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  1. V

    Choosing replacement ballast

    Hi all. I have two bathroom cabinets which each use two T2 15W fluorescent tubes. Each tube has its own ballast which are pretty expensive to replace and go about every 12 months. Just wondering what ballast would be able to replace both of these, or if anyone can give me some ballast calcs to...
  2. W

    Advice on ballast replacement please (T5 ring)

    I have two identical ceiling lights which use T5 fluorescent ring tubes (1 x 40w). Both tubes work OK in the working light so I tried swapping the ballasts which moved the fault so I'm assuming it's a faulty ballast. The working one is a 3AAA YZ-140EAA and I'm looking at a Osram QTP-M...
  3. I

    Burnt out ballast EICR Coding

    Scenario: Visibly burnt out, entirely blackened, ballast in a fluorescent fitting. Would this be noteworthy during an EICR and if so, how would it be coded? My thinking is that its an obvious fire risk. Still an apprentice with millions to learn, any input would be appreciated.
  4. S

    Choosing the correct ballast?

    I have a job to repair a light in office, 1200x600 grid tile fitting, I am under the impression it's the ballast that has gone, I couldn't get access to the fitting at the time but believe the lamps to T8 lamps 4x 30w (3ft) what ballast would I need for this??? Assuming it's the old magnetic...
  5. M

    Fluorescent lamp Ballast testing

    Hi All new here looking for your advice. i have a fluorescent tube fitted in my kitchen which is no longer working. Changed bulb checked trips etc, all fine. only thing I can think of is the ballast has failed. I do have a multimeter but wanted to ask how I go about testing the ballast using...
  6. L

    Emergency lighting fault

    Hi All, New to the forum and was seeking some advice. I have arrived at a site to complete yearly 3 hour emgencey lighting test. Once completed I switched the power back on and half the emergency lamps haven't turned back on. When you turn the power off, the lamp lights up in emergency mode...
  7. Massive1

    Domestic Fixing ballast to fluorescent lighting

    Hi, BTW I'm not an electrician. Ive got 2 five ft luminaire lights with each holding 2 T8 tubes. The other night 2 tubes went out, I changed the tubes no joy. So I am thinking it must be the ballast. The ballast is this one 2 x 58W T8 High Frequency Ballast | CEF -...
  8. JUDGE

    Is it possible to power a single lamp from a double ballast?

    I need a ballast for a single lamp, but I only have access to a double ballast. Is it possible to use this to wire just one lamp?
  9. N

    Help with faulty fluorescent light.

    Hi guys, first post on here. I've recently fitted 4 new high frequency control gears into 4 old fittings. I've removed all the old gear out of the fitting with the exception of the lamp holders and fitted 4 new 70 watt twin electronic ballasts. Completed necessary wiring within the fitting, new...
  10. C

    Dali ballast fittings

    Hey , Just aquick enquirey regarding Dali ballast fittings. Can the control wiring be removed ,then this inturn would return the fitting to a standard light fitting controlled via a switch or would the fitting become redundant ????
  11. albi

    Coding on eicr

    Hello every one not been for a while so my apologies. To my question I have rows of switch start fluro's all wired in T&E. The cable runs through the fitting bast the ballast with no heat protection, so am I right in saying it would be a code C3
  12. A

    Converting Fluorescents into LEDs

    Has anyone had any experience with LED Fluorescent light fittings (strip lights). A customer of mine wants all of the lamps in her property replaced with LED ones. A few wholsalers seem to think you can just swap over the lamps and they will work without having to install new drivers etc. Is...
  13. P

    Commercial changing faulty arlen to new helvar ballast

    need to change faulty ballast to new helvar 58. not sure of connections as new unit has only four outlet connections don't want to be zapping anything? old unit (arlen 170) which btw was wrong unit has l.n.e. input and similar 4outlet terminals which feed each end of the fluro tube
  14. spud1

    Fault on three phase sports floodlighting

    Hi, I have a single fitting on a 3 gang, 3 phase floodlight over an astro-turf at a school that wont work. I have changed the 2kW MH lamp with no joy. Is there a safe way I can test the dedicated ballast and ignitor for correct operation? There is voltage on the incoming terminals on the...
  15. S

    Domestic 110v T9 circular florescent ballast

    Hi, Got a client that's bought an old Timex rotating display stand to display his extensive sunglasses collection :beatnik2:. It has a 110v motor to rotate it and there is a T9 circular flourescent tube fitted. (4 pin plug) The ballast has failed and needs to be replaced. Client wants to keep...
  16. C

    Commercial Trouble-Shooting 2x18W Flourescent setup

    I agreed to take a look at shop sign for a shopkeeper friend. The fitting apparently stopped working form one day to the next. I have checked the following. 1) 240V getting to the fitting. 2) Both starters work fine in another fitting 3) Buzzed all the way round wiring loop with tubes/starters...
  17. tom porter

    wiring diagram for 1000w metal halide ballast

    I need a wiring diagram for a 1000w bllast
  18. telectrix

    fluorescent dimmer...... help...

    not come across one of these before. it's dimming 2 x 1200 recessed florries.( 4 tubes each ). the actual dimmer switch has Lin and Lout, but also has 2 terminals + and - wired in telecom cable. ( so elv ). . don't know what's gone as lights don't work. tried a 1K dimmer, but then lights flicker...
  19. S

    Fluorescent fault overcurrent trip?

    4ft old style starter/ballast type fitting which when powered does nothing at all (not a flicker) but trips the 6A/30mA RCBO after maybe 3-5 secs. I didnt have my clamp meter with me when i went to see the fault but assume due to the time delay that its the overcurrent part of the RCBO rather...
  20. E

    flat roof commercial mounting.

    We're quoting on our first flat roof commercial system, looking for recommendations as to the simplest install, least ballast, best looking etc... Not yet come across any that make you think 'wow that's the best!'
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