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  1. A

    Initial verification question

    So I've got my 2391... and was always taught and was under the impression that when carrying out R1+R2 tests on all circuits you must carry out the test at all points on the circuit, not the furthest point or a selection of points, I thought the test was to A. Prove a earth path that is suitable...
  2. Gary Tollison

    Earth fault loop impedance, initial verification, multiple DB

    Hello. Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in (still trying to work out where the trainee section is). Just been doing some practice fault-finding online. Found this scenario: After doing initial verification on an outbuilding with its own DB, which is supplied from the main DB...
  3. B

    Domestic Initial thoughts and advice please!

    Hi all, I've already posted a hello with some info but needed some advice so reposting some info here! I've bought a house, built in the 70's which has apparently no issues but I'm not happy with the electrics so need some help please. It was a 3 bed semi but has been added to with a garage...
  4. Anthony1674

    Initial Verificatio & Certification

    Hello all, Can you please advise, I have my C&G 236 prt 1 & 2 and AM1 can you please let me know if I need to complete the C&G 2394 for Initial Verification & Certification of an installation as from what I can remember this was covereded the C&G 236 prt2 course? Thank you, oh and thanks for...
  5. gatuka

    pass mark %

    does anyone know the pass mark for initial verification
  6. T

    2394 course - advice on what I can do afterwards

    With the 2394 qualification can I pass my own work or do I need to take the 2395 as well. Anyone know of good places in London where to take this course -how much did you pay? Thanks.
  7. T


    Hi there I'm new here but I'm thinking of doing the 2394 course and just looking for some info on books or what other people have experienced as I'm not very experienced at testing
  8. M

    2394-2395 Course EAL Level 3

    I'm about to do the 2394 C&G but the place is asking if i want to do the EAL level 3 instead, Is it the same and is it sort after by company's looking to employ ? I have also been told that the 2394 is for new buildings only ?? Do i have to have both 2394-2395 (it used to be 2391 or this is...
  9. A

    Selling LED's to the public!

    Is anyone else having trouble selling LED's to your customers,especially LED down lights? When you compare the initial outlay of either £34+ per LED fitting or 10x GU10 fittings for about £50 from your screwfix kind of places it becomes very hard to convince your client! We all know the...
  10. K

    Am confused. has he 2391 closed for regestration

    has the 2391 been closed for registration and which one do you do 2394 or 2395?? i have the 17th edition . where do you do the 2394/2395 in the midlands/east anglia? or is it worth doing anyway?
  11. P

    2357 and signing off own work

    hi guys, can you help me out. Im doing the 2357 course and what to know once i have fully complete the course will i be able to test, inspect and certificate my own work? im getting so much condricting info from training providers i dont know were i am. some are saying no you need the 2391...
  12. F

    Initial assessment

    Just had my initial assessment with the niceic I had David colley who is the area engineer for Manchester/Stockport. It went really well and he was a really nice bloke who answered any of my questions and gave me bits of advice. Just got to wait for my site assessment which is seven weeks away...
  13. C

    Help for testing

    Hi I work on building sites and obv we have to test all of our installations but we have certain people who end up testing but I wud like to learn, do u knw of any books that I cus get that break testing down and explain wat to do and how in very simple terms
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