1. K

    a good quality LockOut /Tagout kit?

    Hi Guys, can anybody recommend a very good quality Safety Lockout/Tagout kit?
  2. CG_Sparks

    Click Mode Drop in Quality?

    Hi everyone, just wanted to ask if any other sparks who use scolmore click mode have recently noticed a drop in the quality of their accessories? In the last couple of months I've had a switches fail on a USB double sockets, a couple of light switches not fully clicking in to turn lights...
  3. ZeroZero

    Burglar proofing a building need quality internal camera advice

    Hi All, I am going to be putting a burglar alarm on a new external building. Specifically, I am searching for a quality WIFI connected internal camera. This camera would have motion detection and would record It's data online (and maybe on a card but not essential). It would have good night...
  4. N

    (Non Pro) How do I check apartment power quality?

    Hello, Not an electrician and I currently live in an apartment building. Over the past few years I have been having abnormal problems with my computers and other electrical devices. In the last couple of months or so the problems have been massively increasing (both old and new devices). I am...
  5. C

    cables quality from TLC?

    TLC cables price are quite competitive but wondering what the quality's like? Anyone used them on a regular basis?
  6. Amateursparky79

    Good quality Alexa compatible switch for boiler

    Having wired in parallel with my cordless programmable room stat an Alexa compatible wifi switch which has failed. I want to have a app controlled/Alexa compatible switch for switching on my heating system when outside my home or very early in the morning etc, what do people recommend. I had...
  7. E

    Has anybody experienced the drop in quality and design of MK products

    I had the misfortune to replace my kitchen sockets and switch spurs the other day with all MK products it used to be back in the day that these were amongst the best to use good size terminations and robust screws for tightening up. These newer products ( I say new they may have been in...
  8. P

    QE here from CA - New to the forum

    Hi There everyone Supplier Quality Engineer with EE&E education background. Silicon valley.
  9. S

    Harmonic distortion causing high loss??

    I am busy investigating why my household has an unusually high electricity consumption. Over the past few weeks I have been manually measuring the consumption of many electrical devices in my house (such as the TV, computers, washing machines etc) in order to determine what could be using high...
  10. E

    Importing solar street lights from China

    Hello there , please I need your advice that i am importing solar street lights from China and i need some candidates to do the quality inspection test.
  11. R

    Corston Dimmers and Switches - any one else had quality problems?

    Morning all, Just wondering if anyone else has experienced quality issues with Corston dimmers? I've been purchasing some for customers at nearly £100 per plate (customer requested them specifically). I've found that: The dimmers flicker sometimes in spite of supposedly being compatible with...
  12. Phil L

    Good quality smart looking Panel heaters

    Anyone got any recommendations for a modern looking panel heater for a Timber man cave approx 6 x 4 mtrs?
  13. F

    Looking for a supplier of QUALITY, long lasting outdoor (240v) Lighting

    Hi all I have recently hired a local electrician (NICEIC Registered) to install some outdoor lighting in the garden of the house we have just moved into. The guy is experienced in outdoor lighting and does a lot of installations and sports venues across North West England. So, he came out...
  14. Z

    Quality lighting

    It’s lockdown and the boss decided to decorate the kitchen. We took down a 5 lamp central light fitting while painting the ceiling. silly me I decided to check the earth from the connection to the metal bulb holders. four out of five isn’t bad? photos attached circuit incoming earth to choc...
  15. mattg4321

    Good quality IP cameras and NVR

    Got a couple of jobs to price up, for mates really. I have some experience with CCTV, but I don’t do it regularly. Looking at Hikvision, IP, 4 cameras, 4Tb HDD in NVR. Probably 8MP turret cams. Would be willing to listen to advice on the above! Where is the best place to source this sort...
  16. 1Justin

    Please suggest a reasonable quality white euro-module brand

    I don't do much data cabling. I fitted recently CAT6 using TLC budget "Kauden" brand euro modules and plates. No problems with the module connectivity, but they were sloppy in the default frames and the frames were really flimsy and nasty sharp cornered thin plastic. I needed a lot of care just...
  17. J

    Looking for good quality yellow , red and blue Insulated through Crimps

    I have purchased several makes and in all case cables slip out. I still have some Old ones left and they seem much harder to co (more material) than the skanky new ones. Latest used from CEF: https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/695628 I am using a ratchet crimper that works fine with mu...
  18. J

    Looking for good quality tool belt

    As above. I had an ancient leather one from the days when battery drills had yelllow thermal cut outs on the side... looking to upgrade. C&k one looks good. Any other suggestions please? thanks john
  19. D

    Quality workmanship & zoning question

    So I'm refurbishing/replacing my kitchen and the existing sockets are largely where I want them so I thought it would be a case of replacing like for like. How wrong was I. This first pic was taken just above the hob. As a non spark even I can see significant problems: Connector blocks (not...


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