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    Light circuit mock up

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/constructive criticism. Ive tried to mock up a 2 way light circuit and want to make sure its wired up correctly (see attached images) I've used 1mm Twin and earth & 3 core and earth. Please let me know your thoughts/concerns. Anything you see that needs...
  2. A

    I’m in need of an electrical job as a electricians mate while I study level 3. Is there any one who can help me out within London?

    I’m currently studying level 3 electrical. While working on a demolition site which is getting me site experience but now on the electrical side. So I am hoping some one can help me gain experience on the electrical side. I’ll attach my CV so if any one can loom though and see if they can...
  3. A

    IET study books. Help where to source decently priced.

    hi guys just about to start an electrical course and I need various IET books. 18th ed regs, on site guide ect. could anyone advise where to look for decent price? regards
  4. N

    Researcher/Hello from Cambridge!

    Dear all, I am Noopur, a research intern at Microsoft Research, Cambridge. I am working on a project where we are trying to understand how tradesmen, service workers and new kinds of gig-workers use technologies for work, what challenges they face. I don't mean to intrude but it's a paid study...
  5. R

    18th Edition Regulations exam study

    Taking my 18th in a few weeks, studying 17th past papers and know the book very well as most of scope will be on that I assume, however anyone familiar with the new additions concerning under floor/wall heating elements bonding requirements and energy efficiency regs.
  6. G


    Hey folks I'm sitting my ACA test soon to become an approved electrician and looking for some pointers on what to expect and any tips on what to study for it. Cheers
  7. D

    Studying to be an electrician looking for any advice or guidance

    Hello I am looking to leave the forces in the next couple of years and I have started a traing course with train4jobs, this should give me my city and guilds l2 and 3 and the am2 exam. I joined this forum just for any advice or tips that anyone has to offer on becoming an electrician. Thanks...
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    Electrical definitions. Study material

    Hi . I'm still contemplating that 2365 course and while studying came up with these which might help others in the multiple choice questions. DIELECTRIC Welsh DNO POLE TRANSFORMER 17TH Edition exam for East Europeans DOUBLE POLE Selv and Pelv JUNCTION BOX fight at motorway interchange FAULT...
  9. T

    Where to start with no experience.. Home Study ? Evening/weekend course ?

    Hi all My name is Tom, this is my first post on here. I live in Suffolk & I am looking to begin my training for the C&G 2365 level 2 and 3 and have been let down by the training provider in Norwich. The course has been put back 5 months and I can not find any where local to start it in the...
  10. T

    Another Aussie moving to London

    Hi guys, I'm looking at moving to London in a few months time. I'll probably only be there for a year. I have my full Australian electrical license and 4 years post apprenticeship experience. Do you think its worth getting my 17th edition? or can i still find enough work without it? There...
  11. S

    cancelling train 4 trade

    I signed up for train 4 trade in june 2011 ive been paying the £135 each month since then. However due to a new job as an apprentice joiner (went for a job to gain site experience which lead to the joinery apprenticship) ive no time to study and have only completed tma01. Im struggling to...
  12. R

    A Querry about DNO and costs

    I have been going thru a Connection and line check with my local DNO. To start with they said the line won't support my export capacity. They sent thru plans and quote to upgrade the cabling, and i noticed they were talking about the wrong meter ptn. I pointed this out to them...
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    Courses for Solar PV Installers

    hello, I am just trying to get some information on what courses would be ideal for me to study. I have had a look and the C&G 2399 seems to pop up a lot, is there anything that is better or you could recommend? I am in full time work with a newborn, so cannot study full-time and am too "old"...
  14. L

    ELFi testing

    Hi all, tis me again, knee deep in paperwork and still not done any revision for my exam tomorrow..... I need to write the method for earth fault loop impedance test but seeing as i have never done it... we werent allowed to do any live tests other that the RCDs i cant put pen to paper, i know...
  15. D

    OLCI - Training advice needed

    Hi All, I am after some advice re the above company I am getting confliting reports as to the quality of the Home Study info & practical training centers. Is there anyone who is currenty, or recently finished doing their 2330 level 2&3, with this company that can offer advice regarding their...
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