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  1. R

    Power wiring for fan Spurs

    Hi Just wondering if anyone would be able to help with this, have a circuit in a room with two fans one inside and one outside to be controlled by a double pole switch, and to be connected into spurs above the ceiling, anyone be able to tell me how to wire correctly?
  2. Thomas Connolly

    Spurs.... Not the football type!

    Hi Guys Need the experts advice again please . Recently added a new double socket in a kitchen off of the existing ring final. At last minutes notice I was asked to see if I can add an outside light by the back door. (Which is right next to the new socket that's just ben added) The question...
  3. D

    2 questions - Existing ring main mapping, and rules on spurs

    Hi Just getting started with a view to DIY electrics on my house extension in a few months time, and ideally would like to map out the current circuits so I can plan the best way to join up, or where new circuits may be required etc. 2 Questions I reckon I can do some DIY non-live testing of...
  4. M

    2 spurs from a Junction Box....worried?

    Hi folks. I cut one of the cables on my ring circuit, attached the 2 now separate ends to a new 30a junction box, and then run 2 additional spurs from the same junction box, using 32a twin and earth, on the end of each of these new spurs is a twin plug socket with usb. I did the work with my...
  5. Daniel Shepherd

    Domestic Two fused spurs from one current socket?

    Hi, I'm doing some work on a room I want to convert into an office space. It currently has three sockets in it. One has two neutral and two live wires connected to the socket, the other two have 3 live an neutral wires (this wiring is done circa mid 60's we think. I plan to add about 2000kw...
  6. M

    New spurs stadium having major problems

    Ok without any football team references... Mace are the managing contactor and spurs have nominated contactors. So mace wont be liable to any delay clauses due to this. I read in construction manager journal approx 500 sparks ( including supervision ) but not sure. Anyway my point is with that...
  7. Steve_bcs

    Advice sought on spurs off spurs

    I am refurbishing a house i bought last year & looking for thoughts on whether the following existing wiring is right/ safe. I dont think it is but would like to check as it looks like spurs of a spur to me. The CU was just replaced by local electrical contractor & all circuits are he says...
  8. A

    Ring main consisting of only spurs

    Hi, this is my first time on this forum so I hope I'm in the correct section. I've come across a strange socket wiring set up in my own home. I was baffled at first as to how at the consumer unit I had a ring main set up (2x 2.5 T&E fused at 32A) but radial setup at each socket (1 cable). What...
  9. Z

    Adding a spur to a spur

    I have a socket which is connected off the main circuit ring. Just wanted to know if it's possible to add another socket spurring off this second socket? (Please see attached image.) If it's against regulations, then 1) what's the worst that could happen? (Will my circuits blow up?) 2)...
  10. S

    Domestic Shower pump power work/alterations

    Afternoon to all! I have to replace my current shower pump as it's on the way out, it's loud at the best of times so I have taken the opportunity to replace with a quieter unit but my problem is it's a different make and as a result the power supply is also different, the new pump comes with a...
  11. nyb

    Multiple spurs off double socket

    Hi I recently purchased a house (built and wired in the 80s). I removed one of the sockets to do some wallpapering and I noticed that it has 4 hot+neutral (+earth) wires connected to the double socket (and I'm assuming it's all solid core 2.5mm wiring??). I'm not sure if it's connected in a...
  12. C

    Adding single radial sockets to Ring as spurs

    Hi, I have recently completed an intensive electricians course and I am at the stage where I am trying to get practical experience wherever I can. One of my jobs, which I am planning to use to join a competent person scheme, is to change my consumer unit and wire up my extension. At present...
  13. S


    what is maximum amount of spur sockets taken from a main , the main amperage can be changed easily the wiring is 2.5 and a ring main is not possible without a lot of work as this is a large old house which has been wired this way , there will only be one large consumer a water heater .
  14. G

    Problem neutrals

    Problem with neutral. The other day we had a problem with a circuit not working correctly. The circuit is a radial,wired in 4mm singles,in metal trunking powering 4 switched fused Spurs. The circuit had previously been dead tested,with no apparent problems. However when the circuit was...
  15. D

    Grid switch for kitchen appliances

    Ok, I'm wondering if someone could clarify this one for me.. I am in the middle of a rewire, and a kitchen company has designed the kitchen layout (including electrical layout).. They have requested that I fit all of the fused Spurs for the appliances in a utility room adjacent to the kitchen...
  16. L

    Fused Spurs under sink?

    Hi I have a situation where there are Spurs under sink zone 2. would it be ok if fittings where ip rated or fittings were enclosed in ip rated housing. the circuit is protected by an rcd . Lim pretty new to testing by would appreciate any advice. Ive tried to find solution but was not able to...
  17. S

    Spurs off Spurs on radial circuit

    So you can spur off Spurs on a radial socket circuit, is this because the cable is protected via a 20amp breaker at the board compared to 32amp on a ring?
  18. B

    How to tell if socket is on ring or spur off spur

    Ok so you have the classic to cables in back of socket. Spurs should be identifiable through higher resistance but if very short spurs and it's an older install and you want to break into the ring to add another socket. You could be creating a spur off spur off spur? How do u go about being...
  19. D

    RCD required?

    Hi guys, Just a quick query here. I have just gone into a property and done a EICR. Its a rewireable fuseboard with no rcd protection on any circuits. The main house ring circuit has an occurence with a spur off a spur. Easy to rectify i know but as i am going to to re-feeding the sockets, is...
  20. H

    EICR Code Help!

    Hi just after a quick bit of guidance, I have completed an EICR, and found a spur of a spur on a ring final circuit, there were no signs of thermal damage and the sockets are in 2 bedrooms and feed table lamps and phone chargers. I know this is a no no in terms of the regs, but what would...
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