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  1. M

    Main cut out missing

    Whats this?.How to code ,absence of main cut out fuse?
  2. E

    UK CPC missing on ring final

    Morning All, Currently carrying out an EICR and going through ring final steps with the following readings: r1: 0.31ohm rn: 0.32ohm r2: 0.03ohm Started taking sockets faces off to find that there is no cpc, only fly lead to metal patress box and steel conduit trunking. (See photo) When i...
  3. Paul92688

    Help identifying part needed. Box missing lid.

    I am getting my dads house ready for sale. I need to fix a few things before it is listed. This piece needs a cover and I am not sure where to turn. No one at the hardware store to be found for help. Possibly you can help Thanks!!! Paul
  4. C

    Am I missing something

    Would anyone connect this control circuit like this ,it’s a Chint starter
  5. M

    How do i calculate missing resistance readings in a parallel circuit using R1 and Rt

    Hi I am a current student studying to become an electrician and a question has thrown me. I'm wondering if someone could help, there is a question on one of my home work books. "complete the following table assuming the resistors are connected in parallel?" the example I will give is R1 is 120...
  6. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Certificate missing items is this ok?

    Hi All I just have my Kitchen done with new sockets, lights etc and they have provided a certificate with only the hob and cooker and it says its an addition. Would this not come under new and should they included the new lights, light switches installed and plug sockets? I don't want to cause...
  7. S

    Inverter waiting but plenty of voltage so what is missing

    I have 2 arrays on 2 SMA inverters. One is 500v single string and the other is paralleled 2 x 300v strings. I have just lost one of my arrays via SMA 2500. It is lit but no power generation. I replaced with spare Steca which would not work as it needs more PV voltage so I had to swop over the...
  8. Leroy Merlin

    Missing something?

    Might be missing something but Screwfix seem to be selling massive meter tails....? Was this in amendment 1? 😂
  9. rolyberkin

    Fault on lighting circuit - What am I missing?

    I had a 10 minute look at an existing fault yesterday as walking out of a customers house as it was way past beer o'clock, the circuit is from a dual RCD board. Serves lighting in a loft conversion with balcony (outside lights) en suit, downlights shaver socket, bathroom fan and central pendant...
  10. Michaelwgroves

    Spark gone missing after EICR and no report

    I've been called by a client to fix a problem exposed by EICR. Spark put new light and fan in shower, also moved shower switch above bathroom door. Customer wanted EICR, but spark got his mate to do as he can't do EICR. So I'm suspicious he's not part of CPS, below might make you think the same...
  11. Pete999

    Tesla's missing files

    Don't know if anyone is interested in Nikola Teslsa, just been watching the search for his missing files. It's worth watching if you can use catch up TV or google, apparently he spent the last 10 years of his life in the Hotel New Yorker, in a double suite, he was apparently flat broke, so the...
  12. I

    Electrician Oven switch isolator is missing, C2 on EICR

    Hi All, I'm doing remedial work for one property following unsatisfactory EICR to rectify C2 issues. I'm slightly amused by some quotes left on the report by another electrician. Here it is "No accesible isolator switch for oven" C2 I had a look and found that the oven is 13a rated...
  13. M

    Blanks missing from CU in 2 senarios

    If there is blanks missing from a CU what code would this be. Scenario 1 .. 6 blanks missing from a CU in a corridor cupboard Scenario 2 8 blanks missing from a locked corridor cupboard Looking at 3 diffrent reports they have same faults but have been coded differently.
  14. J

    Dangers of flimsy or missing guards

    I seem to remember there was a discussion recently about/guards removable without a tool, and there were comments that people with tools can still put themselves at risk. Even if switchgear or accessories are open, theoretically the basic insulation and shields should protect you from accidental...
  15. Pete999

    Nicola Tesla's missing files

    Recommend anyone with a catch up or recording facility record the search for Tesla's missing files on the History channel looks very good, I'm just watching S1E1
  16. littlespark

    Public Service Announcement - Missing Tools

    Got this through on facebook this morning. Hope the link works. Editted. Removed link. Will keep trying
  17. D

    Outside light second fix missing 240v

    Returned to install/second fix led pir flood, switched live hidden in kitchen cupboard to over ride, did all connections, worked perfectly, went to check night time performance and nothing, for some reason no voltage going to the switch live in the kitchen cupboard, nothing tripped, everything...
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    Type C or B rcbo? & Results on a CU change certificate

    Been to quote for a job this morning, The house has 2 CU's one is eco7 for 5 storage heaters, the other was upgraded in 2009 and all wylex rcbo's. Meter tails, bonding all up to scratch, the DNO upgraded the cutout to PME in 2009 with the previous work. The owner is going to have the heaters...
  19. P

    Test failed due to missing RCD

    Hi All Recently joined the forum to ask for some information. I recently bought a flat to let. I was advised by the letting agent to get the electrics tested, although not a legal requirement. The test was carried out by their electrical contractor. He failed the test due to the fuse board not...
  20. Gavin John Hyde

    Missing earth cable to the rod!

    Been on a job today and the set up is a TT, well at least supposed to be, its a small area on edge of Chippenham. The guy who lives there had a rewire under the 16th edition, he has a 100mA rcd as the main switch with lights, freezer and outdoor lights on, then a 30mA covering everything else...
  21. buzzlightyear

    main earth missing from earth bar

    had a phone call to day ,asking to replace a couple lights fittings . I ask the customer I need to look at the consumer unit and check weather the gas &water has been bonded .she pulled away a storage unit on wheels and the crap plus more plastic bags then Tesco's away from the utility...
  22. lurch

    Shopfitting. . .. am I missing something?

    I been around for a few years, but have never been involved in shopfitting in any depth. However on the odd occasion I have dipped into it I have always been disappointed with the standard of work. .. cables slung across ceiling tiles, no grommets, taped connector joints on lighting etc . ...
  23. D

    DB missing blanks code

    just a quick one, having a debate onsite what code to give to this dB. We have a dB which is missing a few blanks from the cover, the dB is located within a electrical switch room which is locked and only access by singing and filling out a permit. Due to the room being locked and a permit...
  24. D

    Spur Flex Outlet cap missing coding

    What would the code be on a spur flex outlet, that has the cap missing for where the flex should be? Looks like flex outlet for appliance isn't required and been removed, there fore cap has gone missing. Picking up reports with it down as C2 and C3. Any thoughts?
  25. P

    House Rewire - Anything Missing?

    Hi, Any advice on this would be appreciated. I am planning on getting our new 1960’s house rewired which is not something I have done before. One requirement is my other half wants lots of light, our old place was too dark! We plan on moving a couple of doors/walls slightly so a change from...
  26. S

    Missing forum members of old.

    Hey guys: Just wondering if anyone knows what happened to Glennspark, Lenny & trev ?
  27. K

    Applying for an ECS gold card but missing a certificate

    Hey guys, I'm trying to apply for an ecs card but they bounced it back to me as I'm missing a certificate. I have a certificate for level 3 2330. I also have a certificate from Summit Skills for Advanced Level Apprenticeship in electrical installation building and structures. However they...
  28. C

    No inner peace

    Im a qual electrician working as a maintenance engineer i was thinking of joining a body like napit ect so i could undertake notifiable jobs. however i have done a few minor non notifiable jobs and the things i find scare me. Today i changed a few light fittings but the consumer unit had missing...
  29. D

    Cheap EICR prices

    Hi I wanted some feedback from you guys and some advice and opinions. I am starting to get a lot of domestic EICR requests but when I send a quote I never hear back from them. I am quoting around £350 for a 3-4 bedroom house. Most don't have not had prior PIRs so I recommend a 50 - 100% on...
  30. A

    4" trunking

    I've got a load of 4" trunking which is minus all the bits to join it together and hold the lid on. The joiners are no problems as I can get those. It's just the brackets to hold the lid on I'm struggling to find. No matter how google I use. Does anybody know where you can get them from?
  31. D

    Damaged On Site Guide

    Just spent another £20 on another on site guide which seemed to deteriorate at the first hint of a drop of water. I've been looking for an alternative reference guide to keep in the van to protect the more expensive books. Found one at which has a decent amount of info in it...
  32. K

    Is this Fuse Box Legal?

    Hi, Looking for help with this. I am renting a house from DB Roberts and I sent the attached image to the landlord (who is an Electrician) and he said it was fine as he had done it. But I am not so sure? would appreciate your comments. Thanks
  33. W

    Critique my new website please!

    Hi all Just got my new website live just wanted a bit of positive criticism if you get 5 minutes Much appreciated
  34. P

    Missing earth on socket

    Changing over socket face plates today in a 2 bedroomed flat with ring circuit to downstairs & ring circuit to upstairs, after fitting new face plates tested sockets with Fluke socket tester & all ok apart from single socket on landing which is indicating missing earth, took face plate off &...
  35. L

    any ariel engineers out there i need help

    Ive having problems recieving the freeview channals, ive have a pace ariel, but was fitted 5 years ago , is it the ariel or the a booster box i need Thanks LEE
  36. C

    2391 Practical Visual Inspection

    Hi Guys, Getting a bit concerned now about these 12 faults you HAVE to find for the visual inspection on the 2391 are they in your face faults or have you really got to look out for them???? Worried that I may fail for missing one of them. :eek:
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