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  1. G

    Complaint procedure, sample plz

    HI all, Just Joined Stroma, they need a complaint procedure but I can seem to find a sample,Can anyone help me out Cheers Grand
  2. P

    testing procedure for garage consumer unit

    I'm in the process of fitting a CU in my workshop can anyone tell me do i do testing at the new 2 way CU as i would on a domestic one or the main one in the house or both? I was thinking both Before anyone says get a electrician in to do the job i'm a NICEIC domestic installer just not done...
  3. D

    confused with procedure need help

    installed a secondary 2 way consumer unit to run a boiler and immersion heater i know i have to issue an eic but what do i actually test? r1 + r2 of the radial to the secondary consumer unit and both radials from the secondary consumer? please can someone give me a rundown of what id need to test?
  4. B

    House wiring

    Hi All, Advice needed, we had someone round to modify a tumble dryer but first had to do an earth loop test but when plugging in his tester it kept tripping the switch on the CU. We have had occassional nuisance tripping and have had to unplug some things before being able to reset this. I have...
  5. Worcester

    MCS Publish QMS !

    Thinking of getting MCS certified? The Microgeneration Certification Scheme aka MCS have now published their own QMS, so i guess if you follow it you should be compliant. (well maybe !) Microgeneration Certification Scheme - QMS Templates -...
  6. nicnic66

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Worry - Don't bother, they're sound and normal and not just after you for your money!

    Just had my Stroma assessment. I just wanted to put all the guys minds at ease that are awaiting theirs. Went ok and I was pooing myself to say the least. (Who enjoys being interviewed about their job and knowledge) Had a guy called Gary who was very chilled and eased my nerves. Got a couple...
  7. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma Assessment - What's it like?

    Hi all, I have my Stroma assesment tomorrow, and I am bricking it lol. I have my calibration certificate, qualification, regs book, on site guide, electricity at work (pdf on my phone), passport photos and cv. Is there anything else I need? What's the assesment like and what do they as you...
  8. S

    Stroma Certification Scheme How long for the assessment after booking with Stroma?

    Hi all Looking at joining storma I have all my quals and public liability, what else is needed? What do you need to show on the assment is a board change enough? How long after you have paid the money, intill the assessment? Thanks in advance
  9. uksparks

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Quick NICEIC AC Question

    Hi, Just had the info through and contract to sign from the NICEIC about upgrading to Approved and have a couple of points I just wanted a bit more info on if anyone can clarify please. There was loads of bullet points to check, but two of them just wanted clarity. 1. building standards...
  10. S

    just sat the 2395(hard work!) can i still sit the 2391??

    hi guys i really need your help on this one, I just sat the 2395 inspection and testing certificate( replacing the old 2391), but it was really hard and wanted to know if i could sit the 2391? But does the 2391 still run on the same format as asking the questions , i.e, procedure for...
  11. H

    The procedure for setting the thermal and magnetic overload on an MCCB?(Coursework)

    Hi there I'm Carlos. I'm new to this forum and I really hope I'm posting in the correct section for this question, but I really couldn't find any other section nor could I find anything when I searched for it. My question is in the title really. I've looked almost everywhere and have come to...
  12. U

    help with testing

    Hi all Wondering if anyone can help, I'm just about to do my testing exam at college and not very confident with the full testing procedure, wondering if anyone could wright out or suggest a good way of remembering the full test procedure from start to finish. Any help would be...
  13. A

    Very high prospective fault currents.

    Ze 0.02 giving a PEFC reading of 12.4kA which equates correctly; high but acceptable with fitted 100A BS 1361 supply fuse. However, PSC reading of >50kA. Instrument (Fluke1653B) checks out ok. Any ideas? Will be contacting supplier when I discover who the supply company is.
  14. F

    Controlled Ducuments

    Hi all, I have my MCS assessment next Monday and Im just trying to tidy up the last of the paper work. Im stuck on what exactly is or is not a controlled document? I dont want to list everything as Im trying to keep my office system as simple as possible. Can someone please explain slowly. Many...
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