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  1. B

    Introducing myself (and adding some more characters so I make it to 20)

    Hi! I'm Juan. I'm 33 years old. I have a University degree in Electronics Engineering. I have also taken two courses in PV Engineering and i'm on my way of getting a Masters' degree en PV Engineering. I have 14+ experience in low voltage electrical installations. Right now I'm working for a...
  2. E

    Just introducing myself!

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself. I’ve been a silent observer of the forum for a while now and only just got round to making an account. I really enjoy reading through the threads and learning from the solutions you guys post to people’s electrical related...
  3. B

    New Member just introducing myself

    Good evening all I am new to this forum and just saying hi. I am not an electrician but will require some help with an issue which I will post on later tonight. I'm hoping you will be able to help me with the matter. I am more a painter and decorator self taught and can do odd jobs here and...
  4. Daniel Parsons

    introducing myself to the forum..

    hi thanks for excepting me to the forum i will contribute where i can.. thanks
  5. G

    Introducing myself and some questions

    Hello, I am not an electrician but a fairly experienced DIYer. I know a bit of theory, from my interest in Physics. I am replacing an old ceramic hob with a new Induction hob. It is on its own 32a supply with an mcb. Manufacturer's rather generic, to-cover-themsleves safety notice says among...
  6. G

    Gil Williamson - Introducing myself

    Not a professional electrician, but with a Physics degree and a lifetime of electronic design and testing, I know my my way about electrics, and I'm cautious enough not to have been electrocuted yet, though I got a shock once when I was 10. I'm now 77.
  7. S

    Introducing myself - New member

    Hello, I am new member here - Sam. I am enthusiast DIYer and IT engineer by profession so understand quite a bit about technology and electricity in general. I have joined forum to get some advice and clarifying a doubt before I put underfloor heating in one of the rooms. I'll post a question...
  8. DrewGil

    Trainee introducing myself to the forum

    hi guys, just a quick hello from a new member. I've just started my full scope electricians course, and was looking for a forum with experienced guys who might be able to offer help or advice along the way. cheers!
  9. T

    A bit of introduction about my self

    Hello,My name is Tasos Ombashis.I am from Cyprus and currently working as an electrical site engineer in London. I did my bachelors in University of Nicosia (Cyprus) and my masters degree in University of Liverpool.
  10. M

    Just saying hello and introducing myself.

    Hello everyone. I am originally maintenance electrician who decided to work for myself about 6 months ago after getting fed up of working for others. I started my apprentiship in 1994 in France in a company building special purpose machinery for industrial joineries and the automotive industry...
  11. I2C

    Hi There! - Introducing Myself

    Hi there! I'm new to the forum and would like to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Chris and I work as a self-employed electrician in East Sussex (UK) on predominantly domestic properties, but I have also done a little work on commercial and light-industrial systems in the past...
  12. Royal Docks Electrical

    New Member introducing myself

    Hi All Nice to meet one and all Ill keep this short and sweet. Been in the trade a long time. Forgotten most of what I learnt over the years due to working to much and playing just as hard. I now refer to the youngsters for answers who know absolutely everything.:D But I remember the bit...
  13. John Lundrigan

    Jonel Introducing myself

    Hi All, I initially trained electrical engineering in the Royal Navy (15 years) in a mixture of heavy plant and nuclear instrumentation. My career path then took me along a different route in electronics and software development and I eventually lectured in these areas. My interest in this...
  14. M

    Hi I'm new to here fro nothampton

    Hi I'm Mano new to here and some experienced electrician. Hope I will get good support from here. Thanks Mano
  15. Dan

    Introducing... Fassa Bortolo UK

    Introducing... Fassa Bortolo UK advice reviews and feedback 2017 Good morning, My name is Aidy Drayton, I would like to introduce you all to 'Fassa Bortolo' an Italian manufacturer of tile adhesives - grouts - levelling compounds etc. Myself and my colleague... Introducing... Fassa Bortolo UK...
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