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  1. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Neat and tidy

    Sweet job
  2. uksparks

    First job of the day, Jeepers!

    Hi, 08:30 this morning, plugs not working, ive been decorating and pulled plugs forward... Yeah ok, be there shortly... Every socket in the house was pulled forward, all on radials, only one leg in every socket, so probably mounds of junction boxes under floors. I said hmm, probably just...
  3. jimmymac


    I was awoken in the early hours by a loud crashing noise, I looked out of the window but I couldn't see anything. Then at 7 am the neighbour knocked me up to tell me that my dog kennel had blown away....I went outside to investigate and it was gone....and so was the dog! This Scottish weather...
  4. londonfire

    Quickbooks 2013

    I have noticed costco currently have quickbooks pro 2013 for sale for under £100. I am currently using excel to keep my records and plan to do a self assesment when the time comes. Does anybody have expeience of using quickbooks for self assesment purposes? I am hope not to have to use an...
  5. C

    Size of incoming mains cable?

    What is the general size of a incoming mains into a small 3 bedroom house? The main fuse is 60 amp. The enclosure where the mains splits and goes to the main switch is sealed and crimped so couldn't look but the tails look to be 16/25mm. Sorry I don't have a pic as a big cupboard was built...
  6. M

    Poor workmaship on a CH maintenance plan.

    How about this as an example of trained Gas Safe staff...with 41 years experience as an electrical engineer and I am not allowed to work on MY gas boiler/CH system, (fair enough)...so I have a monthly contract with a large utility to maintain it....the programmer is U/S.....they eventually...
  7. Lakelandsparky

    Voltage on cpc

    Hi all, 1st post. Called to a cottage that was previously an art gallery. Customer said track lighting is causing MCB to trip. Wants them taken out & replaced with pendants. Tried testing system & couldn't get to the bottom of it - Lights all over the place, borrowed neutrals from ring main...
  8. G

    Off to Leeds..

    Evenin all. Off up to Leeds at 4am Thursday morning until Sunday. Got a job to do up there for a contractor near me, why I agreed I dont know.:confused: I gave up the travelling scene a few years ago. Anyone know of any good B+B's/places to eat/drink. Short notice I know but I only found...
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