. Customer requested new position for CU and to get supply moved by electricity supplier. Now customer won't pay for it after getting a quote from them. The new CU position is approx 6 mtrs away from meter and i'm wondering what the...
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