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  1. K

    Is it ok for competent person to replace CU then get third party to test/certify

    just want to upgrade old fuse box in home myself and get third party to test/certify ,possible?
  2. Michael J

    Third Party Certification in Wales???

    I have just gone through Part P (Wales) and if I'm reading it properly you can only issue EICR as a Third Party. Anybody else come across this?
  3. oracle

    Electrical compliance in first world is not as good as the third world

    This is how we do things properly in South Africa When you contract an Electrician ask him for a copy of his Wireman's Licence, and a copy of his DOL Registration Certificate, don’t let him just show some paperwork that in any event will mean nothing to you. When you have these copies phone...
  4. S

    How can I become a third party inspector?

    I have a technical bachelors degree and I have done a material inspection training course and I would like to become a third party inspector, however, I am unsure about how to go about it.
  5. D

    Do you have to be registered with a third party certification scheme

    Hi I'm Darren and I'm hoping to become a domestic electrician possibly self employed In the future I have been told by someone that In order to be a domestic installer I need to be registered with a third party certification scheme such as the NICEIC I was just wondering if this is true...
  6. A

    The agreed process for signing off third party work....

    According to a recent article in PE magazine. The installer appoints a registered third party certifier. The scope of the work to be inspected is agreed and the work starts. Within 5 days of completion, the third party certifier returns to inspect and test. and issues........wait for...
  7. P

    cost of EICR

    With the changes to part p, I was wondering what you registered lads charge for a EICR. This is relating to a rewire ill be completing myself. Just wondering if its better me going down this route instead of LABC. If I'm honest I'd rather give my pennies too another spark than the council, they...
  8. J

    Smoke alarm 3rd core, WHY ?

    Hello fellow sparks, how are we ? I am slightly embarrassed about asking this but here goes, I have never realy understood why you need a 3rd core when wiring smokes, live, neutal and earth i get, but why do you need a switch wire exactly, what is its job ?
  9. S

    Split load and HI board question

    I've got a consumer unit to change which is tight for space. It's a neighbours house and when I did my board at home I used an 8 way wylex and RCBOS, this worked out ok but it might be a bit dear for the customer compared to a dual RCD set up. The only issue is the customer had a burglar alarm...
  10. M

    part p testing

    hi all This may have been asked before but to test third party work ie test and inspect not periodics which is the best trade group napit ?:confused: cheers
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