1. J

    Looking for good quality tool belt

    As above. I had an ancient leather one from the days when battery drills had yelllow thermal cut outs on the side... looking to upgrade. C&k one looks good. Any other suggestions please? thanks john
  2. J

    Any recommendations for a good quality Torque Screw driver set please?

    As above Thanks JB
  3. S

    Quality workmanship & zoning question

    So I'm refurbishing/replacing my kitchen and the existing sockets are largely where I want them so I thought it would be a case of replacing like for like. How wrong was I. This first pic was taken just above the hob. As a non spark even I can see significant problems: Connector blocks (not...
  4. Azizinum

    Do cable quality matters for my issue?

    Hello guys, i recently bought a monitor for my computer and the power cord/cable came with it is "type F to c5" and where i live the plug i need is "type G to c5", should i just buy any "type G to c5" and plug it into my monitor ? or do cables have different fuse and thin cable diffrences...
  5. S

    Quality of work in new builds

    Hi guys, working round a friends brand new house at the weekend and discovered this in the meter box. Why can’t people do things properly? Also twisted cpc’s in common sleeving and no cable identification on 3C+E s
  6. C

    High Quality MR16 color changing LED

    I'm struggling to find a high quality MR16 LED bulb that can change to almost any color. What is making this rough, is that I want one that will shine a warm 2700k white that isn't littered with other colors. All the bulbs I've seen or the one I bought already, the white is not white. It's...
  7. A

    poor light quality from Click integrated LED downlight

    I've just fitted five Click Interceptor Pico downlight in the lounge to replace Click MR16 fittings but the light is very flat compared to tungsten, the angle is far more than the 90º quoted so the light spills everywhere. What are people's views on these integrated LED downlight as I'm thinking...
  8. W

    Quality Galv. Conduit

    So i have a client who wants a room down with surface conduit, industrial look. No problems there, i am a little worried about the material tho. I feel the galv coating on some of the saddles and pipework isn't great these days. its fine for a workshop but when its going to be a feature like...
  9. J

    Quality new install

    Fed up with finding rubbish like this in new builds. By a NICEIC Approved Contractor
  10. D

    Another quality installation...

    bob the builder ? Kitchen fitter ? Plumber ?
  11. V

    Domestic MK and quality control

    Hi just wondering if many of you out there are noticing problems with some of your MK fittings now ? For a good few months or maybe even a year I have been noticing especially with the 20A flex connectors that, quite often one of the screws doesn’t want to tighten as if it’s cross threaded ...
  12. NDG Elecs

    Quality work probably from Sunderland illuminations.

    Was with the kids in the park today and noticed some T&E snaking up a tree. Loving the cable clips. The second piccy the cable goes underground and reappears just by the small rock to the right. Although it's fenced off I'm inclined to contact the council about it. Shoddy.
  13. GBDamo

    Once quality brand on the wane?

    Three MK 45A pull cords all failing to make on live. Fitted the first, no live at the shower. No continuity across the switch when on, Neutral making fine. Second and third tested on the counter at screwfix, one failed on live the other on both live and neutral. Fourth one was dropped by the...
  14. alban moffitt

    superlec cable quality?

    was looking for some 6mm swa and found that superlec do their own brand of swa. It must be one of the cheapest out there, but just wondering as to the quality of the cable and if anyone has used it before thanks in advance
  15. M

    Quality work by a electrical trainee.....

    I thought you guys may be interested in these pics from a "spark" who did one of these 4 week courses and went straight to self employed! This was for a house Re-wire, I actually quoted for this job originally but the house owner chose this contractor instead, but then contacted me afterwards...
  16. I

    Help needed to review quality of distributer box installation

    Hi everyone, I just had my distributer box upgraded to an RCD box, and I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the quality of the work done here. I know that changing these boxes is a nightmare to do, and truth be told our wiring was a mess before, but for the price we payed I don't...
  17. S

    Best LED downlights? Favourite brand for ease of fitting / quality and longevity of unit

    Hi all, just wondered what people's go to LED downlights are. I've worked for a couple of companies and both seemed to have cheap and cheerful as a preference- just replacing as required if they stopped working. What would u fit if u were to fit them for yourself? Preferably changeable with...
  18. pirate

    Recommendations please for a good quality immersion heater timer

    Hello all. As the title says, I am looking for a good quality, robust switch/timer to control a 3kw immersion heater. At present it is simply plugged into a socket in the loft, but needs to be controlled from the kitchen below with a decent timer, preferably one that will fit onto a single...
  19. A

    quality workmanship I've come across.

    came across this work? am I safe in saying this is in the realms of cowboy install? outside someone's front garden. would this pass an inspection?
  20. M

    New spurs stadium having major problems

    Ok without any football team references... Mace are the managing contactor and spurs have nominated contactors. So mace wont be liable to any delay clauses due to this. I read in construction manager journal approx 500 sparks ( including supervision ) but not sure. Anyway my point is with that...