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  1. Electrical2go

    AIRFLOW Aria Quiet Axial Fans from Electrical2Go

    Don't forget to use your discount code for Electrician's Forum when signing up. If you don't have your 5% discount code pop us a message and we'll send it over. Remember it is a code to be used when creating an account, so if you already have an account, let us know and we'll update your...
  2. P

    Work quiet at the moment?

    The past month or two so has been noticeably quieter than its been for years. I have enough work to keep me going for a while and I'm chilled about it even if the work stops because I have lots of jobs to catch up with in my own house, and enough in my piggy bank to keep my going. Could it be...
  3. MDJ

    Song Birds quiet this year

    As the title, a few sparrows a black bird or two and just pigeons, I have had the feeder going all through the winter as well, very quiet this year, I haven't even seen 1 starling yet?
  4. telectrix

    quiet time bench job for today

    customer's fancy light. transformer is goosed. no output (load is connected, been caught before when TX only outputs with min. load or more)). new TX ordered.
  5. D

    Quiet spells with new business

    Hi folks, I started up my own electrical business back in November last year and it's not been too bad so far. I find that there are times when i have lots on and things are rosey - then the next time can be a week or two with not much coming in. Just now is one of those periods - been busy...
  6. A

    electrician in Essex here to give a hand

    Hi, Any guys need a electrician to help if they need a hand? worked commercial but doing some domestic work. drop me a message me
  7. darkwood

    Brain busters

    Right guys and girls, I'm kickstarting a thread that asks what appear to be quite simple to moderately complicated questions within the realms of what we observe daily to science and space. These questions are designed to initially seem simple in solution, that is until you actually start...
  8. O

    quietest 4" extractor fan with timer

    So my mum is currently giving the old man gyp about the extractor fan in their en suite (WC and sink) 4" manrose or something currently (tbh its average noise at most...) She wants something quieter (and the old man wants something non wallet breaking..) So had a shufti...toolstation do one...
  9. Q

    Quiet time of year

    I was super busy in December right through to February. Almost unable to keep up. Then March has been almost dead! A few little jobs but the enquiries have died right down.. How is everyone else finding things at the moment?
  10. D

    Quiet 6 inch wall fan

    Last week I installed what was supposed to be a reasonably quiet 6inch wall fan in a kitchen. Turns out it wasn't as quiet as I anticipated. Anybody know of a quiet one? Must be a 6inch wall mounted one All help is appreciated
  11. S


    This is a follow on from a previous thread which Telectrix kindly helpd me out with. The problem has changed now though as the hire shop is unfortunately unable to provide us with a mains...
  12. C

    Bathroom Extractor Fan - Quiet

    Could anyone recommend a very quiet bathroom extractor fan that fits in a space about 6 inches square in the ceiling. My neighbours' bathroom fan (below me) is buzzing really loudly in my bedroom. I have offered to pay to replace it with a quiet one. Would this one be OK? It seems very cheap...
  13. H

    Does anyone Know of a silent thermostat?

    I am off up north at the start of July to do a Buddhist monastery's PAT testing. The abbot has a heating thermostat in his room that makes too much noise, humming etc and it is disturbing his meditation and he wants me to change it. Does anyone know of a thermostat that is quiet when installed...
  14. E

    Housing association solar.

    Spoke to a chap today who lives in a council house and was offered free solar, (i know the installs are far from the best) and he said he did not want it as it does not work, also offered an ASHP, and did not want that either... I was shocked.. If it is a council house you do not have the...
  15. J

    Telesales For Solar PV

    As things are quiet now that the rush is over I was thinking on new ways to bring in business. Has anyone ever tried telesales for solar pv before? Have you had much success? I am currently trying to write a script without much success I might add as it not really my forte. Anyway I was...
  16. B

    another quiet week

    hi all. yet another quiet week with no work, cu change booked in two weeks time.and waiting to get back on a loft conversion job to do the 2nd fix. but other than that.all quiet.
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