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  1. M

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ?

    Hi I have to draw a lighting circuit that has a time clock in.... I cannot find the official symbol for the drawing anywhere . Can you help please ? Source URL: Lighting Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/lighting-forum.95/
  2. H

    Boiler comes on after time clock has been removed from wall

    Hi just looking peoples thoughts on this one. I went to check out a 3 channel hortsmann time clock. I found it to be faulty as the display came and went. It’s about 12 years old and apparently when the internal battery fails it time to change the clock as you can’t access the battery. Anyway, I...
  3. ETradesmen

    Advise on a time clock

    Good afternoon fellow engineers. Just wanted to see if someone could advise me on a certain time clock. I installed a particular one a while ago in a house which had 4 pins / built in contactor which fitted inside a single PVC box. A photocell was also incorporated in the circuit. I haven’t...
  4. J

    Setting or adjusting a Horstmann Astral Clock

    A friend of mine has an old mechanical Horstmann Astral stair lighting timer. It has managed to get completely out of whack in both times and month. Anyone know how to adjust or reset one of these clocks? Can’t find any instructions other than “don’t mess with these things, live electricity...
  5. R

    Gas cooker - mains lead for ignition and clock

    I have just replaced my electric cooker for gas and now have the lead for the ignition and clock training along the worktop to the cooker isolater on the wall. I am capable of doing the following, but would like confirmation. I cannot just cut off the plug and wire directly into the dedicated...
  6. rolyberkin

    Sangamo timer clock not working

    I have a client who has one of the below, I have never worked on one. He states that it is not switching on the lights although the emergency light part of the lighting is apparently being charged, he has re set the timer etc. Does anyone work on these a lot and is there any quick solutions or...
  7. Leesparkykent

    Click flow connectors

    Would any one have one to hand they could measure or know the dimensions? I'm wondering if they will fit through a 50mm hole? Cheers
  8. L

    Switching Arrangement

    Back again! Im currently doing some garden lighting at my parents place and need some help on the switching arrangement. I ran all armoured's(9) back to the garage and connected them to a din rail enclosure, from this enclosure i ran a 12core armoured to the house via adaptable box. The...
  9. i=p/u

    Electrical fire

    got call out to fire at property, plug top burned and cable to alarm clock all on fire , circuit on rcbo, what's going on? Dog ---- or what
  10. B

    Forum clock

    @ Dan Is there a forum clock anywhere? I can see my posts are minutes old then eventually a time . I believe I have the settings correct to autocorrect the clocks going back (and forward next year) I expect loads have the settings wrong tho as its hard to check (or is it and I am missing...
  11. M

    Ir Testing Advice

    Hello all, Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday! I have a question that i know someone can give me the answer to. So to keep this short i basically have a lighting circuit with 3 street lights via a time clock. Circuit goes >3 phase DB> 10amp C type Mcb > time clock > 1,2,3 street lights. I...
  12. M

    Domestic Replace time clock with double socket.

    A guy asked me to replace a domestic timeclock with a double socket. Is it OK to simply throw the new socket onto that circuit (seeing it is not being used any more and there is only one socket going to be used?
  13. T

    Analogue Dashboard

    Is there anyone on here able to build me a custom clock set up for my project as its past my capabilities as I dont want a fire best consult an expert, hence why Im asking on here ! Thanks :punk:
  14. stidge

    24volt system ?

    Hi all, here's the score Gloworm 35 store combi boiler with 24 v controls. Danfloss single channel clock and digital stat. I have taken perm feed L/N to clock. From boiler 24v to number 1 on clock . Number 4 on clock to A at stat. C from stat connected through back to boiler RT. Hope that's...
  15. the pict

    Some pics of the next job

    Whats your take on the orange conductor cant say I have seen that before the boards are behind a tyre changer the manual type and this is where the axle stands are kept hence the chunk out of the meter
  16. O

    Commercial D.O.L With Timer Circuit

    Hi. I am new to D.O.L but have sussed them out except I have one scenario I still need help with. There is a single phase pool pump which is set to come on with a honeywell single channel 7 day time clock. I have wired the D.O.L as single phase with a 230V coil. The problem is I need the...
  17. E

    No one working over the Christmas holidays this year then??

    I'm surprised no-one has come on to the forum telling us how many thousands of £££ they will be making this year!! lol!! I can remember last year i think it was, when one guy was insisting his mate was going to make £13K for a week of being on call. Any better takers for this year?? lol!!
  18. A

    3 phase contactor advice

  19. W

    strange fault

    Basically got a 2 way con unit in a block of 4 flats, 1 x 6a mcb feeding lighting via timeclock,28w 2d fittings,wired in pyro and 1 x 16 mcb feeding a sw fused spur for the door entry system, new door entry was fitted last month and everytime the clock fires the lights up or knocks them off the...
  20. B

    Central heating 2 gang box fitting

    I require a central heating time clock that will fit onto a 2 gang metal box Or is there a conversion kit that will allow me to fit standard one gang fitting onto 2 gang? Thanks in advance
  21. N

    Heating question

    hi ive been called by a local plumer to do job what it is is a combi hes swapped and wants wiring centre changing as well as exrernal time clock/stat wiring the combi he taken out already has all wiring there at present. the thing is theres a mid valve, frost stat and wiring centre. the combi...
  22. B

    Domestic Cookers and grid switch

    A client wants to put gas hob ign, dishwasher, cooker and fridge freezer into grid switches. The main problem I have at the moment is the Tech Spec on the cooker lists 'Power (w) 40'. Surely this is the inside light bulb!. The cooker is a Zanussi ZYB460X. espares lists the main element at 2Kw...
  23. D

    New switching method.

    Doing a EICR on a takeaway today....waste of a whole day,within 5 minutes I'd come to the conclusion the place should be shut down,but there's a form to fill in so you have to play the game and gather all the info. One of the first things I noticed was a sangamo timeswitch in the passage between...
  24. J

    Motorised Valve on central heating

    Hi, In my central heating system the oil burner seems to be over riding the clock/timer. The following is seen: When the clock/timer is on (all 3 channels) and the thermostats in the house reach the required temperature, the motorised valves close as expected. However the oil burner does...
  25. M

    Time switch for flouresant lighting

    hi all, i am aware time clocks switch inductive loads, not capacitive, but would it be ok to switch 6 flouresant 5ft fittings? if not, could itbe done another way?:confused: many thanks in advance mark
  26. B

    storage heating time clock.

    Hi. i have been asked to put in a new consumer unit in a small bungalow. The property used to have storage heaters that have been taken out and the c/u`s removed. However the tails still come through and are still connected into a phase block see piccy. To install the new cu do i have to get the...
  27. M

    Colour Y Plan Diagram

    All the wiring diagrams for heating systems I've noticed aren't in colour so I thought I'd have a go at doing my own. Go easy, its not perfect but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Its really for a new install as its all new colours and ive deleted the CPC's for clarity. Do you guys agree...
  28. A

    Domestic Economy 7 Panel help please?

    Hello, I'm not an electrician but have been surfing the internet looking for some help with a problem I have and came across this site. I have an economy 7 heating system about 20 years old controlled by a panel which is set by a digital clock you can programme to come on and off. However...
  29. D

    Worlds loudest alarm clock

    YouTube - World's Loudest Alarm Clock!
  30. L

    timeclock for heating mystery

    Was at clients house today testing an rcd when women ask if i could help her??? problem was she had a central heating time clock (drayton) and she finds her selfg oing through one a year she claims that after a certain length of time the auto function doesnt work and has to operate switch...
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