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  1. M


    Hi all, A question for Compex electricians relating to certification of electrical installation works in a hazardous area (EX01-EX04). We are in the final stages of qualifications with a resit of an exam but have started a job where we will use another company for final certification due to...
  2. J

    UK Compex Ex01

    Hi I have recently taken my compex course and failed on Ex01.. they reported back I used the wrong crimps.. I am presuming the EX01 are all the same.. red crimps for lighting and switches and black crimps for the JB’s does this sound correct.. thanks Also when picking zones to place equipment in...
  3. M.Polipartov

    Offshore/Drillships agencies that take on without offshore experience?

    Hi every one, I am qualified 18th edition electrician and I have recently attended CompEx 01-04 course and waiting for my results to turn up in few weeks. Im planning to do offshore survival courses in next few weeks wich are: OPITO Combined BOSIET OPITO MIST OPITO Compressed Air - Emergency...
  4. M.Polipartov

    UK CompEx training centre near London?

    Hi every one! I’m looking in doing CompEx 01-04 at the end of October. What will be the best training centre to go for? Is there one around London? I’ve heard there was one in Basildon but can’t find any contact information to book it. Thanks
  5. J

    Compex Ex 01 - 04 course help (notes & advice)

    Hi all, I am due to start the compex ex 01 - 04 at the end of June. From hearing back about a number of people who have failed the course it sounds like a tough, tricky course indeed. If you have any notes at hand to help with the course it would be great. Thanks. John
  6. O

    CompEx course advice

    Hi, I am doing my CompEx Ex01-04 in May without much on site industrial experience (mainly commercial). Just wondering if there is anybody out here who has done this and can offer any advice, tips or possible revision materials in order to get through it first time. Thanks in advance
  7. G

    Compex Units course help and advice please

    hi, Recently done the 2019 Compex , the Velcro equipment board is an online assessment now with drop down menus and I failed the Ex01 part of this, is there anyone who can clarify the following for my knowledge please Exd equipment can be used in zone 1 and 2 also If I have a cable 3m long...
  8. T

    Compex ex03 & ex04 multi choice exam help

    hi, recently sat my compex in Aberdeen and since found out that i had failed the multi choice exam, getting this email. Unfortunately you were unsuccessful in the Ex03 & Ex04 units of the Multi-choice exam– see attached fail sheet. It was much harder than I anticipated and am now worried about...
  9. R

    CompEx Course this week, any tips?

    Hi guys, I’m doing my CompEx this week and in all honesty I’m bricking it. I have literally zero experience or knowledge regarding it. Any tips? Please and thank you.
  10. T

    COMPEX potentially explosive atmospheres

    Hi Guys, new to this site, so bare with me...I’m looking for some course handouts and/practice questions/drawings for the COMPEX modules 1-5. Taking it in September, so would like a bit of practice beforehand. My site is very low risk so there is very limited scope for me to practice anything...
  11. T

    COMPEX /ATEX course notes/drawings/practice

    Hi Guys, new to this site, so bare with me...I’m looking for some course handouts and/practice questions/drawings for the COMPEX modules 1-5. Taking it in September, so would like a bit of practice beforehand. My site is very low risk so there is very limited scope for me to practice on here...
  12. D

    Does having your compex and/or 2396 design help towards electrical and electronic HNC?

    Hello all (first time posting so apologies if this topic has came up before) I am looking towards doing my electrical and electronic HNC through teeside open learning and have been told that you can use level 4+5 (compex,design) qualifications as a RPCL (recognition of prior certified learning)...
  13. I

    Compex EX04 failed ....

    Hello Members, Just been told I have failed my EX04. Visual, close and detailed inspections on IS circuits. Basically don’t know what I missed? Fault wise? From memory their was the obvious bolt missing from JB, missing stoppers, damaged cable, IS earth going to dirty earth. Barrier the wrong...
  14. G

    Compex Exams Advice please

    Hello everyone, I am having my Compex exams pretty soon (11th Dec 2017) in Scunthorpe and might not be able to afford the time or resources for a resit for various reasons. Can anyone help me with a general detailed idea of what to expect please- i have scoured the internet but found only one...
  15. AyresomeBoro

    CompEx 01-04 (Failed Ex04)

    I sat the CompEx 01-04 course for the first time back in July. The results came in the post on Saturday and I have failed 1 of the 5 units - Ex04: Inspection and maintenance of Ex i systems Quite relieved if I'm honest as the installs are quite intense! Does anyone have any tips for the...
  16. Dozer 73

    COMPEX newbie , should you get extra money $$$

    new to posting threads on here really , my company is about to get into compex work would you expect an up lift in wages for carrying out compex work
  17. L

    CompEx renewal help please

    Afternoon everybody, I'm about to start my CompEx renewal tomorrow and was hoping someone could advise me on the minimum glanding requirements for Ex d,e and n. The main reason for asking is that you have to use the minimum requirements on the course, whereas that isn't something we do on the...
  18. C

    Compex course

    Hi guys, I have my compex course booked next week, I have heard that it is very intense, can anyone give me some guidance with regards to the practical and theory exams. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance Chris
  19. T

    failed compex refresher unit - help

    Compex Ex01 - 04 refresher notes Hello guys I've got my compex refresher this week and was wonder if anyone has any notes or advice for me ? ive been reading the toolbox book for a few days and I feel quite confident on that but i know things can change on the day in test conditions
  20. N

    CompEx training help

    Hi guys , my company have recently paid for me to go on a CompEx coarse so that I can complete electrical works in potentially explosive locations. As always I would like to get a heads up and get as much information on the coarse as possible before I attend. I would like to know if any of you...
  21. G

    Best training route

    Hi guys, im im new to the forum and just wanted some advice on what the best training route to go down was. I have just completed my NVQ level 3 (marine fitting bias) and will in September be starting my HNC in electric and electronic principals. My aim is at some point in the future to join...
  22. A

    Additional courses for Oil and Gas work

    Hi there. I am new to this forum and have a few questions. I am planning to go into the oil and gas industry as an electrician in hopefull around 2 years time. The reason for the delay is I have my first child due in November. Does anyone have any ideas what additional courses I could do to...
  23. L

    How to get into international rig work

    Hi guys, new to the forum so bare with me! I'm currently 21 and in my 3rd year of my apprenticeship training to be an electrician. I've done my 17th ed regs etc and will be doing my 2391 once i've finished my apprenticeship. I want to get into onshore or offshore rig work (either in the UK or...
  24. F

    Fuse finder

    Hi people, I have been asked to do a periodic inspection and test on a small oil refinery. I had a quick look at the electrics when I did the PAT testing and absolutely every circuit is unlabelled. I wanted to know what the best fuse finder is and if one can be used whilst everything is live...
  25. P

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme SJIB Card

    I want to do the compex course and get 'electrical approve' status. Compex say my HND in electrical and electronics is only a technical cert. I got a reply from compex today saying 'i would need a SJIB card to change the cert'. So first i have to get an SJIB card. If im understanding this...
  26. R

    300mA RCD question

    Gents Can anyone give me the standards and justifications for fitting a 300mA RCD for the purpose of fire/ equipment protection. I have a UPS on site with all the loads fed from 300mA RCD's. I have never come accross this before and problems have been rearing their head with RCD's tripping on...
  27. sythai

    Petrol station work.... requirements

    Just wondering what you need to be able to carry out work (electrical) in all petrol station areas/zones....? Specialist insurance maybe ? Be good at MI or is it FP these days ? Compex ? Reason I ask is a local branch of 3 petrol stations are fed up with their current sparky and they're...
  28. L

    compex training

    Hi people I am thinking about doing the compex electrical training course, could anyone inform me of how much they payed for this course, and is it hard to do??
  29. P

    looking for comp ex work

    am lookin for industrial petrochemical etc comp ex work or some connections to message as ive been out the country for 3 years
  30. I

    Work in petrol stations.

    Hi guys I am meeting a client next week about some work in a petrol station and near the forecourt. I was wondering if anyone has a handy link to the appropriate regs. DSEAR, or any other appropriate regs. Thanks. Ian
  31. P

    CompEx work

    Just wonderıng what the goıng rate PH ıs just now I just got offered 14 PPH thought ıt was abıt low. agency though so they always take the **** just now wıth not alot of work around. I am ın Edınburgh ıncase your wonderıng.
  32. S

    compEX Training

    Hi there forum. I am thinking about booking a compEX training course can fellow forumers help me with finding sites with info as to what the course contains,preferably post some links in following posts thanks!
  33. J

    Compex training

    Alright gents,thinking of going for my compex training,fancied it for a while,just wondered if anyone has done it and if it was worth it? Did it open other opportunities? cheers lads
  34. W

    Compex installations

    COMPEX Installations. Can you use a Compex trained operative to oversee a hazardous installation to ensure compliance with regs etc.? Also how can it be certified, the contractor is NICEIC registered but not Compex Registered.
  35. W

    Compex installations & certification

    COMPEX Installations. Can you use a Compex trained operative to oversee a hazardous installation to ensure compliance with regs etc.? Also how can it be certified, the contractor is NICEIC registered but not Compex Registered.
  36. holstead

    am2,compex help

    hi there new to the site and trade just completed 2330 level 2, wud like sum info on am2, and compex and before you say it i am going to do level 3 also willing to work for experience have done panel wiring
  37. M

    compex course discount

    hello sparks a few members and i have been discussing doing the compex course to try and secure work in these troubled times, well paid work at that too!! and although ( and i wish to make this clear from the outset ) there is NO guarentee of work from this i and the other members feel , by...
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